All Through My Life



Mark my words, these chords I’m playing
All my life, I will be singing
All through bursts of sunshine and rains
All through hurts and through pains
My love will keep burning.

Chorus 1.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I’m with you…oooh


I swear this song I will sing forever
As we grow older and wiser
All through the days of my life
All through the moments in strife
My love will be yours ever.

Chorus 2.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2x)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I believe in you….oooh


Heaven on earth…heaven on earth…
With you….oooh…with you…



A song to brighten up your day. A song that will help you find your “little heaven on earth”; it could be just a simple morning breakfast with your loved ones, a phone call from an old friend, a letter of promotion you never expect, or simply a sweet gentle smile of hello from a stranger.

Amidst all the health scare and crisis, with some main cities already been locked down, find a way to smile, find a way to giggle, find a way to forgive, find a way to laugh, find a way to talk, find a way to make someone happy, find a way to help, find a way to be generous and find a way to love and be loved in return.

Keep safe everyone and happy weekend❤❤❤


(A lovely photograph of my four lovely daughters)


Goodbye Zoe (Poem for Zoe )

I am reblogging this post. Zoe just passed away today after 8 months of fighting for her life she is finally now in heaven.
My daughter and the rest of her friends are saddened by this.

May you watch over us, Zoe…


I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a bestfriend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe.

Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12 year old girl with an ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her situation worsened since then. After several chemotherapy sessions, blood transfusions and other medical procedures; the doctors decided not to go through another surgery anymore.

Currently, Zoe has gone bald. There has been water retention in her body making her look like a pregnant young woman.

I cannot imagine how her family is coping.

As a mom myself i am deeply saddened by this. My daughter and Zoe literally grew up together.

This afternoon my daughter ask me to critic a poem she wrote for Zoe.


No matter what happens
No one will forget you

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