That’s Exactly How Much I Love You

that 1 am musingthat early morning writethat crazy over the topout of this world idea that compelling novelwith characters and plotso intriguing,you can’t stop reading that gripping momentso interesting, so excitingit completely holdsyour attention that 1 am musing,that compelling novel,that gripping moment, that’s exactly how much I love you

I Am Choosing You

too many choices, too many paths, which way to go we never know I’ve traveled to many places and met different faces some travels made me triumphant, some made me a failure some faces brought out the best in me but some unleashed the beast warrior in me I’ve fought some battles; some I lost,Continue reading “I Am Choosing You”


what is with your embracethat I long to have always?the kind of embrace, I, forever will be remindedof how love was born between our bleeding soulsyour embrace, was my first memoryof how you held me tight,just as our love was newwhen words were not needed,to manifest love,to manifest you what is with your embracethat IContinue reading “Embrace”

I Love You Like Winter

I Love You Like Winter   I love you with the grace, the charmand the magic winter brings as I wonder and ponder over “what ifs” and “maybes” I love you with all the strength of the cuddle, the hug and the passionate embrace I needon an exciting winter afternoon I love you with theContinue reading “I Love You Like Winter”

Tell Me

12th in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem” Tell Me the roses are deadtheir brown petals are curling and stiffwith stems and leaves droopedand they look so lonelyand sad in the middleof the gardenwith grass in yellow brownas rubble blows downlike autum leaves free falling,helplessly to nowhereand I, can’tContinue reading “Tell Me”

I Should Have Kissed You Mine

11th in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”     I Should Have Kissed You Mine I never realized love could hurt so muchuntil I saw you walk awayit hurt so much ‘cos I was too proud, too proud to tell you I love you, I just kissed youContinue reading “I Should Have Kissed You Mine”

Wolf Moon

when the wolf moonis out somewhereand the sun is yet to shineI look at the night skywonderingandhopingthat we are bothwishing uponthe same starchanting the same wishfor baby,trust me when i sayI love you to the moon and back For Eugi’s weekly prompt

My Baby Blue Eyes

7th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem” My Baby Blue Eyes I was a small town girl with big dreams in store, a small town girl with looks entirely different from yours, and in a game of probability, what were the odds that i would have you,Continue reading “My Baby Blue Eyes”

Shape Of My Heart

Shape of My Heart in your arms,in your loving armslie the shape of my heartmy heart, my heart, my loveis all that I ever have that says of how muchhow much I love you, the core of my emotion, of my affection in your touchin your tender endearing touchrests the shape of my heartmy heart,Continue reading “Shape Of My Heart”