Just Another Christmas

I didn’t know
I missed you that much…

‘Till I realized…

Light’s out.

Sky’s dark.

Another Christmas without you, Dad.






That Summer Morning

That Summer Morning

On a cold summer morning
I got my phone ringing.

Thinking twas a prank
I ignored and stared at a blank.

A return call message i received
I dialed, hoping i am not deceived.

I heard someone on the other line
Sobbing, crying, weeping in thine.

“He’s gone”, was all i can hear
I wept, i cried ’till i can’t bear.

’twas that summer morning
I heard the news of you leaving.

You left without saying goodbye
It broke my heart in pieces, i could die.

The sun was shining
But the rain came pouring.

Every drop of the rain
Is every drop of my pain.

Will someone wake me up
“You’re dreaming, get up”.

But reality holds true
You’re gone, didn’t know what to do.

Today I woke up with a rain drop falling
A reminder of how much i am longing.

For i remembered, every drop of the rain
Is every drop of my pain.

It’s been seven years dad
And i still felt bad.

On that cold summer morning
You left me while it was raining.

I miss you dad, please come back.

The day i started my summer rain theme, was the same day i didn’t know what to write, and the very same day the first heavy summer rain fell.
As the rain came pouring, i kept writing.
Its been a month though.
You all enjoyed my summer rain theme as much as i enjoyed writing them.
Little did i know that this is not just simply about inspiration to write..or a spike for my stats…or a way to touch your hearts.

Today i woke up with a promise I’d move on to another theme.

But then i opened my window curtain and saw the rain drops falling.

And it hit me….

On this very same occassion seven years ago as i opened my window curtain looking at the summer rain falling, that i was told my dad, passed away.

Now i understand where my “summer rain” theme came all the way.

Thanks Dad, you never left me all along.

You lead me to this day. On your death anniversary. As i write each poem. I poured out every single emotion there was in me. That today, i felt a lot better. Better than those early years you were gone.

Thanks Dad… you truely are amazing..even when you are gone!!!






Its daunted
Its haunted.

There’s emptiness
There’s sadness.

Reminds of love
So high above.

I can be there forever
we could be together.

Its daunted, its haunted.
“I’ll you see later… dad”


In loving memory of my dad who passed away years ago. I have been thinking of him lately and i know i haven’t been able to visit him often.
” i promise dad, i will see you soon.”

I need you home

There are moments of longing,

moments of yearning

for your embrace

for your gaze

As i am sailing onwards,

sailing heavenly

to talk to you

to laugh with you

truth is;

it is no longer enough

that you are there to love me.

I need you back home dad!!!

I Miss YOU More

Oblivious of the time

and around;

I longed for your

hold so tight.

Your hold that keeps my steady

gaze in place.

Your hold that once made

a better me.

Incognizant of how i felt,

wanting how much of you

i can take.

I never imagined it would be

this dark without you.

the darkness that seemed to

topple down my soul.

the darkness i once ignored

for you were there

holding closely as i fear.

It seems just a while,

but no..it’s really been a while

a long long while since you walked away


It numbed my heart.

It froze my heart.

I can’t take you out of my life.

I need to touch you again.

I need to hold you close in my arms.

I miss you that’s what i wanna say.

I love you, I want you to stay.

It’s been four years DAD!

Four years and i am mad,

‘cos i can’t have you back.


In loving memory of my father who passed away four years ago.


Happy Dad’s Day

We have the power…

We have the grace…

We create beauty. ..

We give strength. ..

We set the pace…

We breathe life…

For all things must come to life…

Under our emerald embrace…

Maybe in life or in death..

It may not be true to all…but I am a firm believer of “we create our own destiny”….what lies ahead is basically dependent upon how we work for it…we have the power to make our dreams come true and at the same time we also have the pewer to make it not happen.. I say…we are ┬áliving the life we have basically wished for…simply because we’ve worked so damn hard to achieve what we have at the moment. ..life is good … really really good. Life has been very kind to my family. ..we get to travel…we get to shop…we get to stay in luxurious hotels…. My husband has the gift of making huge surprises…He has the abity to make simple things magical. ..hhe never fails to amaze us all…. He is simply one great dad…happy father’s day to all dads… May you continue to hold that power in your hands…may you strive for beauty and grace…may you forever breathe life to your family. ..

I Miss You


Three years had pass…

thought of you lingers,

memories so clear,

I can hold you really clear.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

scent of you lingers,

running through the air,

I can kiss you near.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

your soft cuddly touch embraces,

creeping through my being,

I can get closer even a thing.

I miss you , I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

hearing your sweet voice,

sincerely saying, “I love you baby”,

I can say ” I love you too, just stay”.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass…

leaving me by surprise,

I was hurt, I was broken,

I can cry, I can scorn.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

on this day in a mass,

I spoke to say goodbye,

a daughter’s eulogy and lullaby.

I miss you DAD, I know for sure!!


It’s been three years dad, and i am still missing you. I hope your happy up there….Oh by the way..Happy Birthday too!!