Moonlight Slow Dance

  our eyes met we gazed longer   my heartbeats as yours too   our song playing sweetly as ever   night dimly lit fitful silvery moonlight   we hold hands and slow dance   sailing feels like moonlight slow dance   P.S. The poetic form used is hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, whereContinue reading “Moonlight Slow Dance”

Slow Dance

Day 10 NaPoWriMo Today’s prompt is another one from the archives, first suggested to us by long-time Na/GloPoWriMo participant Vince Gotera. It’s the hay(na)ku). Created by the poet Eileen Tabios and named by Vince, the hay(na)ku is a variant on the haiku. A hay(na)ku consists of a three-line stanza, where the first line has one word, the secondContinue reading “Slow Dance”


FIVE HAIKU POEMS: BRUISED, YET HOPEFUL This poem was a collaboration with Rose of Poet Rummager published on May 4, 2017. I am posting it again because this is one of many haikus I have written and a personal favorite; while at the same time one of the collaborations which really boosted my site. WithinContinue reading “FIVE HAIKU POEMS: BRUISED, YET HOPEFUL”

Little Things (double haiku)

Every little thing you do is what makes me fell so in love with you Oh, where have all those little sweet nothings by now miss them don’t you know? Written for: Friday Foto Fun – Little Things Here is a beautiful song that says.. Little Things (One Direction) Your hand fits in mine like it’sContinue reading “Little Things (double haiku)”

Church -Haiku

The mountains will sing To the church as house of God Where faith is revered.   P.S. A fun art created by my daughter. It’s made of colored sand glued together (like a jiggsaw puzzle) to create a colorful art version of a church.   This is in response to calmkate’s Friday foto fun art.Continue reading “Church -Haiku”