I Will Love You Forever, Too (back in Amazon top 100)

Blessed Sunday my dearest friends and poets.
Today is September 5, 2021.
I am so thrilled and grateful to see “I Will Love You Forever, Too” back in Amazon’s TOP 100 BEST SELLER Poetry Book.

Today’s poem is from I Will Love You Forever, Too.

Grateful and Blessed to have all your love and support


waveringly, unsteadily, wobblingly
we flutter, on the ground as we hover around
and circle, and dance, a dance we call love
but you know why I love to flutter,
and hover and dance around with you?
I love the sweet fluttering smiles
I see on your face, an indication that
we flutter on a happy ground,
together let’s flutter,

I Will Love You Forever, Too

Happy and blessed Sunday dear friends and poets.

Sharing with you all some lovely reviews of my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” available for paperback and kindle file in Amazon. (Link in my bio)
“I Will Love You Forever, Too” is a no. 1 New Release in the category Poetry on Love and was in the Top 100 BEST SELLER for four (4) weeks.
As we all take a quiet moment with our families on a blessed Sunday, allow me to say THANK YOU, all again for the love and support.

I Will Love You Forever, Too (Best Seller)

Happy Saturday dear friends and poets. Today’s poem is from my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” available through Amazon for paperback and kindle file. I would like to thank @penzone.publishers for their trust, to @arvientures92 @jeam.precieux
@drkeypoints for writing the lovely foreword.
And to you all THANK YOU, for making it a best seller…🙏🙏🙏

I’ve traveled to many places
wondered and wandered
over life, love
and “what could have been’s”
I was once lost


lost in the wilderness
lost in the crowd
lost in my own pursuits
of “happily -ever- after”
of “dreams-do-come-true”


somewhere along the way
I was stuck, stuck and couldn’t
find my way, navigating was harder than ever
re-routing maybe the only way, but even then
road blocks were heavier, mightier than
any of my will power


somewhere in between
heavy rains and clouded skies,
beyond the horizon just beneath the rainbow
where they say a pot of gold rests, where no man
has ever ventured, I found, not a pot of gold

but, you

and, together we got lost
over gentle kisses and sweet embraces
over smiles and sighs and reliefs
over pieces of thoughtful memories
over love and dreams and plans

oh babe

let’s be lost together, forever