Vessels of Love

we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got couple it with roses and chocolates, makes love so endearing, so sweet so charming, so honest so pure, so passionate we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got sent through the post office or via a goodContinue reading “Vessels of Love”


and I wonderas I look at youstanding tall and steadylooking gorgeous as everwhat have I done to merityour mere presencein my lifeI must have been so goodbefore this lifetime,they say what we are nowis because of whatwe werebeforeit feels like a touch of heavenis right beside mea little heaven on earthwhen you are with meandContinue reading “Kiss”

I Love You, At First – Poetry Reading

Alfred Lord Tennyson, said “’tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. Although romantic regret can be difficult to handle, it also teaches and helps us shape the way we handle relationships and the way we deal with love and the act of loving itself. And though it isContinue reading “I Love You, At First – Poetry Reading”

And When The Sun Sets

comelet’s go offwanderupon the meadowby the horizonhold my handas we watch the sunsets beautifullyin raging hot orangeto a soothing, calmingpinkish to light yellow huelet me lay my head on yourshoulder, rest, my weary heart would it be so perfectto be with you, in your loving armsin communion and harmonywith the rhythm of nature? just me,Continue reading “And When The Sun Sets”

I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic

“I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with, but I prepared all these for you, my love “ I was never in love with romantic love poems I was never a love poet myself I wrote ’bout life and its intricacies about dreams and ambitions and endless possibilities I wrote ’bout politicsContinue reading “I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic”

Six Feet Apart- a diamond etheree

For Kate’s Friday Fun – Social Distancing Friday Fun – social distancing Iwoke upbewildered,baffled, perplexedupon the world andbeyond, the love we knewis to hug,  touch lovinglylean in, hold and make eye contacta little bit closer builds affectionfondness, attachment, and besottednesslove, in itself, is already trickyactions, endearments, simplify ithow is love now? six feet apart?like the HollywoodContinue reading “Six Feet Apart- a diamond etheree”

I Stopped

“I tried so hard, and that’s the thing.Trying didn’t help so, I stopped.And it felt so good; missing youwithout trying not to.” And all this time I thought I mastered the art of concealing, the art of hiding what I really feel. I thought I learned the tricks and trade of smiling even when itContinue reading “I Stopped”

Long Have I waited

    “Long have I waited, waited for you; you, who have completely turned my world overwhelmingly upside down.” Oh, how I waited for this moment a moment in time when I finally get to hold you again.  How long has it been? So long, you said so long. It might have been so longContinue reading “Long Have I waited”