35 Degrees

I haven’t written anything for a long time. I am writing back today in honor of my father whose death anniversary we are commemorating. My father gave me my first book, my first writing material and my first edited letter. Yes, you read it right  “edited letter”.  Whenever i was away from home back thenContinue reading “35 Degrees”

I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem

I know I didn’t get to say goodbye The least you want to even hear You needed badly my hellos Of the visits, I missed the most. I know I didn’t get to say goodbye But let me just come in for once Let me have a moment with you We’ll make it worth, IContinue reading “I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem”

Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree

Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree Soar, Higher Dream bigger “Go my princess” My! you love it Dad Oh gee such a dreamer Like Ariel, “Little Mermaid” I frequently lose track of time Skirrs museums and art galleries I was a dreamer, back then as a kid Best, Always What I see To everyone Around in meContinue reading “Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree”

I Will Wait – poem

I was looking everywhere for a sign a moment a time As I look farther the harder I can’t see I am blinded It’s been a while no, long while you were gone but I am still looking for you As one day I know I will find you even in the vastness of theContinue reading “I Will Wait – poem”

Stone Cold (poem)

Stone cold, that has become Of a child abandoned at home.   Stone cold, a mother had been Lonely, tired, and forgotten. Stone cold, a father for sure All tide up at work, joy so unsure. Stone cold, a family will be If, and only they allow it to be.  

Hush Now

Keep still amidst chaos and turmoil all through the roaring thunder and all through the rising tide rest your weary heart like an ocean easing up after a storm hush now.

Colors (haiku)

  Far away from you Is to be blue my dearest I wait; purple heart . Stunning photos of my garden back home; they have survived the current storm. In response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun: https://arousedblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/friday-foto-fun-blossom/  


Thanks to my daughter Pat for this beautiful photo~~~ ~My dearest~ I am but a shadow in the dark Slowly coming out Gently whispering Unto your tormented soul… “Its gonna be alright” ~Dad~  

My Dreams

(Photo courtesy of Pat, my second daughter)   If my dreams have powers, I would dream of a majestic house; a house with a luxurious living room… a grandiose staircase… a magnificent dining area… an elegant chandelier…. a towering balcony…. But my dreams don’t have powers, So, I didn’t get a majestic house; but aContinue reading “My Dreams”