Just A Kiss

i’d love to kiss you
on a dark starry night
it would be perfectly romantic

but i guess they were right
that you just need one kiss
anytime, anywhere

one moment, one kiss
to truly know you are love
that you are in love

ours happened one afternoon
unromantic no stars
unpoetic no moon

but love happened
no stars no moon
just a kiss

for Eugi’s https://amanpan.com/eugis-causerie-caress-february-1-2022/

Kiss, poetry written by Michelle Ayon Navajas at Spillwords.com

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Spillwords.com presents: Kiss, poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas, who describes herself as a freelance creative writer and a loving mother …

Source: Kiss, poetry written by Michelle Ayon Navajas at Spillwords.com

Perfect Christmas Kiss

    I like peanut butter; you  prefer mayo

    I eat everything but beef; while you enjoy a meal of steak

            And I like quiet dinner together but you said conversation is what makes it better

I hate cracking jokes but it is your life I guess

            I always ask for direction; finding your  way is your choice

            I like a walk in the mall;  you’d rather run and stroll              

                         while I’m piling on the comforter; you lay there bare in comfort

                         as I read poetry you’d rather watch T.V.

I can’t find you the perfect gift; you never like my choices

on Christmas eve I’d give you the one thing we always agreed upon

a perfect Christmas eve kiss.

Monday Morning Melts #6

Jade: Do you feel it? The beautiful lights, the easy smiles, and the hint of magic in the air that always makes the holiday season one to remember.

Instead of choosing from one of the classic Christmas songs, I’m offering lyrics this week from a song that’s a little quirkier. To everyone still scrambling for that perfect Christmas gift, I hope this song is a reminder that the perfect Christmas gift is something money can never buy.

Happy Holidays to all of you, my dear friends! I wish you all a season of contagious laughter, unconditional love, and magic to last a lifetime.

PROMPT: Humbug – Owl City

I’m ready to wrap that perfect Christmas gift
But I haven’t found it yet
‘Cause I don’t have a clue what to get you
So I’ll give you my heart, I hope it’ll do

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