Rest Now, My Friend

and so, life indeed is full of surprisessuch as when you could carry on smiling while I was in tearsyour positive energy was remarkable, I swearyour smiles were authentic, crystal clearand for that “cheerful” could be your first name and I don’t know how you did it over the yearsyou created a bubble, life, freeContinue reading “Rest Now, My Friend”

I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know

nothing beats the painof you leavingand me grievingwithout knowing whywhy? because you leftyou simply walked awayno wordsno goodbyesnothing at alland it hurtsi wanted to curse youhate you, and be mad at youdamn it! didn’t i deserve to know?didn’t i deserve to walk you through,all through the days of your painof your agony and of yourContinue reading “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know”

How Lonely Can You Be?

  Second in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem” Fly Me To The Moon – Frank SinatraRequest sent in via IG by the lovely @manahil_mansha, to cheeer up her dearest friend How Lonely Can You Be? it has been cold and lonely,how lonely can it be?how lonely can youContinue reading “How Lonely Can You Be?”