what does your “how are you?” really meansI could take on the basic route and say“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”or I could break it down tohow bad my day wentwith work messing upwith my stress levelat the highest peak and I could maybe tell you I’m not really welland that I probablyContinue reading “Hey”

Crimson Sky

“I remember you” is so lame“I think of you” is just anunderstatement for I did not just remember younor did I just think of you babe, I long for you.is that an understatement still?it could be. last night, oh, last nightI saw you, under the moonlightjust beneath the horizonwhere the earth separatesfrom the skystanding tallContinue reading “Crimson Sky”


I am the placid water in the lakequiet, calm, still, and tranquilI admire the beauty of the moonlightcarefully gazing upon the earthbringing magic,to the even-tempered night I am the soft wind that blows perfectlyupon the meadows,where birds could hover freely watchingbutterflies transfer pollen grainsfrom flower to flower I am the placid water and the softContinue reading “Midnight”

Two Poems

Poem #1 – Alone and Lonely alone and lonely, that has become of you tired and desolate, after a life so great a life of wonderful glorious moments and magnificent past in old age, you  look back of what went wrong, and what have you missed, so, upon this bench you recollect, the good andContinue reading “Two Poems”

When Love Is True

when love is true, it endures time passing byeven years won’t make you forgetit only grows, better and granderbut it never dies yes, even after all the twists and turnsthe crazy crossroads and junctionsthe days, and weeks, and months and even years apartwe keep coming back to the day, the very same daywe held handsContinue reading “When Love Is True”

That’s Exactly How Much I Love You

that 1 am musingthat early morning writethat crazy over the topout of this world idea that compelling novelwith characters and plotso intriguing,you can’t stop reading that gripping momentso interesting, so excitingit completely holdsyour attention that 1 am musing,that compelling novel,that gripping moment, that’s exactly how much I love you

I Am Choosing You

too many choices, too many paths, which way to go we never know I’ve traveled to many places and met different faces some travels made me triumphant, some made me a failure some faces brought out the best in me but some unleashed the beast warrior in me I’ve fought some battles; some I lost,Continue reading “I Am Choosing You”


what is with your embracethat I long to have always?the kind of embrace, I, forever will be remindedof how love was born between our bleeding soulsyour embrace, was my first memoryof how you held me tight,just as our love was newwhen words were not needed,to manifest love,to manifest you what is with your embracethat IContinue reading “Embrace”