Star -Crossed Love (inverted etheree)

Star – Crossed Love (inverted etheree)

Just when you thought you know how the world is
to two star-crossed lovers victims of  circumstances and bad choices
you believed you feel their pain
and the silent screaming
without words, you hear
you never know
up and till
you are



A continuation of my eavesdropping (again) over a couple seated next to me in the plane on my flight back home from a recent trip abroad.

Silent Scream


Silent Scream

when you’ve done everything,
and its never still enough.

when you look around
and see nothing else is left.

when you blink
and notice a little ray of hope.

then one day, when you’re gone
your silent screams be heard
at last!!


The End (part 11)


And when I thought
I knew you…

And when your words
used to heal;
all wounds

And when you
listens to my

Then you said
“shut up”

I froze.

The end of my storytelling.