It’s Been Ten Years

how does one forget a love so real, so pure so endearing? the kind only you, and you alone can give? tell me as I struggle to understand, I struggle to accept I struggle to move on tell me how do I start over? it’s been years, 10 years to be exact and they sayContinue reading “It’s Been Ten Years”

My Flowers Came Too Late

My Flowers Came Too Late I was sixteen whenyou first gave me flowers’twas beautiful, to say the leastthey were white roses,so innocent, so pure,I danced and swayed my wayas I paraded them over for all to seetheir heavenly fragranceinvited everyoneto smell,their long green stemswere as fragile as glass,or so I thoughtI was on cloud nine,IContinue reading “My Flowers Came Too Late”