Your Eyes

oh, how I marveled at
the blazing sun,
its burning heat
its cheerful radiant color
they remind me of your eyes
oh, your eyes, the day I met
you, one morning,
in a room so crowded
there, I saw you, just like
how a girl meets a boy
in the movies, in the novels
your eyes bear a beautiful story
your eyes hold a burning fire for life
your eyes support a wild phenomenal dream
I have your eyes then
etched into my heart,
carved into my soul,
engraved in my thoughts
chiseled in every syllable
inscribed in every verse
of my poetry, of my prose
your eyes
your eyes
my heart’s home
my soul’s resting place
your eyes
your eyes
my love

for kate’s Friday Fun

Your Glaring Eyes



I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
are you a friend or are you a foe?
‘cos I really don’t know

I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
are you cunning or simply shrewd?
or maybe misunderstood

I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
if they’re the window to your soul
then I’m scared, scared as hell

Long Have I waited



“Long have I waited, waited for you;

you, who have completely turned my world

overwhelmingly upside down.”

Oh, how I waited for this moment a moment in time when I finally get to hold you again. 

How long has it been? So long, you said so long.

It might have been so long dear, but I swear I remember. I remember how you dearly gazed into my eyes, your eyes meeting mine, making promises – promises of love, though not spoken our hearts truly know what those looks meant.

It was a look of love. A look of longing. A look for hoping. A look of wanting. And a look of wishing.

I remember how it felt when you held my hand. Yours was shaking; mine was seriously frozen. And yet, in just a momentary snap of a finger, we lost it. We lost it, my love. It was the kind of losing, you felt home. It was the kind of losing you are secured. It was the kind of losing you never wanna wish to be “found” again.

And for so long my love, I wanna get lost again. Lost in your arms, beside you. 

It was still. It was solitude. 

I can still remember. I can still feel it. 

And still longing. Still wanting.

Even with your arms wrap around me.

for Sadje’s WDY

In Your Eyes

I felt your pain
your agonizing pain
among the creases in your forehead
in between the blinking of your eyes
and even as your bedimpled face smiles
the smile I always remembered
gentle and sweet
tugs the heartstrings of my soul
lulls me to sleep and
tucks me to bed
but your pain
your pain
I can feel
keeps me awake
all through the night
and even with my eyes closed
I still see it
I see your pain
In your eyes

when you smile

I want to be the reason
you smile with your eyes

What Do You See

For Sadje’s What Do You See