My Unpoetic Poem

My Unpoetic Poem

i could travel to faraway places
i could meet people with different faces
i may look like a teenage lass writing a piece
for trying to rhyme as i seriously cringe

truth is this may sound ridiculous maybe
but baby the world is in chaos and agony
a little something whimsical won’t be corny
to put a smile on your frowning face lately

pandemic has broken our hearts
it has toppled down our souls
as if it’s not enough, Russia has rage a war
or is it Russia really to be blamed by far?

the pains we imposed upon ourselves is even worst
it triggers emotions from beyond and outmost
self inflicted pain as you call it lately
when will it go anyway?

so tell me dear, how do i make you smile
and maybe, just maybe forget for a while
that the price of petroleum has skyrocted
your contemplating a lot and its not bad

you see i’m not really making sense at all
i wanna make you smile a bit please don’t fall
this is not a bait nor a trap or whatsoever
not even giving up my poetic soul for sure

here’s hoping my no nonsence whimsical poem
would make you happy even if you think we are doomed
so do i need to travel to far away places?
and meet people with different faces?

the answer is no ‘cos you to me is enough
to carry on and fight the battle so tough

Just Be Happy

I want the joy that you can see in my smile

 that even when you are miles away

 I’d come alive, in your mind, in your heart

 that you would remember every bit of me

 even when you close your eyes

 I want the bliss that you can hear in my laughter,

 that even when you are in a crowded room

 you’d hear my voice, messing up the lyrics when singing,

telling stories I’ve told over a hundred times

 I want the happiness that you can smell in my perfume

 that even when you are in a place filled

with wonderful aromas and scents

 you’d smell the fragrance I wear when I am with you

 I want the delight that you can savor on my lips

 that even when you are feasting over a delicious meal,

 you’d remember the taste of my lips as we kiss

 tenderly and passionately

 over and over, like it’s our first

 I want the ecstasy that you can feel in my touch

 that even when you are in a respectful

handshake over a business deal

 you’d remember our love whenever

we hold hands, and we embrace

I want you to be happy, no fuss, and no drama

no need for a grandstanding spectacle

just you, being happy,

with me