Happy Birthday

Wonderful Birthday Gifts…..(to the one you love..)   1. Maintain a Lovely Physical Appearance (in other words watch your weight…)   beauty may be in the eye of the beholder; but women, you need to┬áremember, men are visual, that’s a fact; so dress neatly and be tact, keep up a respectful appearance. whether on purposeContinue reading “Happy Birthday”

Potential Abuser

Born with a sweet tongue gifted with sagacity; pretending to be forthright and sinewy Man of eminence yet full of lunacy. Born full of wits expert to defraud have one’s name be mud; man of distinction yet full of furtive lies. Born with everything… …nothing but. ..a deceiver…   P.S. As my eldest daughter wentContinue reading “Potential Abuser”