Barong Tagalog (a repost)

I heard the news of you leaving as someone from the other line was sobbing, crying, weeping. “He’s gone”, was all I can hear. I wept, I cried ’till I can’t cry anymore.

It was a warm summer morning.

You left without saying goodbye. Without notice. It broke my heart in pieces, I could die.

I told myself I’ll never go far away from you again, but what’s the point?

I was wounded, helpless, and even when far away an interrupted cry could be heard as I lament in desperation.

Distance is killing me.

The sun was shining but the rain came pouring when I flew back home to bid my goodbye.

You were smiling. You felt rested. And you look handsome as ever. I smiled back looking at you as I said “your barong Tagalog looks perfect on you”. I blew you a kiss like I used to.

I was ushered away, away from your side.






Note:  The Barong Tagalog, more commonly known as simply barong (and occasionally called baro), is an embroidered formal shirt and considered the national dress of the Philippines.
In Filipino culture it is a common formal attire


I am reposting this for Eugi’s prompt -Summer



Renewal and Goodbye (Two Poems)


Day 30 NaPoWriMo

Our final (optional) prompt! In some past years, I’ve challenged you to write a poem of farewell for our thirtieth day, but this year, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something that returns. For, just as the swallows come back to Capistrano each year, NaPoWriMo and GloPoWriMo will ride again!And last, but not least, our final (optional) prompt! In some past years, I’ve challenged you to write a poem of farewell for our thirtieth day, but this year, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something that returns.
NaPoWriMo and GloPoWriMo will ride again!




overwhelmed by the people and world around

flabbergasted by so many things, you are drowned

for a while, you lost, a sense of yourself

your undeniably great, but thyself

for so long you have the best interest of others

for so long you have loved and made wonders

you dismiss from your mind the love for oneself

is far more important, so be stealth

it didn’t take long though, to become fully aware

and bounce back, back to your old self, never be scare

some things don’t last no matter how

some people just come and go somehow

it took you just one moment

one moment of truth…

one moment of courage …

one moment of tenacity…

and one moment of strength…

to welcome 

new challenges and a new view

and the new and renewed you



And because it’s my first year to join the annual NaPoWriMo, I say my thank you and goodbye the old poetic fashion way…




I didn’t think 

I’d make it this far

but you never know 

unless you try

try, I did regardless of 

and no matter what

the struggle is over

the battle is done

I rest my case

my heartaches

my mind cries

my body sobs

to say I will miss

is an understatement

a part of me dies

and I just can’t let go

a bittersweet ending

of a once beautiful thing

goodbye to the one 

that keeps me company

farewell, until then

who knows if there will be

for now, I take my hats off

I bid you adieu

I will miss you

my daily prompts

A Stolen Goodbye

Day 13 NaPoWriMo

Today, I challenge you to write a non-apology for the things you’ve stolen.

For this prompt, I am writing this for my dad who passed away many years ago. He left. I never had the chance to say goodbye. He left. And I didn’t give him the chance to say goodbye either.  A stolen moment of a good goodbye.

braving through the rain
on a windy morning
struggling in vain
only to see you gazing

running through the stairs
as I gasp for air
wishing you’d be there
with a smile to spare

entering a crowded room
my body began to shiver
looking for your face I roam
you’re there no more, I wonder

gushing through a deep sigh
truth began to unravel
knowing you’re not there, I cry
deep inside I die, as I travel

longing for one, just one day
can I have a moment, to give back
what I have stolen on that early May
a chance to bid goodbye, dad

still waiting…




Linking to Kate’s

Waiting for the lockdown to be over has made me discovered the joys of being alone; it entails a lot of good things than bad. So instead of wallowing over the pain of being alone, allow me to celebrate with you the joys of being alone.

1.The joy of Solitude

Being alone allows me to be by myself where my thoughts are my only companion.
We need a moment to reconnect deeply again into ourselves, listen carefully again into our inner thoughts, and touch tenderly back our souls. We travel more when we are alone because we reflect more. It is also the time when we began to realize that we can actually survive alone: alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders.

It will also be a time to celebrate the good in others, speak only for words of kindness and walk with the knowledge that though you are physically alone at the moment, some accompany you in their thoughts… you are not alone after all.


2. The joy of “Slowing Down”

We all know that life is not a race, nor some sort of a game. Being alone allows us to slow down and enjoy the little things around us- the coffee your drinking, the cute little nails that you have, the color of your skin, the blessings that you have: these will bring you the greatest of all joys and smiles because being alive should never be enough to make you happy. You need to slow down and detach yourself from all sorts of distractions and that can only happen when you are alone.


3. The joy of “Saving Money”

You see when you are alone you save a lot of money. For one being alone is a lot cheaper than spending time with others. You can just literally sit down and do just close to nothing. You can enjoy imagining things around you. When you are with other people at some point you will be spending money. Spend some time alone with yourself every now and then and you will eventually realize how much money you have actually saved.


4. The joy of “Simple life”

We might have already forgotten the beautiful scent of the sheets we slept in at night because we are too busy catching up on the day’s events and activities. Being alone will make us appreciate this and other simple joys life has to offer.


5. The joy of “Not hearing/listening to unnecessary information”

Let’s admit it, when we are with other people we tend to either talk or hear about things that aren’t really necessary in life. Some of our friends may be the ones unintentionally feeding us information that may directly or indirectly affect our sense of well being. And so being alone sometimes may unclutter our minds from all those unnecessary information that has been in store

6. The joy of “Staying more focused”

We have to remember that as human beings we should not only be focusing on completing certain tasks or certain goals. We need to focus more on ourselves. With the advent of technology, we have forgotten who we really are and what we are living for. Very few individuals are capable of understanding themselves as individuals  – most of us simply behave without understanding who we really are. Understanding oneself will only happen if we spend some time alone focusing on ourselves and our thoughts.

I Know I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye-poem

I know I didn’t get to say goodbye

The least you want to even hear

You needed badly my hellos

Of the visits, I missed the most.

I know I didn’t get to say goodbye

But let me just come in for once

Let me have a moment with you

We’ll make it worth, I swear to you

I know I didn’t get to say goodbye

That’s why you left without waiting

Without a trail of not knowing why

You’re gone, without goodbye too

Where are you now?

That, I will never sure know

But please let me take a look

Of how life has become since you left

Without a single trace of goodbye.


Inspiration prompted by the poem “I am Willing” of Gina

Posted for Willow Poetry



Star -Crossed Love (inverted etheree)

Star – Crossed Love (inverted etheree)

Just when you thought you know how the world is
to two star-crossed lovers victims of  circumstances and bad choices
you believed you feel their pain
and the silent screaming
without words, you hear
you never know
up and till
you are



A continuation of my eavesdropping (again) over a couple seated next to me in the plane on my flight back home from a recent trip abroad.

How Do I Say Goodbye?



I took the plane with you, our
hands joined together when you ask
I wanna know how can something
so wrong feels so right all along?
and when does love so true
never actually was meant to be?
Will someone please let me know.

Chorus I:

So I say just love me and make me smile
‘Cos baby that’s all I need for a while.
Please help me make it through…


The plane is on its final descent now,
Will this be then our last goodbye?
And soon it will be taxing
we will part ways, that’s for sure
But I still wanna know how do I say
my final goodbye?
Will someone please let me know.

Chorus II:

So I say just love me now and make me smile
‘Cos baby that’s all I need for a while
Please help me make it through.



Baby help me make it through
As I walk home alone without you…





I was seated next to a lovely couple on a plane during my recent trip abroad. Little did I know that this lovely couple will teach me one lesson in life that we thought we all know but actually really don’t: that is -love really knows no bounds.
My heart truly bleeds as I silently watched them say their final goodbye.
A teardrop as I saw them kissed their probably last kiss.


I can’t think of a better way to discuss this anxious feeling than in long ranting…..(if this is a rant)…let me say for the record that i am not in any way sad, lonely or troubled. 

Lately i have been witnessing so many deaths within our circle of friends. 

My father died….i never even had the chance to say goodbye.

My brother died…i never even had the chance to say goodbye too.

My father – in – law died…that time i was there beside him…..Ahhhh the irony of life…

Goodbyes are as much as part of our lives as the seasons of the year.  The story of gain and loss, of joy and sorrow, of life and death, of union and separation, is inside each of us.  The cycle begins at birth when we were broken loose from our mother’s womb. The cycle continues throughout our lives. 

Whoever has not said farewell to someone and felt a great heartache and a deep sadness, wanting to stop the process and wondering when the ache inside would ever leave?  Many years ago i remembered saying goodbye to my father who came to visit us. …that last little space when an onrush of sadness suddenly wells up and causes a great inadequacy of expression.  Dad turned and hugged me. Then he looked at me with a tear prompting to drop in his eyes and painfully said..” i will miss you..”…..It was his last goodbye.

Do we ever get used to saying goodbye? Or should we? I think not. Saying goodbye helps us to experience the depths of our human condition. It leads us to a much deeper understanding of what it means to live life in its mystery and wholeness. we ought not to be afraid of partings that life asks of us.  Nor ought we have to hold back in giving ourselves fully to love, to the wonderful growth opportunities of investing ourselves in people and events.

       days are long,

      weeks pass by…

     clock ticks faster…

     this time ever…

      goodbye, we say..

      with hope someday soon

      we’ll meet ever again…..

P.S  a random rant about parting…ranting for no particular reason…