It’s Been Ten Years

how does one forget a love so real, so pure so endearing?

the kind only you, and you alone can give?

tell me as I struggle to understand,

I struggle to accept

I struggle to move on

tell me how do I start over?

it’s been years,

10 years to be exact

and they say time heals all wounds

maybe, time even makes you forget

and yet again, I say, for the last decade

not once, did I ever not think about you

not a day was over that I did not remember you

so, tell me, how am I supposed to carry on

carry on a life without you

‘cos wherever I go, whatever I do

it’s you I think of

and on this day, ten years ago,

I remember, I remember how my voice trembled

how my heart was broken, so broken crying didn’t make me feel better

for on this day, I said my last goodbye,

and I will never forget,

that fateful afternoon

when I had to summon all the gods and goddesses

of Olympus for strength and courage, to deliver

to deliver, my eulogy, as we lay you to rest

goodbye wasn’t easy, but being alive,

without you is far harder than I thought

it’s been 10 years dad, 10 years and I still want you back

NaPoWriMo Day 25

In loving memory of my father on his death anniversary

Our prompt for today (optional, as always) is to write an “occasional” poem. What’s that? Well, it’s a poem suited to, or written for, a particular occasion. This past January, lots of people who usually don’t encounter poetry got a dose when Amanda Gorman read a poem at President Biden’s inauguration. And then she followed it up with a poem at the Superbowl (not traditionally an event associated with verse!) The poem you write can be for an occasion in the past or the future, one important to you and your family (a wedding, a birth) or for an occasion in the public eye (the Olympics, perhaps?).

My Flowers Came Too Late

My Flowers Came Too Late

I was sixteen when
you first gave me flowers
’twas beautiful, to say the least
they were white roses,
so innocent, so pure,
I danced and swayed my way
as I paraded them over for all to see
their heavenly fragrance
invited everyone
to smell,
their long green stems
were as fragile as glass,
or so I thought
I was on cloud nine,
I was flying high
there were many more roses
and many more flowers
until there were none
I bought you flowers
white roses
they were beautiful too
with a heavenly scent as well
was it too late, or too soon
to give you flowers?
I don’t remember
as I remember
looking at you
gorgeous as always
in your perfect white
barong tagalog*
my tears
kept falling
as I dropped my last
white rose,
and said my last goodbye
where you would be laid
to eternal rest
goodbye was all that I could say

“I’m sorry, my flowers came too late, dad”


*Barong Tagalog -It is a common formal or semi-formal attire in Filipino culture, and is worn untucked over an undershirt with belted trousers and dress shoes

For Sadje’s WDY