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I Will Be Your Happily-Ever-After

if dreams do come true, just dream on for long,
you’re better off there, its exceptionally wonderful

if reality bites, live in fantasy for a while,
you deserve a magical escape, a restful solitude

if there is “happily- ever – after”, hold on to it,
yours will happen soon, in time


if i am your fairy godmother, you won’t need to dream for a fantasy world, nor wait for your “happily-ever-after”
i’d make your dreams come true


i’d turn your fantasy a reality

better yet,

i will be your “happily- ever-after”


I Miss You, It Hurts

“I gave up looking for someone who can make me laugh like you do”


i miss you because i miss myself when i am with you. i am my best self with you; i laughed the hardest, cried hopelessly, talked endlessly.


i miss our unending conversations. our silent moments. our pointless arguments.


the way you look at me. the way you make my heart melts. the way you make me smile. the way you make me realize that love is more than the poetry i write, more than where my thoughts could go and more than what “i love you” really means.


i miss you so much it hurts.

Just You, Me, A Cup of Tea And Our Symphony #whatdoyousee

For Sadje’s What Do You See?



“you are a lovely melody
serenading my heart
in a plethoric symphony”


The sound of my life was ultimately jarring, clashing, rasping, and boring. It has the saddest refrain. But you, my love, was the missing piece; the percussion that beats my heart out {and melts my heart}, the string that lulls me to sleep {soothe me to bed}, the saxophone that vibrates deeply into my core {pulsates into my core}, and the violin that defines the symphony of my life {characterize the symphony of my life}.

And it never sounded this good.

In perfect harmony; in perfect serenity.

So, come sit with me my love and let’s have a quiet afternoon tea.

Let’s revel to the indulgence of our love.

Just you, me, a cup of tea and our symphony.

By the Meadow, Upon the Horizon #darkness#writephoto


there are two different versions of the poem, version 1 is on the happier side and version 2 is most likely on a sadder note


Version #1


by the meadow upon the horizon
I think of you in my fragmented memories
over my splintered forgotten dreams
and shattered broken promises
oh, how they made me smile
smile in relief,
smile, just smile


by the meadow, upon the horizon
I remember you, as nature’s sounds
mingle sweetly in my head
I hear the melody like a street band busking
playing our song, the song that was once
the anthem of our hearts
oh, how they made me cry
cry in joy,
cry, just cry


darkness unfolds, by the meadow
upon the horizon


then, there was you





Version # 2

by the meadow upon the horizon
I sat down and grieve over
our fragmented memories
our splintered, forgotten dreams
our shattered, broken promises,
oh, how my heart cries
in desperation


by the meadow upon the horizon
I sat down and weep as i
listen silently to the
sound of nature like a
street band busking, playing
our sweet, tender love song
our song that was once
the anthem of our souls
oh, how my heart sob
in hopelessness

darkness unfolds
by the meadow, upon the horizon

still, no sign of you




Maybe Someday

maybe someday I will be
your sweetest melody
soothing your lonesome heart
in splendid tranquility
serenading you
just, you

maybe someday I will be
your happiest thought
easing your anxiety
in times of despair
musing you
just, you

maybe someday we will be
writing together, 
a love poem duo
on a stopover
in a train station
to Paris

Maybe someday just you and I
by the train station
to Paris

in perfect serendipity.

Inspired by kate’s recent post “Notes”

“What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?” (published on

Dear fellow writers, poets, and beloved readers,
It is with great pride and honor (and a grateful and joyful heart) that I announce my first Spillwords NYC poem publication  “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”. 

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer doesn’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you remember how we used to be?


to read more please go to,

Truly, amazing and wonderful things happen to those who patiently and religiously hone their craft. As Buzz Aldrin said, “Timing has always been a key element in my life. I have been blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.”  
We have to wait for the right things to happen at the right time. And while we wait we must ensure to carefully and masterfully craft our skill and talent so that when the right time comes, we will be more than prepared.
The current pandemic has changed our world and the way we live our lives. It has been very devastating and agonizing as we are also faced with so many challenges apart from the pandemic itself. I would like to say, that the pandemic has given me enough time and opportunity to work on my craft. So many good things happen during the lockdown and I believe it would be worth sharing.
When the world seemed to stop, I kept my world goin’.
It was during the lockdown that I finally joined and completed the NaPoWriMo last April 2020 for the first time, in celebration of April as Poetry Month. The challenge is to write one poem, every day for 30 days, following specific writing prompts every day. It was very challenging at first, there were days when I thought I couldn’t keep up with the writing prompt but every time I felt like quitting the challenge, I would read back all the lovely comments of my beloved followers and beloved poet/blogger friends then, I’d keep going again, until I finished.
2. “Again” is published on three platforms, on MEDIUM -an  International Writers and Readers Space, AFRICA WRITERS CARAVAN, and at WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS.
This is my first ever international submission and I got selected. “It was difficult to select just ten poems from among the many submitted. There was not one unworthy poem. I’m honored to read them, to read the bios and get introduced to some fine new-to-me poets (whether or not selected for publication here), and to be chosen by Mbizo Chirasha to edit this edition of his heart-child, WOMAWORDS Literary Press.” (Jamie Dedes, Guest editor of the WOMAWORDS 2020 JUNE EDITION.)
I am very honored to be alongside brilliant published and award-winning poets recognized globally. It was an honor indeed.


come sit with me
let’s talk
of how ’twas when
God seemed to rectify
the universe
the world stopped
colors changed
air didn’t move
sky was empty
sounds were muted
everything was the same
yet different

then, a new dawn came
the colors we see are vibrant
the air we breath is fresher
the sky is filled with joyful birds flying
the sounds we hear are hymns
of love and affection
and you can come sit with me
everything is the same
yet different


to read more kindly go check the following links
3. My  Spillwords NYC publication
I only used to visit and read stories and poems written by brilliant poets and storytellers on Spillwords, some of them are also my WordPress favorite writers and poets, but never have I ever imagined I’d also see and read my poem on this prestigious platform for the first time.
4. Currently working on my second book, after the successful local (Malaysia) release of my first book “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars”
To all my beloved readers and followers and fellow WordPress bloggers and poets and to those who have been really consistent and diligently supporting me since day one, my heartfelt love and gratitude.
Dreams do come true, never give up.!!!
To God be the Glory!!