heart torn in secret sufferings,

lips strongly formed.




unhappy poet, hiding

(Lino Robles’ reply to the unhappy poet hiding…)

yet each darkened night

in hours becomes light

is what I see in her eyes


I see my future in het skyline

lesson learned redemption is mine

when the tears dry from her eyes


Thanks so much to Lino for this wonderful reply….check out his site….his one great poet…


looking thru my window... hoping too I know... that beauty maybe beyond what I see...
looking thru my window…
hoping too
I know…
that beauty maybe beyond what I see…
However thats not tru... as I see through... some may lived in a castle... while others maybe in a stable....
However that’s not true
as I see through…
some may lived in a castle…
while others maybe in
a stable….
and as I walk away from a distance... I wish to see beauty even for a chance...
and as I walk away
from a distance…
I wish to see beauty
even for a chance…


I maybe just dumb to believe that there’s hope for humanity….there’s hope for the less privileged…I may be deaf to hear what they say that nothing can be done to the cry of the poor..the agony of the less fortunate..

I just hope one day the world will be a better equal place for humanity..

Mondays of Longing

The rain danced merrily

along with the sun

beautifully performed 

in a piano sonata

upon that day, a Monday

our roads foretold a melody

in early summer

in late December.

You walked past me slightly

along my left slowly

I struggled to escape

your brown eyes so elegant,

so deep…

so unfathomable…

yet you caught me.

My heart skipped

My breath drowned

You took away everything.

my blurry eyes…

my broken breath…

my bloody heart…

You let our wary hands met

let my heart finally 

rest from this chase

let my Polaris shine its light upon us

that, eventually

those repeating, endless days

those days of Monday

those Mondays of longing no more.

cloud nine (ecstatic feeling)

a deep loud vibration is beating

in cool afternoon sheets.

she heard you breathe noisily while sleeping

in rough hoarse voices.

a melody in a different tone

in deep brightened sleep.

she felt you’re good and done

in shadows right through a nap.

a joyful release of fondness

in warmest sweet devotion.

she felt your touch of coolness

in slow-moving affection.

as you lay down in bed,

so calm and candid.



P.S. Random thoughts during a lazy Saturday afternoon when napping nor going out for a walk is not an option…i just miss you sleeping beside me..

Creative Pain

Somewhere in between…

I cried out in pain.

I agonized in disdain.

I lamented in vain.

Sometime thereafter…

I walk away over.

I smile in sober.

I yearn to unfetter.

Somewhere then…

I will be discharged.

I will be freed.

I will be liberated.

Until then…

For a moment and now..

Pain can be beneficial when it leads to some kind of “liberty” in us, when a sleeping energy is awoken, when unknown talents are recognized, when a understanding about life’s purpose and direction deepens in us.

There is much within us that needs to come to life.

Pain brings them out.  It made us see that we have in stored so much love, fidelity, endurance, resilience, hope and understanding in us. 

Pain can be a process of purification and discipline in us in many ways..