Graveyard of Silence

Graveyard of Silence

in silence, i wept
for dreams, i postponed
for narratives, i kept
for emotions, i bottled up
for forgetting my true self
for pretending i am okay
for believing in good amidst the presence of evil
for all the nights, i pretended i was sleeping tightly
for all the days i fooled everyone with my smile
for all the memories i held on
for letting you go
for making you walk away
for being young
for being rebellious
for being stupid
for being dumb
for all these years
i wept in this graveyard of silence
where bodies were laid to rest
along with all that, they have wept
in silence and in agony
in their lifetime on earth

they wept.

i wept.

in silence.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

This week’s prompt guideline

• Write an ekphrastic poem inspired by the photograph below, which Steven has shared with us. Ekphrasis is a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form.

• Steven took this photograph in September ’21, and he has given us permission to use it.