Goodbye Zoe (Poem for Zoe )

Originally posted on michnavs:
I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a bestfriend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe. Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12 year old girl with an ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her…

Hear Me

Hear Me       Hear me as I cry For your sweet agonizing ray Though I beg the sun to shine As you stay by in Oh, the rain came sweeping down As blood oozes Thru my vein, yearning for your Sweet embrace. No, not this time Never my love, For no one isContinue reading “Hear Me”

The Versatile Blogger Award

 The Versatile Blogger Award I’d like to thank Jade for this award..”thanks Jade” You guys know the rules by now, I’m sure—this award asks for seven facts about yourself…let’s get started. I, Mich.. 1. Am a super coffee fan…need i say more? It perks up my day.. 2. Sleeps without a pillow. I dooze offContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

The Rule of Eleven (aka The Blue Sky Tag)

I first read about this from Jade of Jade M. Wong then her site brought me to Rose’s blog, and Rose made it as an “open tag”. As I was about to answer it myself I saw Nj tagging me. So I am taking on both. Rose’s questions:- Describe yourself in ONE word. Romantic WhenContinue reading “The Rule of Eleven (aka The Blue Sky Tag)”

Run Away

Run Away I. I hold on really for so long But that damn feeling, so strong I don’t know why but i tried To run away and hide II. I run my thoughts on you Wishing i’ll get over through But its so hard, really tough You have tied my heart real tight Chorus IContinue reading “Run Away”

All Through My Life

I. Mark my words, these chords I’m playing All my life, I will be singing All through rays of sunshine and rains All through hurts and through pains My love will keep burning. Chorus 1. It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×) ‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth When I’m with you…ooohContinue reading “All Through My Life”

Love in 2017

And even though you hurt me I would never hurt you Because your happiness sustains me Even though my pain sustains you.     P.S. Happy new year everyone. May 2017 brings joy, love, prosperity, and peace to all of you. May we also continue to love even though at times we don’t get toContinue reading “Love in 2017”

Devil in a halo

You call out love; I gave you loath I am kind; I am polite You need affection; I present you with the abomination I give out joy; I give out pleasure You want sympathy; I give you callousness I am nice and I am sweet But I could be your devil in a halo.  Continue reading “Devil in a halo”

Cold Summer Day

Day 7 prompt: Yellow by Cold Play In response to NovemberNotes challenge hosted by SarahDoughty of Heartstring’s Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer   I see you, baby, In cold summer day Wondering how to get you I melted like a dew. The sun shone brightly On your skin, oh so lovely Remembering howContinue reading “Cold Summer Day”