My Silver and Gold #silver#writephoto



silver and gold

glittering colors of

precious gems

mostly loved

by  women

of grace and power

but what are your silver and gold

in life and in all that you have?

my silver and gold

are the stories I tell

the poetry I write

inspired by nature’s

everlasting beauty and kindness

to humanity as it offers

wondrous gifts of

everlasting and magnificent

sight to behold

my silver and gold

are the people I love

people I care and people

I cherish

they make my life




darkness and loneliness

and the greatest of these silver and gold

is non-other than

to be loved by you










What If

what if you don’t have a photograph of me
will you still see the life we had so much of yet so little?

will you still feel the emotions running through the creases on my forehead as I smile?

will you remember how I open myself to you every day, a subtle invitation to join me as we journey through life?

will you remember how my eyes shine in great joy as I watch nature and the people around loving life?

will a photograph be enough to transport you back in time, when the world was ours to love and behold?


( The image shows an old-fashioned camera resting on a faded map. There are three photos in sepia print next to the camera)

Linking to kate’s Friday fun – what



now that you’ve seen
the worst of me
will you still hold me tight
or let go of me in a sight?

now that you’ve seen
the ugliness in me
will you still keep me warm
in your loving arms?

now that you have seen
the outrage I could make
will you understand
and stay as planned?

you don’t need to answer
your blank stare says it all




what do you see by  Sadje




my life is a climb, the journey
to reach the top wasn’t obviously easy
I trekked some hard trail
and arduous path
there were challenging course
and bumpy roads
at some point, I swore
by my right hand
moving forward
is unforeseen
but I made it to the top actually,
with lips sealed, I said a little prayer
of thank you to God Almighty
the view from the top
is breathtaking
you see everyone below
as little tiny creatures,
like a tiny piece of fish swimming,
or a small bird chirping
they look nice and adorable
and it dawned to me
will it make a difference if
I go back to where I started
and usher them all along with me
or help them get where I am
simply from the top?
Linking also to  with this as NPM prompt 1, use the following words in a poem – fish, hands, lips.

Day 1 of NaPoWriMo – life metaphor


Come Rain and Sunshine


(I am a dark sky without you)


hear me as I cry for your sweet agonizing ray
I beg the sun to shine
as you stay by in time.
oh, the rain came sweeping down
as blood oozes
through my vein
for your
sweet embrace
no, not this time
never my love,
for no one is bound to know
how prepared I can be
when you go
forever will I be doomed

please, don’t
never go
just for a moment

come rain and sunshine
in darkness and in light
all through my life
I will love thee
eternally forever
Now I beg, rain please don’t go!




We remember and pray for all those mourning the demise of a loved one because of COVID 19. We also remember and pray for all those who can’t be with their loved ones in this moment of darkness.

To be alone is sad; to be sick and alone is even devastating

More love on your way guys as we face the current health scare💓💓💓

Stay at home. Stay healthy. And remember in time, we will all be fine again.
Be safe☺

It Feels Like Summer in Winter

it feels like summer in winter
when your lips brushed mine,
softly,  gently, delicately,
like butterfly wings
so sweet and tender

kiss so sweet and tender
brings forth warmth
on a cold lonely winter night

it feels like summer in winter
when you wrap your arms around me
‘Twas like two souls wrapped in arms
a handshake of our loving hearts
so tight and gentle

so tight and gentle
brings fondness
on a cold lonely winter night

it feels like summer in winter
with you in my dreams
each, of my sleeping winter nights


(Can’t wait for a hot summer night with you)

P. S.

Sending more love to everyone. KEEP safe wherever you are ❤❤❤



If I don’t like the way you hold my hand
would I wish for you to hold me again?

If I don’t like the way your lips touches mine, would I let you kiss me again?

If I don’t like the way you caress my hair
would I let you touch it gently?

If I don’t like the way you make me feel
would I let you tease me?

If I don’t like the thought of you
would I ever think about you?

If I don’t like the way you love me
would I love you even more?

If I don’t want to lose you
would I stand bravely in love with you?

Armed with nothing but love
let me stay.



With more cities locked down and more rigid travel bans, we can hold on to nothing but love, love for our family, for our friends and for our significant others who can’t be with us

Keep safe everyone and keep the love❤❤❤


Written for Sadjie’s What Do You See?

My Dearest Muse

how do we promise
over our love, so honest
so pure, so magical
a love that was ours
even before
when the world was yours and mine
and when our words
were the silent
witnesses to a love unspoken
those little pieces of verses
and lines that only makes sense
to you and I
you scribble as I giggle
you give a laugh, so loud
when I sneak in to write
verses I cannot rhyme
will this love be ours
for now and then
will we have more reasons
to laugh and giggle upon
will we finally rhyme
the lines and verses
we argue writing about
will the words finally
have sound and utter
our first I loved you then
and I love you more now?


(Dedicated to all poets 😊😊😊scribbling over a cup of coffee..)

The usually crowded street is now a peaceful sight from a distance

Linking to kate’s Friday fun

Just some random thoughts to brighten up our day amidst all the worries surrounding the current COVID 19 virus, with enormous travel bans, I am sure a lot of us been wondering from a distance (Linking to kate’s Friday fun ) about our love ones either left at home or in a faraway place who can’t travel back home.

So much and so many reasons to be happy and thankful for…

Happy Sunday everyone😊😊😊

All Through My Life



Mark my words, these chords I’m playing
All my life, I will be singing
All through bursts of sunshine and rains
All through hurts and through pains
My love will keep burning.

Chorus 1.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I’m with you…oooh


I swear this song I will sing forever
As we grow older and wiser
All through the days of my life
All through the moments in strife
My love will be yours ever.

Chorus 2.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2x)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I believe in you….oooh


Heaven on earth…heaven on earth…
With you….oooh…with you…



A song to brighten up your day. A song that will help you find your “little heaven on earth”; it could be just a simple morning breakfast with your loved ones, a phone call from an old friend, a letter of promotion you never expect, or simply a sweet gentle smile of hello from a stranger.

Amidst all the health scare and crisis, with some main cities already been locked down, find a way to smile, find a way to giggle, find a way to forgive, find a way to laugh, find a way to talk, find a way to make someone happy, find a way to help, find a way to be generous and find a way to love and be loved in return.

Keep safe everyone and happy weekend❤❤❤


(A lovely photograph of my four lovely daughters)


With a Smile


I never felt
how broken
I was


I saw
your footprints
leaving me
in agony
in hurt
in pain

And in longing

Until then

You remain
my beautiful


And if
you find
your way

I will be right
where you left me

In the shadow of
my life
with every
word I write


Up and until then

I will love you
in the silence
of my heart

In every breath
I take
every word
I write

Until then I will wait, with love, with admiration, and with a smile.


In response to the challenge “What do you see” by Sadjie
I read somewhere that if you leave someone at least tell them why, because what’s more painful than being abandoned; is knowing your not worth an explanation.

Whatever the situation of leaving maybe a little word of why will do great things to somebody behind. Ever wonder why “last will and testament” became very popular? Well, maybe its another way of preparing for and in time of them leaving unannounced. “Living will” is also becoming popular too especially for those with existing chronic disease. These are a list of things they want, should they become so ill that they are not capable of deciding for themselves.

Most often than not separation causes anxiety, heartaches, and pain; but if there is only one consolation the involved parties would have, it is the fact that they know why. So it is important to explain and make them understand.

Young people get themselves in a relationship and just leave without saying a word in the event they feel the need to getaway. Is this good? Maybe yes, maybe not. But this may not be a good sign of growing up and of becoming an adult. It will become a habit. A habit these young kids will bring as they become adults: leaving unannounced, unnoticed.

As far as we all are concern, every person we meet, every circumstance we experience will leave a lasting impression in our hearts and minds, a memory we will always cherish and remember. So at least leave the best memory behind and create a wonderful legacy, so that when you are gone, you will be remembered as one the best things.
You will be remembered with a SMILE😊😊😊 and with love ❤❤❤ and admiration.

One word becomes one great statement and one great statement becomes someone else’s beautiful memory of you.

Believe in the power of words.