I Remember You (with a smile)

I remember you on a glorious cloudless night where snowflakes of stars light the sky with a promise of life in darkness and a sense of warmth amidst the cold breezy wind   I remember you with a smile   I remember you in the stillness of the dawn when the night and day had becomeContinue reading “I Remember You (with a smile)”

35 Degrees

I haven’t written anything for a long time. I am writing back today in honor of my father whose death anniversary we are commemorating. My father gave me my first book, my first writing material and my first edited letter. Yes, you read it right  “edited letter”.  Whenever i was away from home back thenContinue reading “35 Degrees”

Gone -poem

Gone The sun is up today so i gleefuly  say “this espresso i am having is soothing and warming”. I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatamela or Java it has a golden colored crema on top and that robust flavor made me snap. I felt a sweet lingering after taste soContinue reading “Gone -poem”

That Summer Morning

That Summer Morning On a cold summer morning I got my phone ringing. Thinking twas a prank I ignored and stared at a blank. A return call message i received I dialed, hoping i am not deceived. I heard someone on the other line Sobbing, crying, weeping in thine. “He’s gone”, was all i canContinue reading “That Summer Morning”