Asked when hurt
Answers needed
To feel better then
The agony within
Excruciatingly painful
Harrowing, wrenching, torturous
Satisfying one’s pain, one’s disdain
Why, is all we have but not for so long.



We have so many questions in life. When I was a child I had chores to do after school. I asked why. I sometimes did not like doing it because of my free spirit who actually wanted to read and imagine things around.

I grew up always asking “why” on anything. I speak my mind and I always want answers for all of my questions.

As I grew older, however, I realized that not all questions have answers nor, not all concerns have to be told or spoken. I also began to recognize that there is a dynamic source of guidance and consolation within me. I became more deeply rooted in the belief that I am unconditionally loved.

Each one of us carries certain crosses every day; and it made us wonder and question God. But we must understand that each of us too carries a spiritual power that can cause even the tiniest of faith-seed to grow. So we must protect and nurture this seed so that it thrives. We must realize that we need parameters so that our life does not seep away into endless busy-ness and unguarded, unfocused activity.

It is okay to ask, but never hold on to your “why” for so long.

Do you have any ” why” lately?

Let me know.



as the stars descent upon the dark sky

a lullaby can be heard

let the deliciously warmed milk

put you to sleep

and its scent put you to ease

with her gentle hand patting your soft hair

may you fall asleep with mother’s care.


a poem written by my 13 year old daughter. what do you guys think? let me know.

Mondays of Longing

The rain danced merrily

along with the sun

beautifully performed 

in a piano sonata

upon that day, a Monday

our roads foretold a melody

in early summer

in late December.

You walked past me slightly

along my left slowly

I struggled to escape

your brown eyes so elegant,

so deep…

so unfathomable…

yet you caught me.

My heart skipped

My breath drowned

You took away everything.

my blurry eyes…

my broken breath…

my bloody heart…

You let our wary hands met

let my heart finally 

rest from this chase

let my Polaris shine its light upon us

that, eventually

those repeating, endless days

those days of Monday

those Mondays of longing no more.

Creative Pain

Somewhere in between…

I cried out in pain.

I agonized in disdain.

I lamented in vain.

Sometime thereafter…

I walk away over.

I smile in sober.

I yearn to unfetter.

Somewhere then…

I will be discharged.

I will be freed.

I will be liberated.

Until then…

For a moment and now..

Pain can be beneficial when it leads to some kind of “liberty” in us, when a sleeping energy is awoken, when unknown talents are recognized, when a understanding about life’s purpose and direction deepens in us.

There is much within us that needs to come to life.

Pain brings them out.  It made us see that we have in stored so much love, fidelity, endurance, resilience, hope and understanding in us. 

Pain can be a process of purification and discipline in us in many ways..

Boredom….How to Get Over it



nothing with spark,

everything’s dark,

all through the park.

doldrums in a cold storage


ardent affection,

deeper passion,

greater sensation.

fervor love awaiting.

Boredom according to Merriam – Webster Dictionary means the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

Question is… have you been feeling bored lately?

I did… I would not be writing about this if it haven’t hit me.

It was tough. It was scary. I was mind blowing. It was migraine – inducing moment.

How did i get over it?

Here are the things which help me the most in processing my state of boredom.

1. Identify what causes your state of boredom.

An interesting paper written by John Eastwood, Alexandra Frischen, Mark Fenske, and Daniel Smilek in the September, 2012 issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science says that attention plays an important role in creating boredom.

In my case I was able to figure out the reason why i got so  bored easily. I lack the attention and ability to focus on something, leading me to dislike everything i do or worst dislike people i see. I realized that i have lost my ability to focus or pay attention when i finally decided to quit my job in the academic world. Once you are in the academe, you need more than anything but focus and attention to be able to get through your daily routines and get through the day flawlessly. When i wasn’t working anymore i lost that ability to focus thus leading to boredom even if there so much going on around me.

2. Work on your passion.

What makes you happy? What makes you jump off your bed and get going? What makes you smile? What brightens up your day? In my case i went back to the very thing that lead me to the Academic world. My love for reading and writing. I finished a course in Journalism. But as soon as i quit my job, i stopped reading, worst even i stopped writing.

This gave birth to my BLOG. As soon as i started hitting my computer keys i felt my nerves pumping up and my blood oozing with great fervor. I know i will be fine.

I started reading again. And for the very first time in my life i was able to finish most books and novels which i have been dying to read when i was working. I couldn’t afford to do “passion reading” back then because my time was basically consumed by reading the paper works and reflections of my students.

I am delighted to have finished all of the books of Paolo Coelho,  Mitch Albom, Cecelia Ahern, and now my goal is to finish all the books of Nicholas Sparks. I have read some of the books of John Greene, David Baldacci and other contemporary authors too.

3. Get Going

Yes, it may sound so cliche but it helps a lot. For someone like me who is used to engage in daily intellectual discourses, it is a must to get going.

I started getting involve in my children’s school organization. Attending parents meetings and conferences help a lot. Joining strategic planning is also very interesting.

I also begun my advocacy of helping students in their academic requirements such as thesis, research papers and i also do occasional coaching (impromptu speaking contest, declamation, oration and the like).

In short, find an organization or advocacy where you can volunteer or be a part of. You will see how much it would change your life.

4. Choose to be happy

This is again a cliche, (others will say) but believe me, when you are bored, it is difficult to find that small amount of joy lying inside you. So you simply must choose to be happy or die feeling bored and lonely.

My simple joys and happiness include my family. Shopping clothes for my kids, dressing them up, and going out for lunch or dinner with them. Not to mention the everyday exchange of discourses with my husband who works abroad. The simple, out of the box conversation will began to matter to you and it brings great pleasure.

Coffee is also a great part of my simple pleasure. I love the smell and aroma of the coffee. It makes me feel good. That’s undeniable. I can sit down the whole day in Starbucks having coffee and a book and i will be fine.




So, here’s wishing you all the joy and happiness in this world.

How To Become An Instant Poet?

Writing is …creating LIFE in words…life in words of anybody and anyone…like the tourist who’s busy taking beautiful photographs…unmindful of the fact that for every photo he takes, he possesses a thousand stories at stake…



Robin, a follower who has been generously sharing his (I am not sure if I am using the correct pronoun; maybe he is a she)…thoughts on almost every blog I wrote; has inspired me to work further on creative writing…this time let me share with you one important aspect that every writer should consider…



we may not reveal ourselves fully…we may not speak loudly what is in our hearts..we may not ask questions at times…we may not want to know the truth, but when we write we uncover our souls…we unleash our stories…we reveal ourselves…we come out naked…

Literature is…the baseline of all written materials

It is about our…



…Joys and problems






…Feelings & experiences

Is an expression of life in words of truth and beauty.

It is a written record of man’s spirit, his emotions, his thoughts, and aspirations.

It is the history and only history of the human soul.

One aspect of Literature which I wanted to focus this time is POETRY.

If we delight in the study of poetry & appreciate poems we usually have awareness of artistic features. Poetry has a very useful and serious function…it embodies the deep truths that reveal to us the complex living organism called HUMAN BEING

We are a complex human being… our complexities are as vague as the sky on a stormy day…but literature reveals some of that vagueness…


Poets are not only authors…

They are inventors of the arts of life

They are the teachers who draw into certain dimensions the beautiful and the truth

They are mirrors of the future who cast shadows upon the present…..



Let’s kick it off with this simple exercise…

1.People poetry


Direction: 1st line—–think of a love one (noun)


2nd line —–use two descriptive words to describe your loved one (adj., conjunction, adj.)

Gentle and sweet

3rd line—– tell what your loved one does and how he/she does it. (verb-adverb)

Loves tenderly

4rth line—–compare the qualities of your loved one to others or something else (use simile)

As the moon loves the night

5th line —–Have a wish

If only I could be with her


Now, let’s put this together



                    Gentle and sweet

                     Loves tenderly

              As the moon loves the night

              If only I could be with him…

Now it’s your turn…go ahead grab that pen..think of someone you love the most…Write a poem for him or her..then read it to him/her…..watch as you melt his/her heart out…Good luck!


2. Object Poetry

  • Directions: 1st line –think of something you would like to talk about (noun)


  • 2ND line- us two descriptive words to describe the thing (adj., conjunction, adj.)

Precious and beautiful

  • 3rd line – tell what the thing does and how it does it. (verb – adverb)

            Falls deeply

  • 4th line – compare (use simile)

As mysterious as the sky above

  • 5th line – have a wish

If only I could perfectly have it…


Now let’s put this together…


                       Precious and beautiful

                           Falls deeply

                  As mysterious as the sky above

                   If only I could perfectly have it…


Again, it’s your turn…go ahead grab that pen..think of something you adore the most…

Did you make it? Tell me…..let me know…