Longing for You

‘Twas like nightmares
trying to scream
and nothing comes out
no matter how hard
you try

‘Twas like drowning
to breath
and you can’t
simply can’t

‘Twas like missing a step
your foot is suspended
in air, you know
it should felt
solid ground

but you
have no idea
what’s happening
if you ever feel the solid ground again
or you’ll just fall forever
longing just to be near you feels like that

(my soul is an empty road without you)


This week’s World of Words prompt, “kahidlaw”, a Bisaya word which means “deep longing”.
Every week, Rosemarie (of A Reading Writer), Maria (of Doodle Scribbles), and Jade will post a word from a different country. world.https://jademwong.wordpress.com/2020/03/23/poetry-reunion/
The current virus scare has left most of us locked down at home. But sadly, it has also left some families apart too.

Most of us if not all miss home; but most of those at home miss the world outside.

Sending more love guys 💗💗💗

Broken (inverted etheree)

You hit me the hardest, wounded deeply
Break my soul and destroy my spirit
Crushed me down and left me bleeding
Why do you love me so much?
And treat me so damn kind?
Yet, breaks my being
Tear me apart?
Why do I
Love you


That Summer Morning

On a cold summer morning

I got my phone ringing.

Thinking it was a prank

I ignored and stared at a blank.

A return call message I received

I dialed, hoping I am not deceived.

I heard someone on the other line

Sobbing, crying, weeping.

“He’s gone”, was all I can hear

I wept, I cried ’till I can’t bear.

‘Twas that summer morning

I heard the news of you leaving.

You left without saying goodbye

It broke my heart in pieces, I could die.

The sun was shining

But the rain came pouring.

Every drop of the rain

Is every drop of my pain.

Will someone wakes me up

“You’re dreaming, get up”.

But reality holds true

You’re gone, didn’t know what to do.

Today I woke up with a raindrop falling

A reminder of how much I am longing.

For I remembered, every drop of the rain

Is every drop of my pain.

It’s been seven years dad

And I still felt bad.

On that cold summer morning

You left me while it was raining.

I miss you dad, please come back.



The day I started my summer rain theme, was the same day I didn’t know what to write, and the very same day the first heavy summer rain fell.
As the rain came pouring, I kept writing.
Its been a month though.
You all enjoyed my summer rain theme as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Little did I know that this is not just simply about inspiration to write..or a spike for my stats…or a way to touch your hearts.

Today I woke up with a promise I’d move on to another theme.

But then I opened my window curtain and saw the raindrops falling.

And it hit me…

On this very same occasion seven years ago as I opened my window curtain looking at the summer rain falling, that I was told my dad, passed away.

Now I understand where my “summer rain” theme came all the way.

Thanks, Dad you never left me all along.

You lead me to this day. On your death anniversary. As I write each poem. I poured out every single emotion there was in me. That today, I felt a lot better. Better than those early years you were gone.

Thanks, Dad… you truly are amazing..even when you are gone!!!