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i am alone in this dark alley
muted, my soul will be
i run for refuge, no hand to hold in a crowd so huge,
i can’t find my way
every door bolted
so tight, leaving no air to breathe
i am desperate and drenched in hate
why am i alone?
oh, life, why have you treated me so kind
yet beaten me so hard?

i can taste the void, and it blankets over me
so I write to find a cure
so someone might know i exist
but the words don’t work
that dark alley is still the only place to be
why am i alone?
oh, life, why have you treated me so kind
yet beaten me so hard?
i have been crying in despair.
i have been weeping in agony
i wonder if someone will hear me
if you read this will, you find me?

For Reenas Exploration Challenge:

“Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not to reach the top.” Maxime Lagace

P.S  “After Rain Skies – Second Edition” – a portion of my royalty fee for this book will go to Perak Women for Women Society. An NGO that helps and supports victims of abuse and violence. Your purchase of the book will help a woman in need of shelter, suport and therapy.


who lights you up?


you’re my light
you’re my life
i need you by my side
as i sail on the distraught
troubled water in stride

let’s navigate
steady hands at stake
hearts prepared to brave
biggest storms greatest waves

you’re my light
you’re my life
i need you by my side

it has always been you
my light my life


For Sadje’s WDYS

Who Murders Halloween?

It wasn’t long ago that trick and treating

was so much fun, where kids gather hanging

around the streets with their specialized masks on

creatively made by their doting moms for this occasion

as their annoyed dads yelled over and complained  

for a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked.

It wasn’t long ago that homes were opened widely

for these adorable little ones, joyfully and happily

wanting to gather as many candies and sweets as they can

counting every bit of pieces, as a certain kid named Joann

is heard crying over a lost piece of candy or a stolen chocolate

from the notoriously naughty boy around, who is always late.

It wasn’t long ago, that masks were worn for fun,

for enjoyment, and for creating special bonds with everyone

it could be a friend, a loved one, or just a random fellow

on a party, on any occasion, on a bone fire with marshmallow

but mostly to put a smile on every child’s face in a voice so upbeat

knocking at your doors shouting at the top of their lungs “trick or treat”.

It wasn’t really long ago, because for now, this year maybe

it will all be just a memory not so long ago, we say

masks will still be worn every moment everywhere but not to have fun

or do trick or treat, but to combat a virus that kills like a gun

murdering excitement, enjoyment, and amusement in Halloween

he who truly scares destroys and ends fun in Halloween.

P. S.

When I think of Orange, (color) I think of Halloween. So this poem is posted and inspired by kate’s Friday Fun – Orange

And Eugenia’s weekly prompt/photo: an orange giant pumpkin house – normally used to adorn homes and streets during Halloween

In My Dreams #glisten #writephoto


(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a twilit beach, the sea shimmering in the low light. There are rocky islets silhouetted against the water and what might be a figure, running towards…or away from the waves.)



a sparkling light reflected
upon my dreams
as I chase you down
the crashing tides
the raging waves
my heart keeps racing
as my troubled thoughts
began to settle
upon the sight
of your reflection,
just a reflection
of a memory
for in my sleep
a light glistens
a reality awakens
that you remain
a figment in my dreams
a shadow in the dark
a memory in the past
and never my reality



My Dear Summer, Rain and Goodbye #whatdoyousee

Oh, my dear summer
and rain
and goodbye
why did you conspire
to break my heart
altogether at once
why do I have to remember
you both, as
the happiest
and the saddest
like a photograph
every smile
not knowing
the loneliness
the gloomy feeling
after each radiant
and charming smile
my dearest summer, rain
and goodbye please cease
to connive and stop breaking my heart
altogether, at once



(For a visually challenged reader, the image shows a camera capturing the image of a woman in color, while the rest of the image is in black and white. There are lots of tools on the wall behind the camera)

My Brand New Gray BMW

If I could dream a dream

it would be a magical realm

a place over the 9th cloud,

connected to earth 

by a rainbow


it’s pure magic;

I feel it in my soul

as much as my eyes

can see

a valley of green

luscious infinite horizon

where the adorable


is my sleek 

brand new gray BMW

taking me to all the fairyland

and underground magic

where humans 

and fairies,

goblins, elves, 

trolls, witches, 

giants, and talking animals

live in perfect harmony

with love

and great respect

with humility 

and understanding

if only I could dream a dream


P. S

A little something to make everyone smile amidst the current pandemic. We should never stop dreaming nor stop hoping.
Together let’s dream, hope and pray.

This too will end.



Image credit – Pixabay ; DianaZG

(For visual challenged readers, the image shown a boy standing next to a Stegosaurus, dinosaur I a park land)

For Sadje’s what do you see

She #veiled#writephoto




(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green horizon, beyond which the mist veils a hill topped with strange rock formations)


she veiled her face

as she walks herself

to the misty mountain

with the hope of

finding solace

and solitude

for life wasn’t

the same the day

she was confirmed

to have been infected

by the deadly and contagious



even after a medical certificate

has been released to say

she is free of the virus

neighbors and friends

and sadly even relatives

still regard her

as a bearer of the




the mountain

might be just

her home 

for now

and who knows



Dedicated to all covid 19 survivors who are experiencing discrimination.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Come, Sit With Me (my princess)


come sit with me

let’s talk about

how things used to be

when the world was better

and things were nicer

when a walk in the beach

alongside a crowd

was full of fun

bumping at each other

making new friends

along the way

when watching

the sunset

was so much joy

while arguing as who

had the best shot

or who captured

the raging red-orange color

transitioned into a soft

pale yellow hue

as the sky awaits

for night

to take over

and when darkness

sweep over

I’d lay my head on your shoulder

as we watch the world in

beautiful, complete chaos

the waves came crashing

the wind is blowing




into a goodnight sleep




I bet this is how my afternoon conversation with my father be like, if he is still alive, with the current pandemic. He will remind me of how we would hurry down the beach (in Boracay, we spent so many summers there) just to witness the crowd gathered waiting for the sunset. We had by then the traditional camera, each of us will try our luck for one best sunset shot which we will only get to see the following day because we need to bring it to the shop for printing purposes.





(Sunset in Bali, December 2019)


For Kate’s Friday fun – crowd

My Princess



For Sadje’s What do you See?


come sit with me

and let’s talk about

fairy tales and how

dreams do come true

that’s what we always do

in the afternoon

before sunset

just after

an afternoon nap

you told me

of how dreams

could come true

just willingly

use the power of

your imagination

you always say

it will help you create

ideas and thoughts

and beliefs

that other can’t

then plan and act

and take them with you

as you sleep

dream about it



it will happen

come sit with me dear

that’s what you always say

to me, back then as a little girl

running wildly

joyfully and playfully

skipping, hopping

from foot to foot

on the ground

then, I’ll sit beside you

and you’d  tell me

for so many times always

of how your own “fairy tale”

came true

and your  “dreams do come true”

happen, and it began

by the birth of a lovely

little cute baby girl

you fondly call

“my princess”



P. S

I loving memory of my father who made me believe in “happy endings”, in “fairy tales” and most especially in “dreams do come true”


Today’s prompt is a fairly simple one: to write about a particular fruit – your choice. But I’d like you to describe this fruit as closely as possible.



My senses are at a feast by the first sight of you.
Your shining in golden jade color is what I adore about you


But you change from dark green color to deep purple hue when ripe
That seemed magical and interesting for me to describe


Your skin can go from slightly bumpy one To smooth and glossy as I make my fingers run


Your taste is quite unique
Depending on your ripeness and type


You are normally rich with thick buttery flavor
But sometimes you’re akin to a cold soup as I savor


Some folks don’t like you, you don’t have a sweet scent as others do
Not even a distinct taste of your own too


I love you on my toast with a dash of salt and pepper
A sprinkle of lemon juice and for the brave ones, flakes of red pepper


Asians like you sweet and creamy
I am, I like you nothing but a bit salty