August To Remember

August To Remember

August my dear
is the eight month of the year
where there is so much fun in the sun
in the Northern Hemisphere
as they wait for summer to end
and hope for the coming
of autumn with love and gratitude
just as how much i desire to hold you
close to my heart, for i love you, my dear
you are like summer, filled with passion
warm love and blazing compassion
yet gentle as a summer breeze
you are my lovely falling autumn leaves
longing for a cozy winter rest
and without further ado, i say
let August be the month we remember
how our love has weathered the test of time
the test of life’s cruel circumstances
i know we’ll make it
i believe we will
let this be another
August to remember.

For d’Verse

This week over at d’Verse Poetics, we were asked by Sanaa aka (adashofsunny) to write a poem about August, which doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

If you wanna join the fun, head over to this link for more details:

On A Tuesday

This poem was inspired by a comment made by Reena ( in my previous post, “On A Monday.” Here’s what happens on a Tuesday.

On A Tuesday

i know you’re probably somewhere
having coffee out of bare necessity
to get by the day’s grind and be fair
to yourself, you need a break; enjoy.

so here i am in my crazy weird thoughts
wishing i could be that cute coffee mug
your holding now, so i get closer to your lips
how i want to feel the warmth of your hug.

so here i am in my crazy weird thoughts
wishing i could be that pretty lady flirting
taking your orders in her widest smiles
how i want to see, your response beaming.

i know you’re probably out somewhere
taking a break from the hustle and bustle
of life’s melodramatic exuberant fanfare
please take care wherever you are.

‘cos baby, here i am
in my crazy weird thoughts
you’re probably out somewhere but
in a place, we used to go to for a coffee

on a
Tuesday afternoon.



i thought i’m healed from all the wounds of my bruised days
but today i was reminded that only scars heal; wounds don’t; they never will
and you know what’s funny? you reminded me of them one by one,  every pain, every trauma
it takes one great love to ease down my brokenness
sadly though, that same great love cuts the same wound deeper, more painful
now i’m left waiting to heal my own

👉my 7th Poetry book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” releasing 15th August, worldwide on all platforms and in all formats.

👉This is my response to A. J.’s prompt guidelines

• Write a poem of no more than 12 lines;

• It must include the word “waiting”

W3 Prompt #13: Wea’ve Written Weekly

I Do

Here is my whimsical take on this week’s poetry challenge by Eugi (Moon-washed weekly challenge)

I am using the word prompt “dramatic”…to say…

I Do

i just wanna say, “i do”
i don’t need a grand hair updo
or a stunning glam team
that would make me look like a queen.

i just wanna say, “i do”
i don’t need a dramatic dress though
or an awe-inspiring long trail veil
that would make me look like a character from a folktale.

i just wanna say “i do”
even if it would be just me and you
for i don’t need an ensemble of people, i don’t know
or a magnificent gymnasium venue.

i just wanna say “i do”
no need for a melodramatic
full symphony entrance
the ’80s hit love song would do
sang or played on a piano.

i just wanna say “i do”
with you and you alone, i do
so baby, tell me will i wait in blue
in anticipation with glee?

‘cos i just wanna say “i do, i do”
and let the whole world melt
with my vow of undying love for you.

Life River

“will this life river still run as smoothly as it used to,
or will it die fast after your departure?”

all the storms there just hit me the hardest
all the sunshine of the morning was taken abruptly away from me
all the grief in the world was laid perfectly down upon me
no amount of rainbow-colored sky could brighten up this day.

the storm just flooded the river of my heart with despair
my once vibrant reflection has now turned into a brutally distorted zombie
my once lively colors have now turned gray with sorrow
no amount of positive thoughts could make me want for tomorrow.

Rivers of Tears

Rivers of Tears

shed a million rivers of tears ‘cos i’m missing you, dear

there are times when holding on doesn’t anymore count on

so i took refuge and snug on at the comfort of what i could embrace right now

because for now, it’s all that i have and nothing else

nothing else can make me stop and shed a million rivers of tears.

what would you do if i say it’s killin’ me to be out here somewhere

where i lay my head at night silently sobbing for it’s in your arms, i wanna be

what would you say to my grieving heart

what would you do to make me stop

shed a million rivers of tears?

all i can do is hold on here to something i don’t know what

all i can do is hang on to the thinnest piece of thread that’s connecting us

all i can do is believe in the mere fact that i love you and that love alone will help me make it through

all i can do is trust in the process and the power of the universe

all i can do is hope for a future where there won’t be a distant mile away between you and me.

but for now, my dear, let me shed a million rivers of tears

for that’s the best i can do to lull myself to bed and wish for a goodnight’s sleep

shed a million rivers of tears

’till it’s over.

for Sadje’s WDYS

These Times

These Times

i would never forget the times
i am begging for you to stay
i am grateful for those times
you left me waiting; uncertain
i know how your heart breaks
more than mine
but that taught me
love’s greatest lesson
to look beyond what eyes can see
to feel loved beyond
hugs and kisses and warm embraces
especially at times when you are near me
yet a single glimpse is not possible
these times when love is love
regardless of and no matter what
these times when love is love
even if it felt like a glassful of water
splashed, suspended in the air
not knowing when to fall
not knowing how to land
these times.

For Sadje’s WDYS

All The Love in The World

All The Love in The World

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
’twas the most agonizing two months of my life more than ever to hold.
you had me in and out of the hospital with all of the little pains and occasional qualmishness, i felt cold.

to unreasonable food cravings, yes my dear ’twas indeed unreasonable.
for why else would you want your dear mama to crave a savory meal?
my dearest, i’m not a fan of food but because of you, i had finished a five-course dish with a great deal.
i enjoyed and hated it at the same time, but i would do anything for you for real.

yes, anything, even when the doctor said i couldn’t hold you for long.
i should just give up sooner for it was a useless battle to prolong.
i didn’t, i took on headstrong.
‘cos i want you in my life and i will do anything to keep you all along.

i used to wonder though, but i dismissed the thought for there is nothing i wouldn’t do to keep you, i need you so bad.
i prayed so hard.
i fought so hard.
i wished so hard.
i hoped so hard.

until there was nothing else to pray, fight, wish, and hope for.
i’m sorry my body couldn’t keep you, dear.
i’m sorry my body wasn’t your safe haven i didn’t bear.
i’m sorry i gave up the fight ’twas clear.

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
i remember you.
i love you.
until then, i’ll see you.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

with Val of Murisopsis as this week’s host



how do i mend my broken heart?
my broken mind? my broken promise? my broken hope?
for everytime i look at my self in the mirror
i can’t help but see the brokenness in me.

that broken piece of me you took away
i don’t blame you for that though
but i must say i hated you for leaving me
just like that.


how dare you not give me the chance
the chance every human being deserve
the chance to say goodbye
the chance to watch you go.

but you went.

unannounced. unnoticed.
and i don’t know if i could ever
forgive myself or you, or the circumstances
sorrounding your departure.

it sucks.

it hurts.

it pains me so damn hard.
and i don’t know how to get over it.

you left me dad.
and i am broken

even decades after.


Happy Birthday in heaven Papa💕



there is nothing i can do when my mind
is going crazy torrid
heated, burning like a hot mid summer day
there is nothing i can do when my heart
is going crazy wild
running faster than the wind could blow
a dandelion away
and it’s all because of you
of your thoughtless, unfeeling consideration
of matters around
so don’t you ever wonder baby
if one day
i become a wildfire;
unstoppable, unyeilding
bouyant, rebellious
for now i can only hope that
a few more dew drops could settle
the growing fire in my heart
i hope
i pray
before it even burn you.

for Eugi’s Prompt