what does your “how are you?” really means
I could take on the basic route and say
“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”
or I could break it down to
how bad my day went
with work messing up
with my stress level
at the highest peak


I could maybe tell you I’m not really well
and that I probably needed some rest
oh, well I am not sure if that’s
what you want to hear
I really am not sure
but yeah, I’m fine
I always am

what does your “hey, just dropping by” means?
I could take it easy and say
“by all means come in”
or I could break it down to
details and say,
a visit with some lovely good food
would be much appreciated
or maybe you can stay a bit longer this time
watch some movies, or simply
join me as I scribble over sweet nothings


maybe I could say, nahh
I’m really not in the mood for
social interactions right now
I just needed to be alone, be alone
with my thoughts, with my heart, with my soul
oh, well I am not really sure if that’s
what you want to hear, but please
come in by all means

and hey,

have you ever wondered what my
“how are you?” means, or what
“just dropping by” for me is?

it means

a million over “I love you”
a million over “I miss you”

how long has it been? I can’t remember
I only have my memories of you,
of you and your “how are you?”
and “just dropping by”

Crimson Sky

“I remember you” is so lame
“I think of you” is just an


I did not just remember you
nor did I just think of you


I long for you.
is that an understatement still?
it could be.

last night,

oh, last night
I saw you, under the moonlight
just beneath the horizon
where the earth separates
from the sky
standing tall and charming

now, that’s pure fantasy.
maybe it is, but babe, I saw you,
I swear I did.
How could I be wrong?
It was you.
I hear you.
I feel you.


As I scribble to get this to you

here’s hoping that we were looking
at the same crimson sky last night
with our silent whispers suspended
in the air, “never let go.”

I hope you saw me too.


I am the placid water in the lake
quiet, calm, still, and tranquil
I admire the beauty of the moonlight
carefully gazing upon the earth
bringing magic,
to the even-tempered night

I am the soft wind that blows perfectly
upon the meadows,
where birds could hover freely watching
butterflies transfer pollen grains
from flower to flower

I am the placid water and the soft wind
and I love, I love you; a love that is quiet and calm, still and tranquil
I love, I love you; a soft love
and perfect, gentle, and free

above all

I am the clock that
strikes midnight, where I could be
in the silence of your dreams
in the comfort of your memory


I love you, a love
where tranquility resides
and peace is abundant


Two Poems

Poem #1 – Alone and Lonely

alone and lonely, that has become of you

tired and desolate, after a life so great

a life of wonderful glorious moments

and magnificent past

in old age, you  look back of

what went wrong, and what have

you missed, so, upon this bench

you recollect, the good and the bad;

the best and the worst

 “is it too late, to start over?”

is all that you can ponder

hold on to the good

and let go of the bad

remember the best

and forget the worst

for in life it’s never too, too late

to start over, over again

so, upon this bench you reminisce

only the good, and only the best

and upon this bench you promise

you promise to never,

old age bring you down

Poem #2 – Death

sing me no sad song my dear

cry me no tears,

fear no more



hum me a melody, a melody

I so long to hear,

and remember, remember me

upon this bench,

this park

I vowed, I promised

with your song as the witness

your melody as our guest

and your instrument as our company

to love you and to hold

‘till death do us part


oh, death indeed

torn us apart

For Sadje’s WDY https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/05/31/what-do-you-see-84-may-31st-2021/


I started with just one poem (poem #1 – Alone and Lonely) and when I was about to hit “publish” my romantic muse just got my way, and another poem was conceived (poem #2 – Death)

Which one is your favorite?

Just Be Happy

I want the joy that you can see in my smile

 that even when you are miles away

 I’d come alive, in your mind, in your heart

 that you would remember every bit of me

 even when you close your eyes

 I want the bliss that you can hear in my laughter,

 that even when you are in a crowded room

 you’d hear my voice, messing up the lyrics when singing,

telling stories I’ve told over a hundred times

 I want the happiness that you can smell in my perfume

 that even when you are in a place filled

with wonderful aromas and scents

 you’d smell the fragrance I wear when I am with you

 I want the delight that you can savor on my lips

 that even when you are feasting over a delicious meal,

 you’d remember the taste of my lips as we kiss

 tenderly and passionately

 over and over, like it’s our first

 I want the ecstasy that you can feel in my touch

 that even when you are in a respectful

handshake over a business deal

 you’d remember our love whenever

we hold hands, and we embrace

I want you to be happy, no fuss, and no drama

no need for a grandstanding spectacle

just you, being happy,

with me

When Love Is True

when love is true, it endures time passing by
even years won’t make you forget
it only grows, better and grander
but it never dies

yes, even after all the twists and turns
the crazy crossroads and junctions
the days, and weeks, and months and even years apart
we keep coming back to the day, the very same day
we held hands for the first time and kissed our first kiss

so, I guess it’s really you and me
for why else would the universe conspire
for our stars to collide, hitting the same spot
side by side, all this time? with a chance to whisper
to each other love, in a language, many would not understand,
only hearts like ours, hearts that love all this time

then, in the stillness of the night, we partake in the same love
a love that is quiet, serene, peaceful, and in perfect solitude
after all, that is the love we shared, embedded somewhere
in between our demanding, challenging, and perplexing lives
in which we find respite, as we lay in bed and close our eyes

for, our love is as quiet as the deep blue sea,
as resilient as the big, huge waves, that keep coming back
to the uncertainties and ambiguities of the ocean so wide
our love is patient and gentle and brings forth
kindness and joy to people around us

our love never ends, while everything else has faded out,
rusted away, been eaten up, our love sustained.

NaPoWriMo Day 30

National Poetry Month is over, and I wanna thank you all for reading, commenting, and leaving a heart to all of my poems for the past 30 days.
It was a wonderful month-long daily poetry writing and I had a blast.

Thank you all so much and until next year…

That’s Exactly How Much I Love You

that 1 am musing
that early morning write
that crazy over the top
out of this world idea

that compelling novel
with characters and plot
so intriguing,
you can’t stop reading

that gripping moment
so interesting, so exciting
it completely holds
your attention

that 1 am musing,
that compelling novel,
that gripping moment,

that’s exactly how much I love you


how playful can I go
to manifest my love for you?
will being naughty be enough?
or shall I be tamed and subtle maybe?

however it will be, I sure am will be
the greatest love of your life

how playful can I go?
that I would never know
but I sure can be, anything
anything you want me to be

however it will be, I sure am will be
the greatest love of your life


I Am Choosing You

too many choices, too many paths, which way to go

we never know

I’ve traveled to many places and met different faces

some travels made me triumphant,

some made me a failure

some faces brought out the best in me

but some unleashed the beast warrior in me

I’ve fought some battles; some I lost,

some I won

I trust the process, I trust the rhythm of nature and of the universe

I laughed, I cried

I succeeded, but I failed too

but of all the choices I made, of all the paths I took

and of all the places I traveled

faces I met

I’m glad I took the courage to choose

the choice I had to make

take the path I had to take

to travel the place I had to travel

to meet the one I had to keep

I am choosing the road

that leads

to you

I am choosing you

Day 2 Prompt

And now, for today’s (optional) prompt. In the world of well-known poems, maybe there’s no gem quite so hoary as Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has “made all the difference,” and what might have happened had you made a different choice.


what is with your embrace
that I long to have always?
the kind of embrace, I, forever will be reminded
of how love was born between our bleeding souls
your embrace, was my first memory
of how you held me tight,
just as our love was new
when words were not needed,
to manifest love,
to manifest you

what is with your embrace
that I long to have always?
the kind of embrace, I, forever will be
grateful for
for it warmed my heart when things were tough, and the world was rough
your embrace, was my only escape,
when life’s contrasting events
hit me the hardest
when words were not needed
to manifest love
to manifest you

what is with your embrace
that I long to have always?
the kind of embrace, I, tried to resist
but it was so electrifying
that I found myself passionately
returning your affection
I melted into your arms and welcomed
your warm lips that sought mine
when words were not needed
to manifest love
to manifest us

For Kate’s Friday Fun