When it hurt
It hurt so bad.

So bad I can’t cry
I am numbed.

Till it shuttered
I died.

The pain goes in forgetting;
The meaning of hurting.



In response to NovemberNotes challenge hosted by Theresa Doughty of Heartstrings Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer.

Day 18 Prompt: Meaning by Gavin DeGraw

Perfect Strangers

I saw you from a distance

I recognized you in an instance

Remembered years back

When I met you


“Next please”

I was inattentive, I was distracted


You were busy bustling, you were out engaging.

Perfect strangers back then we were,

’till we perfectly fell hard for each other.



Day 8 prompt: Perfect strangers by Jonas Blue in response to the NovemberNotes Challenge hosted by Sarah Doughty of Heartstrings Eulogy and Rosema of A Reading Writer


I Love You No More


I always thought I knew

What love has done to a few

It destroyed, it smashed!

Feelings Oh! all rushed.


I always believed I’ve seen

What love has done to men

It broke, It burned!

Loving oh! all doomed.


I always thought I was right 

What I did for love so tight

I hurt you, I despised you!

Behaving like a criminal in lieu.


“My apologies, I love you no more dear.”


Day Five Prompt: Criminal – Fiona Apple
In response to the November Notes Writing Challenge hosted by Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer.❤