The Moon and The Stars -Quadrille

I wondered many times as I hide about the stars the moon up in the sky so high flustered at the sight how they filled up the sky Am I a moon or, just one of the stars you keep counting on the sky? Written for D’Verse. WimsyGizmo is hosting Monday Quadrille at D’Verse Poets.Continue reading “The Moon and The Stars -Quadrille”

Helen of Troy

If silence has a voice It could have screamed A million little cries And if Helen of Troy had a choice She would have made a statement When she was stripped down and displayed For men of war to choose Kidnapped by Paris, or did she willingly escape? If words are wounded It could haveContinue reading “Helen of Troy”


(Photo credit: mine) Each twist in the universe is a new experience, a change in the settings of our lives adapt and live with the change. Adjust our vision to the new pattern of life set before us. For we are, a kaleidoscope world.

Stuck (Etheree)

Stuck In the Middle of Life’s crossroad paths What we missed; must go Least we live in the past And can’t let go; the present Is a must to live and enjoy For nobody gets closer, as future Remains a vision, when we are just stuck.  

My (unusual) Poem

           My (unusual) Poem   My poems are not poetical So they cannot be magical. I write them in the afternoon Unpoetic time no stars no moon. I seldom use figures of speech My words within a grade five’s reach. My inspiration, not love But a flying dove. My poems areContinue reading “My (unusual) Poem”

Hush Now

Keep still amidst chaos and turmoil all through the roaring thunder and all through the rising tide rest your weary heart like an ocean easing up after a storm hush now.

Colors (haiku)

  Far away from you Is to be blue my dearest I wait; purple heart . Stunning photos of my garden back home; they have survived the current storm. In response to CalmKate’s Friday Foto Fun:  


Thanks to my daughter Pat for this beautiful photo~~~ ~My dearest~ I am but a shadow in the dark Slowly coming out Gently whispering Unto your tormented soul… “Its gonna be alright” ~Dad~