I Will Be Your Happily-Ever-After

if dreams do come true, just dream on for long,
you’re better off there, its exceptionally wonderful

if reality bites, live in fantasy for a while,
you deserve a magical escape, a restful solitude

if there is “happily- ever – after”, hold on to it,
yours will happen soon, in time


if i am your fairy godmother, you won’t need to dream for a fantasy world, nor wait for your “happily-ever-after”
i’d make your dreams come true


i’d turn your fantasy a reality

better yet,

i will be your “happily- ever-after”



Smile #fantasy#writephoto

“each deepened creases in my smile
is every beating moment of my heart,
saying, i loved you then, and i love you now.”


If my smile could express what my heart wants to say, then you would know that everytime you look at me, I misses a beat, and I go heebie-jeebies.


You make my heart flutter.


I swear, the world stopped the first time i saw you, and that my love, maybe pure fantasy for others, but is my perfect reality.
For Sue’s


My Brand New Gray BMW

If I could dream a dream

it would be a magical realm

a place over the 9th cloud,

connected to earth 

by a rainbow


it’s pure magic;

I feel it in my soul

as much as my eyes

can see

a valley of green

luscious infinite horizon

where the adorable


is my sleek 

brand new gray BMW

taking me to all the fairyland

and underground magic

where humans 

and fairies,

goblins, elves, 

trolls, witches, 

giants, and talking animals

live in perfect harmony

with love

and great respect

with humility 

and understanding

if only I could dream a dream


P. S

A little something to make everyone smile amidst the current pandemic. We should never stop dreaming nor stop hoping.
Together let’s dream, hope and pray.

This too will end.



Image credit – Pixabay ; DianaZG

(For visual challenged readers, the image shown a boy standing next to a Stegosaurus, dinosaur I a park land)

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