(Photo credit: mine) Each twist in the universe is a new experience, a change in the settings of our lives adapt and live with the change. Adjust our vision to the new pattern of life set before us. For we are, a kaleidoscope world.

Stuck (Etheree)

Stuck In the Middle of Life’s crossroad paths What we missed; must go Least we live in the past And can’t let go; the present Is a must to live and enjoy For nobody gets closer, as future Remains a vision, when we are just stuck.  

Church -Haiku

The mountains will sing To the church as house of God Where faith is revered.   P.S. A fun art created by my daughter. It’s made of colored sand glued together (like a jiggsaw puzzle) to create a colorful art version of a church.   This is in response to calmkate’s Friday foto fun art.Continue reading “Church -Haiku”

Choices (part 2)

Life is not a game of chance, nor a lot of great circumstances. Life is not even a bed of roses, nor a bag of chocolates. Life is indeed a matter of good choices and how to make the best ones.     P.S. My choices in life may have not been really the bestContinue reading “Choices (part 2)”


Some things in life are worth holding on, and some need letting go one is faced with so many options but there are times that not even one is worth the choice you simply must give it up or die holding on and lose it all… or live hating for wanting more…  

Love (an etheree)

    Oh! Dear hear, Me, I cry. Of pain, of hurt. Of sorrow in tight Look around you and see Our world in chaos and fear Oblivion dawned unto me then I beg; love unconditionally Peace begins where selfless love is planted.   P.S. If we can only love unconditionally….then maybe…just maybe…things would beContinue reading “Love (an etheree)”