Come Rain and Sunshine

(I am a dark sky without you)   hear me as i cry for your sweet agonizing ray i beg the sun to shine as you stay by in thine. oh, rain came weeping down as blood oozes through my vein yearning for your sweet embrace no, not this time never my love, for noContinue reading “Come Rain and Sunshine”

It Feels Like Summer in Winter

it feels like summer in winter when your lips brushed mine, softly,  gently, delicately, like butterfly wings so sweet and tender kiss so sweet and tender brings forth warmth on a cold lonely winter night it feels like summer in winter when you wrap your arms around me ’twas like two souls wrapped in armsContinue reading “It Feels Like Summer in Winter”

My Dearest Muse

how do we promise over a love so honest and so pure a love that was ours even before when the world was yours and mine and when our words were the silent witnesses to a love unspoken those little pieces of verses and lines that only makes sense to you and i you scribbleContinue reading “My Dearest Muse”

All Through My Life

  I. Mark my words, these chords I’m playing All my life, i will be singing All through sunshines and rains All through hurts and through pains My love will keep burning. Chorus 1. It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×) ‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth When I’m with you…oooh II.Continue reading “All Through My Life”

With a Smile

I. I never felt how broken i was Until I saw your foot prints leaving me in agony in hurt in pain And in longing Until then You remain my beautiful poetry II. And if you find your way back I will be right where you left me In the shadow of my life withContinue reading “With a Smile”

Lily, Aphrodite

Kate of Calmkate is up with a new and fun challenge: think of three swirdle words and put them into a poem Here’s my three words: Chillax (chill/relax) Cosplay (costume/play) Shopaholic (shop/alcoholic) Drum roll please……… Here’s my fun poem/verse using these words..     Lily, the shopaholic feeling sad and melancholic gone out and chillax, to say soContinue reading “Lily, Aphrodite”