Picnic -Haibun

It’s the world-famous beach. White sand and crystal clear water. We run, we stroll, we jump, we crawl. We eat. We laugh. We watch….the sun sets perfectly along the horizon Raindrops on the beach Waves splashing on the seashore Summer rain falling   Gina hosts a picnic haibun at¬†dVerse¬†https://dversepoets.com/2019/04/29/haibun-monday-that-picnic/   P.S. My first attempt forContinue reading “Picnic -Haibun”


I am no angel; I am no saint. But you made me wanna be one. I am best at words; worst at logic. But you made me wanna learn. You are antithetical of me. A rundown of what I loath. You give me tough love. Expressed sternly. But as one we loved, A love thatContinue reading “Antithesis”