Barong Tagalog

I heard the news of you leaving as someone from the other line was sobbing, crying, weeping. “He’s gone”, was all I can hear. I wept, I cried ’till I can’t cry anymore. It was a warm summer morning. You left without saying goodbye. Without notice. It broke my heart in pieces, I could die.Continue reading “Barong Tagalog”

In Between

In Between I am a million miles away from home. The home where I grew up with. The distance is suffocating…deafening…exhilarating; but this is nothing compared to the distance we’ve created even if we’re not a million miles apart; the distance between our families…our friends…our siblings…our in-laws..our neighbors…and oftentimes the distance between the very personContinue reading “In Between”

Where Are You?

Where are you? The girl I used to be The effervescent me? Did he take you away? Along with all my better days? I wished would stay… How are you? The girl I used to be The effervescent me? Will you ever be back? Your death was like a heart attack Now life I lack…Continue reading “Where Are You?”


MY CAPPUCCINO Secrets of silver swirly dreams moments of silence, frosty screams stronger visions of soft, sweet, irreplaceable joys. Remain pure, light, alluring; beautifully crafted in a whipped snow – white heavenly cream. Choco – colored clear reflections warm, unstirred, floating hopes sweet, hot bits of serenity delicious criss-cross fantasies. lovingly blended by delicate storedContinue reading “MY CAPPUCCINO”


Memories make us human But love makes being humanly bearable There are always two sides to a nickel There are typically six sides to a die Life and love are always fickle Has anyone ever wondered why? Why we laugh so hard one minute And then sob our souls dry right after Why we brightenContinue reading “Memories”

Till Then

    Parting is such a sweet sorrow So do now I know. Adieu, goodbye Now I can’t stay. Gone, mislaid Till then I said. Affectionate, adoring Forever falling. Remember me with a smile So you are glad for a while. Parting is such a sweet sorrow Surely now I know.     P.S ThisContinue reading “Till Then”


Celebrate Love Of friends Bless Devotion Of comrade Magnify Affection Of confidant Exalt Passion Of YOU   P.S. What’s better way to celebrate than over a cup of coffee….so simple…so serene…but so real..

One Fateful Day

One day morning When the sun was dawning I see you smiling “With you, I’m beaming” Your chinky eyes I noticed. Soon that day over When it’s getting colder I hear you whisper “With you, I’m safer” Your husky voice I heard. Then the night was dark When the stars spark I feel you soContinue reading “One Fateful Day”