A Hundred Million Love Songs

A Hundred Million Love Songs there are over a hundred million love songs  and I could dedicate each for you  each and everyday for you are my greatest love the poetry I write and the melody of my heart there are over a hundred million love songs and I could sing each one for youContinue reading “A Hundred Million Love Songs”

And When The Sun Sets

comelet’s go offwanderupon the meadowby the horizonhold my handas we watch the sunsets beautifullyin raging hot orangeto a soothing, calmingpinkish to light yellow huelet me lay my head on yourshoulder, rest, my weary heart would it be so perfectto be with you, in your loving armsin communion and harmonywith the rhythm of nature? just me,Continue reading “And When The Sun Sets”


and we are back to square oneback to how it all startedjust like lichensimple symbiotic relationshipI am the fungusand you arethe photosynthetic organismI grow where you areI stay where you areand you, enjoysthe  presence of a fungusjust like thatnothing morenothing lessat your own conveniencejust like how lichen was discovered;’twas the right hypothesis at a wrongContinue reading “Lichen”

Your Eyes

I looked   closely steadily into your eyes wanting to see the smile of hope of love of compassion of kindness the smile that can only be seen through your eyes as your beautiful lips with perfect white teeth that used to reveal your truest emotions is now hidden, covered for how long we don’t knowContinue reading “Your Eyes”

Six Feet Apart- a diamond etheree

For Kate’s Friday Fun – Social Distancing Friday Fun – social distancing Iwoke upbewildered,baffled, perplexedupon the world andbeyond, the love we knewis to hug,  touch lovinglylean in, hold and make eye contacta little bit closer builds affectionfondness, attachment, and besottednesslove, in itself, is already trickyactions, endearments, simplify ithow is love now? six feet apart?like the HollywoodContinue reading “Six Feet Apart- a diamond etheree”


eight months in isolationeight monthsand still countingit wasn’t easynever easy at all’twas scary’twas blurryit felt like standing on the edgeyou have no way to gono chance to runno place to hideno one to lean onand you are leftwith no one and nothingnothingbut the edgeso you learn to keep stillkeep stillamidst chaos and turmoilall through theContinue reading “Still”

Six Months After

“you are beautiful amidst adversaries, you are resilient amidst tragedies.” it has been over six months since I last held your hands and kissed you goodnight; it was the longest six months of our lives. others have succumbed to the tragedy, a tragedy no man would ever wish to go through. a tragedy I neverContinue reading “Six Months After”