Alone and Happy

I was having coffee at starbucks with my college daughter. I knew she would leave me as soon as she’s done with her coffee to catch up with her morning class. But what i didin’t realize is that she’ d leave sooner than she can finish her food. That’s when reality struck me. I am alone again. Kids are now back to school after a long holiday break. My husband has also gone back to work.

So what good is it in there in being alone? I am listing down some things that made me happy being alone. If you have been following me you knew by now why i am alone at home. For the benefit of those who just came in: i resigned from my academic work long time ago; thus when everyone else is in school or work i am left alone at home.

Being alone entails a lot of good things than bad. So instead of wallowing over the pain of being alone, allow me to celebrate with you the joys of being alone.

1.The joy of Solitude

Being alone allows me to be by myself where my thoughts are my only companion. I restore myself when i am alone.
The chaos of the holiday season can sometimes be overwhelming. So overwhelming that it made us forget our sense of self. At some point our minds are crowded by the presence of friends and relatives who came over to celebrate the holidays with us. Or that we are so happy of the many beautiful gifts we received as christmas presents. Now, we need a break. We need a moment to reconnect back to our ownselves. Look deeply again into ourselves, listen carefully again into our inner thoughts and touch tenderly back our souls. We travel more when we are alone because we reflect more. It is also the time when we begun to realize that we can actually survive alone: alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races, even alone in genders.

It will also be a time to celebrate the good in others, speak only for words of kindness and walk with the knowledge that though you are physically alone at the moment, there are those who accompany you in their thoughts… you are not alone after all.

2. The joy of “Slowing Down”

We all know that life is not a race, nor some sort of a game. Being alone allows us to slow down and enjoy the little things around us- the coffee your drinking, the cute little nails that you have, the color of your skin, the blessings that you have: these will bring you the greatest of all joys and smiles, because being alive should never be enough to make you happy. You need to slow down and detach yourself from all sorts of distractions and that can only happen when you are alone.

3. The joy of “Saving Money”

You see when you are alone you save a lot of money. For one being alone ia a lot cheaper than spending time with others. You can just literally sit down and do just close to nothing. You can enjoy imagining things around you. When you are with other people at some point yoh will be spending money. Spend some time alone with yourself every now and then and yoh will eventually realize how much money you have actually saved.

4. The joy of “Simple life”

We might have already forgotten the beautiful scent of the sheets we slept in at night because we are too busy catching up on the days events and activities. Being alone will make us appreciate this and other simple joys life has to offer.

5. The joy of “Not hearing/listening to unneccessary information”

Let’s admit it, when we are with other people we tend to either talk or hear about things aren’t really necessary in life. Some of our friends maybe the ones unintentionally feeding us information that may directly or i directly affect our sense of well being. And so being alone sometimes may unclutter our minds from all those unnecessary information that has been in stored

6. The joy of “Staying more focused”

We have to remember that as human being we should not only be focusing on completing certain tasks or certain goals. We need to focus more on ourseleves. With the advent of technology we have forgotten who we really are and what we are living for. Very few individuals are capable of understanding themselves as individualsĀ  – most of us simply behave without understanding who we really are. Understanding one self will only happen if we spend some time alone focusing in ourselves and our thoughts.

I know you by name
I know you without shame.
You are beautiful, you are lovely
You are precious, you’re not ugly.

I hear you scream
I hear you yearn.
You are loud, you are sound
You are right, you’re not dumb.

I feel you hold tight
I feel you with might.
You are strong, you are tough
You are sturdy, you’re just enough.

Let me know you again
Let me rediscover what’s hidden inside.


Cheers for the newest and latest “joys” you may find as you spend sometime alone with yourself. Let me know….