Woman, Always Enough

Woman, Always Enough

and when the night unfolds
i ask the universe as i was told
never good never enough
for what makes a woman good
for what makes her enough?
how much of too much is too little
what makes more a little less?
for time and time again
she’s always told
you’re never enough
no matter what
for whatever it takes
may we all remember
we are all passersby
wanting to leave a mark
in the doorway of humanity’s
historical evolution
whether man or woman
it doesn’t matter
as we are all good enough
more than enough
capable of being

We have a phrase this week to serve as writing prompt.

…passing through a doorway in history

A Love Story

A Love Story

i smile, remembering you over midnight sweet peanut butter sandwich snacks
i smile ‘cos it tastes just like your kiss the first time over in your place
you wrapped your arms around me, the world stopped in an instance
i was completely in a state of deep trance.

i smile, remembering you over morning coffee caffeine kick
i smile ‘cos it is just like you, bitter at first as it slips through my lipstick
you made me wander through life with your sweet, bitter swag flick
i was utterly, completely stunned by your effortless slick.

i smile, remembering you over late afternoon writing spree
i smile ‘cos i sure could write the most romantic imagery one could read to see
you will have a movie-worthy character development with glee
i am writing you a story for free.

you see i’m trying to write here a verse or two ’bout the day i met you
for i swear i’ll never be able to forgive myself if i don’t let you have a clue
of how my life changed the first time i laid my eyes on you
i was naive at seventeen but fell hopelessly in love with you.

fast forward to today, i’m still truly in love with you
gosh, how long has it been? a decade or two?
it doesn’t matter ‘cos i love you so.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

We have a video prompt this week:

One Of (the what ifs)

One Of (the what ifs)

what if we never meet
what if we didn’t fall in love
what if I didn’t leave
what if you didn’t let me go
these and many more, i wonder
‘cos i am tired of playing pretend
that i don’t miss the sound of your voice
the feel of your touch against my body
the tenderness of your lips when it touches mine
these and many more i missed
every moment of every day
from the time you went away
(or i went away)
to this day
how long has it been?
i don’t know
but i remember
will i let the universe
decide our future?
will i allow the cards of my life
take its rightful way to you?
or will i be courageous enough
this time to say
“it’s you i am choosing?”

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

I Guess You Didn’t Mean

I Guess You Didn’t Mean

i know i’m not perfect, but how could you let her attack me

with her unfounded allegations and accusations, i was beaten

i guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that poem ’bout me

“i will keep you from people, tears, and harm” what changes then?

i know i’m not perfect, but i never felt this way, so how could you

i thought we’ve agreed this is just between the two of us

but you hurt me, and you two took it all against me i was blue

you probably want some air out but look what it did to us?

i know it’s been a while, and i’m just tired; how could you

how could you let her attack and question me

and i just could imagine how you seemed so okay

now that she completely blew a hole in me

i know i’m not perfect, but how could you ever let her

i guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that poem ’bout me

“i will keep you from someone who makes you cry”

i guess you really didn’t mean it, or was it just me?

i know i’m not perfect, but how could you let her attack me

i guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that poem ’bout me

how dare you want to move on while i am here alone 

wondering how to make it up to you.

i know i’m not perfect; how could you share space with her 

and let me drown in pain

how could you let me die in silence while you were trying to move on?

i know you’ll never be sorry, but you gave me your words

you promised me.

God, i wished you knew how you’ve hurt me

i wished you felt how i agonized alone in my sleep

maybe, you’ll never know, you’ll never know ‘cos i guess you never cared.

i wished i had not opened that door and read the note you gave

i guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that poem ’bout me

“i will keep you from someone who makes you cry”

“i will keep you from people, tears, and harm.” 

i guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that poem ’bout me

i just can’t imagine how you’d be so okay now that i am agonizing.


WP is messing up with my form….(sigh) this is not how i want the form should be. but WP is just making is so hard for me… (double sigh)

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Situation 2

The doorbell rings, and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions.

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

i was a child of lies and compromises
i was a child of  disputes and pretenses
they say i was doomed from the start
broken before even i become whole.

i was a child of maybe’s and differences
i was a child of what if’s and controversies
they say i was a disaster in the making
condemned even before born.

they say it made me stronger
they say it made me braver
but i was a child
i don’t need to be strong
i don’t need to be brave.

a child i was
i need to  have a playground
i need to be in a safe haven
the womb was not even my haven.

it didn’t matter though
even if i didn’t have a playground
even it i didn’t have a safe haven
for true enough i am stonger, braver.

but if there is any a great woman that i am
is gravely afraid of that is the completely
abandoned and forsaken child version of me
in need of a playground, in need of a safe haven.

damn! finding haven
is the hardest scavenger hunt.

A single line prompt for this week by Reena:

“The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.”



tough should be
my last name
for i was born to be one
i was born under one
tough situation.

tough is what
i have become
over the years
over time.

tougher i believe
i am as i age
as i continue
to navigate life
to win extraordinary
battles and wars.

until you
came along
that i discovered
the toughest
version of me
after you repeatedly
broke me in pieces.

i am at my toughest
now, as i gather myself
together again and
i can’t thank you enough
for making me
the toughest
that i am today.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

We have a situation prompt this week

You wake up to discover a completely different, unknown face staring back at you from the mirror.

My Story

My Story

if you know my story
you’d be amazed
for mine is the
modern account
of an era where women
are regarded as the weakest
human version
mine represents
the zeitgeist of the
unfortunate era for women
an era when if a woman speaks
her mind she is stubborn
she is selfish
she is arrogant.

if you know my story, you’d either
hate me or love me
hate me for not standing up
for myself or love me for being
the most resilient patient
woman, you’d probably
encountered this age.

however, you take it
i guarantee you
i am well aware of
my rights, my dispositions
my priveledges and i will
fight the moment
i am least expected to

that’s who i am strong
determined empowered
but resilient and patient
most importantly
i never rage a war
without a game plan
so if you think
i am weak, and you can
just step on me; hold on, dear
and be afraid for war usually
begins at the  break of dawn
when the world is in complete
halt and silence.

this is my story
and it could be
story too.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge



we could be anything we want to be with the power of our minds we will see

how our dreams and our goals become a reality
‘though the road may not always be easy as one two three

i had my fair share of failures along the way
it was difficult it tested my resilience and tenacity

i relied on my courage and continued even in the absence of my strength

i fought back fearlessly over and over again for what i truly want

i am where i am now because i refused to stay where i was before

i am where i am now because i dared to move ahead even when the road was chaotic

i am where i am now because i stopped looking back and looked forward all the time

for nothing in this world can take the place of a powerful mind a tenacious spirit and a grateful heart

we could be anything we want to be that’s how powerful our minds could be.

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

What Makes a Woman Strong?

What Makes a Woman Strong?

is it her courage and conviction to brave even the darkest nights and the vicious storms?

is it her ability to face all the trials
and tribulations with grace and gratefulness
knowing that it will soon just pass?

is it her determination to rise above all the failures and misfortunes with a smile and with a hope of a better tomorrow?

is it her bravery and willingness to go after what she wants even in the presence of fear?

is it her optimism and positivity even when it may not always be feasible to display positivity and optimism at all times?

is it her class and elegance even when at times she is mistaken to be so full of pride?

now, tell me would it make me less of a strong woman if i say “i gave up because i’m tired?”

would it make me less of an empowered woman if i say ” i quit i just can’t go on anymore?”

would it make me less of a woman that i am now if i say “f- – – the world for making it so hard for me?”

or worst, would it make me less of a woman if i wallow at my own pain and wail over a broken heart?

tell me what really makes a woman strong? 

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

“ravaged inner space
unable to account for
entries and exits
who came, who destroyed, who left?
a soul transformed forever”


For Reena’s Exploration Challenge, i used this verse as inspiration “I’m sick and tired of being called ‘mortal’ like, you don’t know that. Neither do I. I have never died even ONCE. Nothing has been proven yet. Stop making assumptions. It’s rude.”


i am a lonesome mortal on earth yet to experience death.

if death comes to visit me i am ready for i have lived my life to the fullest.

i have made the most notable most memorable trail on earth.

yes, i did even if life was full of unwarranted tribulations.

i fought the hardest fights with grace and composure.

i stood by my ground, never gave up, and was always ready to be brave in yet another battle anytime.

even if people around made it so hard i face them with a smile, with gratitude, with love.

i face them with the hope that they remember me for all of the good reasons and not for my failures.

not even for my occasional pride and arrogance or my shortcomings.

and i say forgive me my fellow mortals for all the times i hurt you and all the times i wasn’t my best self.

yes, i am ready for death anytime or so i thought

until today death arrived.

shocking and chilling unexpectedly, i thought he’d come at least in a form i’m so familiar with.

grave illness, cardiac arrest, or maybe a nightmare.

death comes when you walk away.


just when i needed you the most.

death came.

and i just died.