These Times

These Times

i would never forget the times
i am begging for you to stay
i am grateful for those times
you left me waiting; uncertain
i know how your heart breaks
more than mine
but that taught me
love’s greatest lesson
to look beyond what eyes can see
to feel loved beyond
hugs and kisses and warm embraces
especially at times when you are near me
yet a single glimpse is not possible
these times when love is love
regardless of and no matter what
these times when love is love
even if it felt like a glassful water
splashed, suspended in the air
not knowing when to fall
not knowing how to land
these times.

For Sadje’s WDYS

Groovy Kind of Love

Groovy Kind of Love

’twas a groovy kind of love
what you had with your first love
i would never forget when you said
under the moonlight starry night
he declared his love, so raw
so pure so true so real
what happened after was surreal
you were left struggling in the dark
unsure of what the future would be
what used to be a love so true
was broken, was destroyed
so easily, so hastily
that groovy kind of love
turned out to be a modern twist
of the classic “Romeo and Juliet” tale.



your eyes
are like the sun burning fiercely
ablaze with excitement
whenever you see me smile
whenever you are beside me
and just like what they all say
your love is burning
and i am so burnt up
over you.

so let go of everything
abandon yourself to my love
love me
enjoy me
follow me
lean on me.

we will watch as
the skies set on fire.



we fail to say what we truly want
we say things we never really meant
and in between
there is a lost love
there is a lost chance
there is a broken heart
there is a forgotten promise.

we give up and leave
when we are needed the most
we hold on even when we need to let go
and in between
there is a lost love
there is a lost chance
there is a broken heart
there is a forgotten promise.

goodbye we need to say
as we grow older and needed to leave
and in between goodbyes
there is regret
there is heartache
there is sorrow
there is remorse.

failing to say what we truly want
leaving even when we are needed
bidding goodbye even if we are hurting
these we all need to do
even with the ones we truly love
even with the ones we care.

For David’s Weekley Prompt

With You

With You

i only need a single beam of light
to summon my true courage

from the strongest part of my soul
to open my eyes and see that the road

ahead is brighter despite the challenges
despite the uncertainties

for this is how our broken hearts
will get fixed it is when we embrace

the dark night and stars together that we
see and long for the beauty of sunrise

i see that light i see that beauty in you
and from the bravest part of my heart

i say “i love you” even when our world is
still foggy and dark

i say “i love you” and i’d rather give us a chance even if it is so difficult and so hard

for there is no one else nobody else i’d love to spend my life with in good times and in bad times

but with you.

for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

A Bit of my Heart

A Bit of my Heart

can you hear the voice of my heart?
can you hear its cry and agony?
can you hear it screams your name?
your name. your name.

can you see the face of my heart?
can you see how lonely and empty it is?
can you see it longs for your smile?
your smile. your smile.

can you feel my heart?
can you feel  its sorrow and affliction?
can you feel how it yearns for your touch?
your touch. your touch.

i wonder did you even get to know my heart at all?
did you even get to understand how it beats of a hundred million love for you?
did you even realize how deeply it love you for years and years?

do you know even a bit of my heart?
i bet you don’t that’s why you left
and took on the easy way out.



that mid-afternoon Manila sun
burning down through my soul
that moment you laid
your passionate eyes on me
will forever be kept in my heart
imbedded in my memory’s gallery
with the hope that one day
when our paths intertwined again
you’d choose me
with courage and conviction
with love and devotion
and not because
it is convenient.

for Eugi’s weekly prompt

A Perfect Streak of Love and Destiny/Poetry Reading

A Perfect Streak of Love and Destiny

it’s true then what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but i’ll say it the best way my poet heart
can anyway

i love you, for many wonderful reasons
like when you just look at me with so much admiration
how can i not notice the smile in your eyes
and the joy on your face, and for that you made
me the happiest as always

i love you, for the many times you
make me giggle like a little child getting a hand-made doll
or the way you charm me with your classic
boy-next-door wink
oh, how you make me blush,
my heart skipping a beat

let me pause by saying, of course i don’t forget, we’ve come a long way, my dear
and i swear, the rocky roads and crazy road bumps, we’ve been through
were testaments of true love,
worthy of one great love tale

above all, my love, its true what they say
love knows no boundaries, doesn’t even have an age limit or expiry date, ‘cos trust me when i say, at forty – five, i love you
like i used to love you back in the days
when we were crazy and young and careless

ours, my dear, is a love written in the stars
where the universe conspires
and the Gods and Goddesses unite
to create a perfect story line, a perfect match, a perfect tale
for two imperfect individuals, to love and to hold, ’till death do they part

and so it’s true what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but maybe not, for a poet like me
‘cos i have a hundred million ways to tell you how much i love you

a perfect streak of love and destiny

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it doesn’t have to be roses and chocolates and sparks fly
it doesn’t have to be loud and fabulous and grand standing.

it could be as simple as the humble flying dandelions
it could be as still and steady as the darkest starless night.

it could be an honest conversation of two hearts in perfect sync
it could be a sweet smile and a steady loving gaze in the middle of a crowd.

it could be just simple honest to goodness love
just as how my papa loved my mama dearly.


my guiding light.
my papa’s love.

For Eugi’s



you asked me if I can still take it
if i can still carry on with all the pains
if i tell you i’m tired can you do anything?
can anything be changed?
i guess nothing.

so let the wind blows my pain away
let the dark night swallow my worries
let time take all my heart aches
by then maybe just maybe
i will have the answer to your question.

for now let me love you
no questions asked
no hesitations
no compromises
just love
pure love.