Tell Me


tell me,

tell me of something,

something I don’t know

or you may be failed 

to make me understand.

how can there be

no words to describe

the hurt,

the pain,

weighted upon 

my shoulders?

yet, I say

with great pride

and gratitude

I am better,


and wiser


the hurt

and amidst 

the pain



We can all be stronger and better despite all the challenges and difficulties we are facing.
Our world is currently on a pandemic because of COVID 19; and aside from that, there are other pressing issues. The ongoing outbreaks of riots in some cities in the US which resulted in damage to properties and physical violence. Some news organizations worldwide have also reported that there is a significant increase in the occurrence of domestic abuse during the lockdown. These are just a few of the many issues/problems our world is currently trying to win. And not to forget our own personal struggles and battles too. It can be very overwhelming but I am confident we will all get through it.

Love in 2017

And even though you hurt me

I would never hurt you

Because your happiness sustains me

Even though my pain sustains you.




Happy new year everyone. May 2017 brings joy, love, prosperity, and peace to all of you.

May we also continue to love even though at times we don’t get to be loved back…that’s how it is… and that’s how it should be.

I didn’t mean to kick the year off with a seemingly sad poem. Nah this is not actually a sad one. It is something that I personally would want myself to be reminded of: to continue to love and care even if we are hurt and torn apart…