My Story

My Story

if you know my story
you’d be amazed
for mine is the
modern account
of an era where women
are regarded as the weakest
human version
mine represents
the zeitgeist of the
unfortunate era for women
an era when if a woman speaks
her mind she is stubborn
she is selfish
she is arrogant.

if you know my story, you’d either
hate me or love me
hate me for not standing up
for myself or love me for being
the most resilient patient
woman, you’d probably
encountered this age.

however, you take it
i guarantee you
i am well aware of
my rights, my dispositions
my priveledges and i will
fight the moment
i am least expected to

that’s who i am strong
determined empowered
but resilient and patient
most importantly
i never rage a war
without a game plan
so if you think
i am weak, and you can
just step on me; hold on, dear
and be afraid for war usually
begins at theĀ  break of dawn
when the world is in complete
halt and silence.

this is my story
and it could be
story too.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

What Makes a Woman Strong?

What Makes a Woman Strong?

is it her courage and conviction to brave even the darkest nights and the vicious storms?

is it her ability to face all the trials
and tribulations with grace and gratefulness
knowing that it will soon just pass?

is it her determination to rise above all the failures and misfortunes with a smile and with a hope of a better tomorrow?

is it her bravery and willingness to go after what she wants even in the presence of fear?

is it her optimism and positivity even when it may not always be feasible to display positivity and optimism at all times?

is it her class and elegance even when at times she is mistaken to be so full of pride?

now, tell me would it make me less of a strong woman if i say “i gave up because i’m tired?”

would it make me less of an empowered woman if i say ” i quit i just can’t go on anymore?”

would it make me less of a woman that i am now if i say “f- – – the world for making it so hard for me?”

or worst, would it make me less of a woman if i wallow at my own pain and wail over a broken heart?

tell me what really makes a woman strong? 

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

“ravaged inner space
unable to account for
entries and exits
who came, who destroyed, who left?
a soul transformed forever”



how many times have you forgotten that you ain’t the story of your past
that you ain’t just a mere reflection of what happened. of a narrative once told
you ain’t that.

i know it feels like dying every day knowing that somewhere out there
a story has to be told a reality you’ve long avoided
but the world doesn’t end even when your story
doesn’t end the way you want it
it won’t end.

how many times have you convinced yourself
to just smile amidst the pain
to just breathe when it’s suffocating
to walk away gracefully from things and people
that don’t contribute to your
well being
don’t give up.

i know you are wiser than your inhibitions
you are better than your problems
you are stronger when in doubt
you are resilient when tested by fate
you are tougher when confronted by fear
don’t lose your composure
don’t quit.

take a break if you need to
but make sure to come back
better and stronger
wiser and tougher

don’t lose hope.

For Reena’ s Exploration Challenge