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Safe Haven



the spattering and splashing of the waves from the ocean striking and surging, every movement

is like the rushing and rustling mess in my head, comes back bigger and greater with every


and as I lay my head unto your chest

I listened carefully to the silent beating of your heart

I am in a placid state, undisturbed, unruffled, wave less

you wrap your zealous arms around me

in a tender whisper you say “rest now, my love, keep still”

there, in your loving arms, I found my sweetest and safest haven


how do we heal  amidst all the chaos and turmoil in our lives right now? how do we mend our broken hearts, our broken dreams and promises? we find healing in the comfort of our loved ones, in the arms of those who understand, those who care: they are our source of strength, our reason to believe in love and in hope. our family, our loved ones, our partners, our children, our parents, our siblings, our friends, our relatives and even the ones we see everyday who continue to fight and survive. and just like a tree we stand tall and firm, deeply rooted, unmindful of the raging storm. 


things have been very tough lately, so i will be very slow with reading and responding to all of your posts and comments, but i will be back with my usual blogging/writing mode as soon as i am settled.

we pray for the world to heal as one.

Written for and inspired by the prompts of Kate and Eugi

My World

the world
mine kept goin’
armed with
my mighty pen
and divergent mind
I perceived my world
in a new and different way
finding new patterns
making new connections
turning ideas into reality
making dreams come true

when the
whole world
was grieving
I dared not,
for so many reasons
and the best of
that many reasons
is you
my muse,
my poetry,
my world, and
the love of my life



Many of us have been devastated by the current worldwide pandemic brought about by COVID 19.  some lost their jobs, others were lockdown, while others lost a loved one over the disease or a survivor themselves, but I believe that if there is one common ground that we all share right now is the sad reality that we are apart from our loved ones, friends and even relatives. The strict social distancing policy as part of prevention stops us from seeing or meeting relatives and friends anytime. Unfortunately for others, they have been separated by distance and are unable to travel back home.

This pandemic will run down the history of humanity in as far as it can be recorded. And as devastating as it is, we should not allow this to topple down our spirits, enjoy our lives and have fun with people around us, or in short simply make the most of what we have at the moment, and who we have around.

I have not seen my daughters for months now because of the pandemic, and to say that I miss them is already an understatement because what I feel right now, no amount of words in the dictionary would best fit in to describe.  But nevertheless, life goes on, and we have so many reasons to go on with our lives and make the most out of our current situation.

How am I coping during this pandemic? How I enjoy and have fun with my life in a way most people don’t?

Here are  simple ways you can enjoy and have fun, starting today: (Linking to kate’s Friday Fun –

1. Improve your Craft

What are you good at? Cooking? Writing? Painting? Anything that you believed you are good at but just never had the chance to practice and improve due to some obligations and responsibilities that you were committed before the pandemic. If you are a good cook, maybe its time you start a food delivery business. I know of some friends who did that during the pandemic. And they were doing well so far, obviously because people would rather stay at home and order food. Simple to complex menu and dishes are already being ordered and delivered nowadays. If you are a creative person, maybe its time to master your art. There are available online classes that can help you hone your craft.

I turned this pandemic into my greatest advantage, as I have enough time to write. It was during this time that I had made a few international submissions of my poems and have gotten published. If not for the pandemic, I would honestly not have the same opportunity in terms of “time”

2. Just Relax

Find a way to relax and reconnect with ourselves and our inner identity.  Who knows you might actually have already lost your real identity  ( you were so busy dreaming the dreams of other people and chasing career opportunities that were not actually meant for you. So, maybe its time to relax and take a moment to get to know yourself again.

3. Avoid Watching/Reading the News.

There are so much drama and hype online and even offline about the current pandemic. Watching it and following the news every single day, won’t do you good, rather it will add up to your anxiety and will eventually prevent you from being productive.

4. Create Positive Relationships

Make sure you have time to reconnect to people who are making a positive impact on your life. It’s time to identify the ones creating a positive impact and the ones giving you the negative impact, then maybe, nurture those positive relationships and let go of the ones who aren’t doing you good or helping you become a better person.

5. Make a Wish List

Whenever you want to do something, try a new thing, visit a new place, or even simply look for your long lost friend, write it down. Making a list of the things we want and we desire will fuel our hopes that one day we will be able to do it. It makes us dream. And dreams, no matter how big will eventually come true if accompanied by hard work, determination, and proper motivation.

10. Be Active

If you are not a fitness enthusiast, then maybe it’s time you become one. Try yoga, run around your neighborhood, do strength, and toning exercise at home. All these are available online for beginners like you who want to try for the first time. No matter what we say, we all know exercise is and will always be good for our health and our total well being.

11. Be Grateful Always

The pandemic is devastating, yes it’s true. But, there are other things in life that we should be thankful for and grateful for.  Just give thanks, always.

12. Remember Everything Has Its End

The major factor in enjoying life is to accept the fact that no matter what we do and no matter how much we try, some things and circumstances are beyond our control. And so it is important also to remember that the pandemic like anything else will also have its end. We are faced with a very challenging situation, but remember that life is one big cycle of ups and downs.

13. Allow Yourself to be Joyful

I have heard so many people complain about the difficulties of life, and yet they allow themselves to be involved in the drama of life. Maybe it’s time to enjoy a calm, life. Give yourself the chance to enjoy a drama-free life and focus on the simple joys of life every day.


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Life’s Lesson #discernment#FridayFun#thankfulness



Life is not a game of chance,

nor a lot of great circumstances.

Life is not even a bed of roses,

nor a bag of chocolates.

Life is indeed a matter of good choices

and how to make the best ones.




My choices in life may have not been really the best ones. I must honestly say I have had my own share of bad choices. But as my life progresses I was able to turn those bad choices into the best ones thus making me the best possible person I am.

My mother taught me the basics of discernment. It was with her that I realized that things don’t just happen, but it happens because we make it happen no matter how much we intellectualized or rationalized that it is beyond our capacity as human beings. But she said….that is why we were gifted with the power to discern. The dictionary defines discernment as to the ability to reveal insights and understand.  Exactly why we need to empower ourselves with discernment. This will usher us to make the right choices.

My father, on the other hand, has taught me so many things about how to live my life and how to affect other people’s lives as well. He is a very kind and generous, and compassionate man; but when it comes to helping other people, this is what he has to say always “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. 

It is with this thought that I go by how I help people. I can extend help once or twice or okay, let’s say thrice but more than that, my father used to say, is too much of being generous, and instead of simply extending help, I find ways to provide them with a sustainable way of making money or earning income. But sadly, some people don’t like to work or simply would rely on “help” or “aid”. This attitude is very common among us Filipinos.

We are very family-oriented; that we are obliged to help even our distant relatives or friends. It seemed though that because of this idea, many people abuse the culture of “help” in the Philippines, that when you at some point get tired of always helping you become the family’s devil’s advocate. Relatives and friends will be mad at you for not being able to help them. It is very frustrating because some people are even being ungrateful. While you work so hard to make money; they wait for you to simply feed them and help them.

This should also be part of our considerations when making choices in life. Because as we get older and become more successful others will be envious of your success and they will expect you to help them all the time.


1. I choose FAITH

I am not a very religious person. I am not even the type you see in the church all the time. I am not the one who also memorizes every single prayer there is. I also am not the typical middle-age woman in a veil going to mass. But I say, I choose to believe in GOD. I choose to believe that HE is powerful and thus HE is responsible for all that I am.

2. I choose HAPPINESS

As I have mentioned, life is not a bed of roses. It can be bad, it can be sad, it can be lonely, it can be worst……but if we choose happiness no amount of bad, lonely, sad, worst situation can make us reject the fact that life is what we make it after all…

We all surely have gone through a lot of rough, bumpy roads…who didn’t? but if we only learn to see the good in even the worst situation….LIFE would be GREAT… remember, happiness is simply a choice; loneliness is simply optional.


An ungrateful heart always leaves us feeling miserable. If we carry on with ungratefulness, no matter what we have, no matter what happens we would – it would never always be enough.


Blessed Laura Vicuna said, “smile always and suffer silently”…Her life is a wonderful example of how someone could turn a negative situation into something positive; an example of cheerfulness amidst heartaches.

We don’t have to be saints to be positive. As they say, if we only see life “like a glass full rather than half empty” then we would have the power to change our lives for the better for good.

5. I choose AWARENESS

Awareness in everything that we do, awareness in everything that we can’t do, awareness in every talent that we have, and awareness in the fact that we were all made unique.

We need to be aware of every situation we are in and what led us into it; it is by then that we see if we are leading towards sin…or towards a life anchored in our faith

How about you?…

Linking to kate’s Friday – Fun: Fishing

I Told You So


of all the sayings there is,

the one my cool dad

taught me first, tops my list

“all our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them”

Walt Disney was his favorite

and dad is my favorite too

that made me dream the grandest dreams

and believe in happily- ever- after

mom is fine with that,

she always says, but I doubt so

‘cos she’d argue, as Forest Gump

famously said ” life is like a box

of chocolates, you never know

what you’re gonna get”

so hard work, dedication

and perseverance were the qualities

she instilled, for we never knew

what happens next

but we can always prepare

she constantly insists

by now you know

my parents were two

opposing individuals

made one, by love

for they both believe

in what Victor Hugo said

“the greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves”

ours was a story of a life lived well

in love and compassion;

in kindness and generosity

as one loving family

we believe in an old

saying that goes

“I shall pass this way but once;

any good, therefore, that I can do

or any kindness that I can show

to any human being, let me do it now

let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again”, we believe

that in every moment,

every interaction, every opportunity

there is a chance to do good

it’s all about the little ways we can show kindness, it’s the tiny, seemingly

insignificant things that

we can do to help someone else

that matters

you don’t have to spend money

or even give all your time,

you just need to act

in a good and kind nature

with a heart full of gratitude

with love and sincerity




Written for kate’s friday fun – sayings

What If

what if you don’t have a photograph of me
will you still see the life we had so much of yet so little?

will you still feel the emotions running through the creases on my forehead as I smile?

will you remember how I open myself to you every day, a subtle invitation to join me as we journey through life?

will you remember how my eyes shine in great joy as I watch nature and the people around loving life?

will a photograph be enough to transport you back in time, when the world was ours to love and behold?


( The image shows an old-fashioned camera resting on a faded map. There are three photos in sepia print next to the camera)

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Come, Sit With Me (my princess)


come sit with me

let’s talk about

how things used to be

when the world was better

and things were nicer

when a walk in the beach

alongside a crowd

was full of fun

bumping at each other

making new friends

along the way

when watching

the sunset

was so much joy

while arguing as who

had the best shot

or who captured

the raging red-orange color

transitioned into a soft

pale yellow hue

as the sky awaits

for night

to take over

and when darkness

sweep over

I’d lay my head on your shoulder

as we watch the world in

beautiful, complete chaos

the waves came crashing

the wind is blowing




into a goodnight sleep




I bet this is how my afternoon conversation with my father be like, if he is still alive, with the current pandemic. He will remind me of how we would hurry down the beach (in Boracay, we spent so many summers there) just to witness the crowd gathered waiting for the sunset. We had by then the traditional camera, each of us will try our luck for one best sunset shot which we will only get to see the following day because we need to bring it to the shop for printing purposes.





(Sunset in Bali, December 2019)


For Kate’s Friday fun – crowd

Quirky (three poems)


          (My lovely quirky girls)

she is unusual and unexpected
in ways that may surprise you
or worst worries you

for that, you call her quirky

but her weirdness is her best asset
she stands out from the crowd
she is inspiring and memorable

still, you call her quirky

she is indeed quirky for
she is interesting and unique
in a most adorable way


She is not your average girl
Not even by far close to normal
She’s off-kilter
Her smile though
Is romantic
Promising and charming
It wrinkles up her face
And when it’s gone
You knew its hidden somewhere
You alone can find

She is not your average girl
Not even by far close to normal
She’s off-kilter
Her heart though
Is affectionate
Amiable but ambitious
It makes her vulnerable
And when she’s weak
You knew it’s her strength
You alone bring out the hero in her

Oh, how you love her just perfectly.


She doesn’t don’t know how to act
but with a sense of urgency

She doesn’t know how to care
without thinking too much and feeling too much

She doesn’t know how to be quiet and sit still and allow her mind to settle

She is always asking, experiencing, struggling and finding meaning

She is passionate and misunderstood of being finicky rather than simply striving for excellence

She is an artist, deep, creative
And not your average girl

For Kate’s Friday fun


Surveillance is used by governments for intelligence gathering, prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group or object, or the investigation of crime.
( › wiki).

Surveillance when used properly can really help any government in their crime watch campaign. That’s why it has become mandatory to put up CCTV cameras in most public areas and even owners of private homes and businesses have also invested in this. Lately, the use of drones for surveillance has also been utilized.

But do you know that in the Philippines, there is an emerging culture of so-called “human CCTV’s”? where some people are actually spreading news/stories (regardless of true or not) as if they have witnessed it first hand like a CCTV camera.

Its origin can be traced back to the culture of gossip in the Philippines.

Gossip Culture, the “spice of life” among Filipinos. The dictionary defines gossip or “tsismis” in the Philippines as idle talk or rumor, about the personal or private affairs of others. And the act of gossiping is known as dishing or tattling. Filipinos’ fascination with idle talk dates back to the pre-Spanish period.

This usually involves middle-aged married women (although this is now also being observed among the Filipino youths) living in the villages, who after their husbands left for work would gather around outside their homes and ditch out some dirty little gossips around the village. They would gather around and kick off their conversation with “anong bagong tsismis”? (what’s the new gossip?). Stories can range from a simple who is new in the village to a cheating husband/wife. Even so, these women seemed to be so sure about everything.

There is a local TV/Radio program in Manila with a format of helping people solve their problems from the simple ones to the most complex. The program has complainants whom they would put on the air and then calls the other party being accused of a certain irregularity or crime. Then the host, along with his team would make an effort to pacify both parties. They have helped many Filipinos especially the ones who can’t afford to pay for legal services. The program has become so popular that lately even wives complaining about their husbands cheating or having an affair have appeared in this program.

It was in this radio program that I first heard of the term “human CCTV”; at times when the complainant would bring in friends or neighbors to back them up with their claims. These neighbors and friends would tell their versions of the story as if they were really present or have witnessed it first hand. From then on, the host calls these friends/neighbors as “human CCTV’s”.

For some of the viewers and followers of the program, these so-called “human CCTV’s” are merely the ones who heard the story from another which was passed on by another person, which later on would result in a chain of hearsays (though not always the case).
Gossiping can be very damaging to one’s credibility and character; but even then and despite this awareness, some people still really love to gossip. And if we look closely at these gossipmongers or tsismosas, we would notice one common denominator – they are mostly full of insecurities.
Can insecurity triggers gossip? The answer is yes. Why? ” People who talk just to fill in the silence, talk constantly about themselves, or talk even when others are noticeably bored, are often desperate to be noticed.  A secure person is not threatened by silence and doesn’t mind actively listening to others instead. A secure person doesn’t feel the need to spread rumors for attention or to backstab someone, and would rather spend their energies on something positive and uplifting.”
(Trudy Adams, 10 Signs of Insecurity)

So the next time you open your mouth and say something about someone, think about this: why are you doing it? Will it be for the common good? Or you are just simply channeling away your insecurity? You may not want to admit it but that could be true. Maybe that person has something that you don’t have or you have been dying to have, but you can’t.

Gossip can and may come in many forms. Think about its effect or repercussions before you do it. Or, maybe you just can’t stand the fact that that person is a lot better than you are.
They say, “We hate the things that we don’t have” and that hate could result in gossip.

 Untitled (tanaga)


ang aga mong maglibot
ikaw ay isang salot
pighati iyong dulot
tsismosa kang may hugot


English Translation

it’s too soon to wander
you are like a plague
bringing sorrow and heartache
gossipmonger,  that’s what you are.


In response to the above photo challenge of Sadje

That photo reminds me of those village women who eagerly wait for their husbands to leave for work so that they can start with their gossip spree

As men/husbands joyfully leave early morning for work with the hope of providing a better quality of life for their family, women/wives on the other hand eagerly await for them to leave and begin their own daily routine of potentially destroying another human being.

Written for kate’s Friday fun
Tanaga, a Filipino form of poetry with 4 lines and with 7 syllables each. The rhyming scheme could be AAAA


Snowheart eto na ang unang tanaga ko sana maayos ang tagalog ko

I have been wanting to write this one; but as soon as i saw Gina’s   Tanaga i thought, I am a Fililipo i should be writing this

To All The Prompts I Love (With a Dash of Covid on Top)

Day 25 NaPoWriMo

Because it’s a Saturday, I have an (optional) prompt for you that takes a little time to work through — although you can certainly take short-cuts through it, if you like! The prompt, which you can find in its entirety here, was developed by the poet and teacher Hoa Nguyen, who asks you to use a long poem by James Schuyler as a guidepost for your poem. (You may remember James Schuyler from our poetry resource for Day 2.) This is a prompt that allows you to sink deeply into another poet’s work, as well as your own.


My phone vibrates as it usually does first wake up call at bay
Morning sunlight giving the first strong rays of the day
The first “good morning” came in along with my sip of coffee blend
Damn! it’s actually hot, “oh, dear Cappucino are you a foe or a friend?”
My dearest phone is at its prime, in the morning
Another message just in “how are you with COVID coping?”
How do we suppose to answer such a question without knowing?
“How are you?” an old friend pops in with strings of messages
“You surprise me” I butt in, “how long has it been?”, I’m speechless
Strings of conversations go on  and on
Until one says “be back when I am done”
Opps, I almost forget about my coffee on the tabletop
Damn, now it’s cold I just need to make a new cup
Another cup, another stop of what’s supposed to be
This morning I have so much to do, I will be busy as a bee
It’s day twenty  -five for NaPoWriMo and the prompt is making me crazy
Rhyming words alone is insane much more having prompts daily
I don’t know what’s with me on that April fool’s day
I write my first poem to commence, I say
My first attempt on the annual “30 days, 30 poems”, I am competitive
A challenge for the brilliant and smart, or just simply creative
“What do you see?” by the lovely Sadje is another prompt
That’s every Monday I stop by and make a duet as I stomp
Calmkate’s Friday fun is witty and indeed fun to  write
That is every Friday, ‘though time zone difference is at sight
Maria, Jade, and Rosema are three brilliant
Instagram is making a cross over through these poets
Truth must I tell, fun in writing challenges is nothing
In comparison to the lessons and discoveries, I am learning
I am on my second cup and yet again, no longer hot
As I want my coffee to be, but write I must or I’ll forget
What my heart and thoughts say, I don’t want to skip
For every challenge, I write is every bleeding pain I keep
These and many more are just distractions of the real score
That my daily grind appears worse than anything in store
As COVID 19 worsen everywhere around the globe
Whatever happens to the world we so long dearly love?
Another point to ponder as I scribble with my pen I wonder
When will this ever end, and be in loving arms with each other?



I mentioned the following:

Jade of

Rosema of

Maria of
Calmkate of Kates Friday fun -sailing
Sadje of

Thank You, Girls

NaPoWriMo Day 20

Today, in gratitude for making it to Day 20, our (optional) prompt asks you to write a poem about a handmade or homemade gift that you have received. It could be a friendship bracelet made for you by a grade-school classmate, an itchy sweater from your Aunt Louisa, a plateful of cinnamon toast from your grandmother, a mix-tape from an old girlfriend. And whatever gift you choose, we wish you happy writing!



(the Christmas puzzle my 3rd daughter Allana made when she was 11)


you were eleven when you made this
a Christmas gift from you for me
you were excited and gave it with a kiss
‘Twas the sweetest gesture, we all agree


“Open it, open it”, you were screaming with glee
I tore open the box, I was surprised
inside were pieces of colorful puzzles I see
“let’s put them together”, you were amused


you creatively made a piece of the puzzle
for each of us, mom and dad
your two big sisters and our then little girl
‘Twas by far the best gift I ever had


six years after and you are now eighteen
beautiful, smart, intelligent you have become
but I will never forget that eleven year old then
the sweetest and kindest little girl at home



As the lockdown continues my new normal now is remembering all the simple little things that my daughters did when they where little kids this is mine now. Linking to Kate’s Friday fun -now

(a mother’s day surprise from the girls 10 years ago)

(random gift from them too)

(Allana’s sketch I used in one of my poems)


(Allana’ first attempt on poetry at 9 years old)


(Alyssa’s first poetry attempt at 12 years old)


(My eldest daughter’s high school graduation thank you letter)


(Pat’s first attempt on photography at 14)

Mich - 1 (1)

(The first-ever photo of them published in WP through Kate’s interview)