how do i mend my broken heart?
my broken mind? my broken promise? my broken hope?
for everytime i look at my self in the mirror
i can’t help but see the brokenness in me.

that broken piece of me you took away
i don’t blame you for that though
but i must say i hated you for leaving me
just like that.


how dare you not give me the chance
the chance every human being deserve
the chance to say goodbye
the chance to watch you go.

but you went.

unannounced. unnoticed.
and i don’t know if i could ever
forgive myself or you, or the circumstances
sorrounding your departure.

it sucks.

it hurts.

it pains me so damn hard.
and i don’t know how to get over it.

you left me dad.
and i am broken

even decades after.


Happy Birthday in heaven Papađź’•


how can i ever get over you?
how can i not think ’bout you?
i kept your memories
dearly in my heart for so long
and oh, how i can forget you
even for a while?
they say time and distance
will make you forget
but that won’t gonna work for me
it has been so long, oh, so long
i could clearly see your face smile over me,
i could hear you speak to me in your soft modulated voice, i could feel your
warm embrace and comforting touch
so much has happened, and there
has been so many changes
i bet you don’t even know anymore
the songs played on the radio
or that, sorry but you have to know
rock bands are popular no more
i know it’s sad, and i too am sad
believe me, i am sad
how can i ever forget,
the first time my heart has swooned
by your endearing voice,
soothing, perfect just for me,
i’d fall asleep easily, on your lap,
on your shoulder, and oh, please
i could trade anything, yes anything
just to hear your voice again
your voice, ah, your voice
is kept carefully in the
deepest recesses of my being
every beat of my heart is every
lullaby you sing, every breath i take
is every melody of your undying love
Papa, let’s sing together, one more time
“Michelle, ma belle
These are words
that go together well
My Michelle
Michelle, ma belle…” 

You Miss Another One Of My Birthdays Again!

I wish you’re beside me right now
‘cos there’s just so much I wanna tell you
after all, you’re at your best listening to my stories
your eyes, oh how I remember they light up
to your heart’s desire
when I giggle, when I laugh
at my own faulty storytelling technique

I swear I could finally win, any
word games you would challenge me
for oh, I bet you didn’t know
I’ve learned a lot overtime
I’ve mastered it for a while
and I would bet every single coin
there is in my pocket for this

do you remember how I’d cry
but I wouldn’t say a word why?
I was hurt, so hurt I know you will be
if I tell you why, but, with you
no amount of words is needed
nor a great amount of pep talk
is required, with you heaven is on earth

and right now, just right now
I wish you’re beside me
there’s just so much I wanna tell you
‘cos papa, nothing beats your warm angelic embrace
your comforting words and your heavenly presence

you are still, the only man who truly
believes in me even when I say nothing at all
and, I could trade anything just to be
with you right now

and oh, papa, you miss another one of my birthdays again!


A late Father’s day poem for my papa in heaven wishing he is with me on my birthday (late birthday post too)