Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

i was a child of lies and compromises
i was a child of  disputes and pretenses
they say i was doomed from the start
broken before even i become whole.

i was a child of maybe’s and differences
i was a child of what if’s and controversies
they say i was a disaster in the making
condemned even before born.

they say it made me stronger
they say it made me braver
but i was a child
i don’t need to be strong
i don’t need to be brave.

a child i was
i need to  have a playground
i need to be in a safe haven
the womb was not even my haven.

it didn’t matter though
even if i didn’t have a playground
even it i didn’t have a safe haven
for true enough i am stonger, braver.

but if there is any a great woman that i am
is gravely afraid of that is the completely
abandoned and forsaken child version of me
in need of a playground, in need of a safe haven.

damn! finding haven
is the hardest scavenger hunt.

A single line prompt for this week by Reena:

“The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.”


they come in many forms
for the little ones
it could be the famous
Casper, the friendly ghost
for the adults and the believers
of life after death
it could be their friends or loved ones
visiting them after deaths
and for the joyful and adventurous ones
it could be just another spooky Halloween tale
but little do we know, or little do we recognize
the ghost that truly haunts us down
for some, it could be a childhood experience
of losing a loved one early on in life
for others, it could be a terrible heartbreak
of losing “the love of your life” for the first time
but for the silent majority
it could be a one-time big-time trauma
haunting them down as they sleep at night
for years and years and years
and that no matter what they do
it keeps coming back
as what most ghostly appearances do
it appears anytime, anywhere
uninvited, unsolicited
more so, in the darkest hour of the night
even in the silence of their dreams
and in the comfort of their
wildest, most brilliant creative imagination
it appears




until it’s gone
for just a moment