It’s A Thin Line, My Dear #dream#writephoto#mighty

how mighty it is my dear that I dream of you in my deepest sleep at night as my knight in shining armor and yet in my waking time you are but a wretch rascal how mighty it is, even more, my dear that you are my r

how mighty
it is my dear
that I dream of you
in my deepest
sleep at night
as my knight
in shining armor
and yet in my waking time
you are but a wretch rascal
how mighty it is, even more, my dear
that you are my rainbow after my rain
yet in my darkest night, you are
my eclipse casting a shadow
upon my world
how mighty
it is oh dear,
that you are the one
I hate to love
and the one
I love to hate

the road indeed
is narrow
as it’s a thin line
between love and hate




Thank you to Irma of for this “the person you love to hate or the person you hate to love.” a comment she left in my previous post My Dear Summer, Rain and Goodbye

Linking to Eugi’s weekly prompt: mighty

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Will You Go With Me, To Paris?

will you take my hand
as I walk along the streets
where the aroma of light,
fruity to burnt coffee
lightly caramelized
almost nutty is teasing
my senses and the scent
of a handmade bread
is making me salivate
as I tear the croissant into pieces
butter them up before each bite
or we can dunk it in coffee
which would be fun
 if you want

will you sit beside me
as I write every word of love
admiration and passion
I have for you
while I struggle
to rhyme every word
and count every syllable
or better yet, I’ll settle for free verse
I am sure though I could not rhyme them
or even count the syllables
as you will be busy tickling
and delightfully bugging me
will you go with me,
to Paris?
let’s have coffee and croissant
and write our first love poem together

meanwhile, a coffee with you anywhere else would be lovely

it doesn’t even have to be a croissant, it could be just a slice of Japanese cake or BLT sandwich

it doesn’t even have to be a freshly brewed coffee, it could be just a homemade tea or a mango juice

we don’t even need to walk the streets of Paris

cos it feels like Paris with you



For Irma, whose post about Paris and its migrant workers touched my heart so much and her inspiring story about her then boyfriend’s marriage proposal in Paris.

And for Punam whose love poems makes you wanna fall in love all over again and go to Paris, the city of love

And more love for everyone as we battle the current health scare❤❤❤

Not a Single Day


I can be tediously boring, I know
But your funny punchlines
Are more than enough
I laugh, I smile, I smirk

Not a single day
that I don’t miss your unpredictable humor

I can be critically stubborn, I know
But I listen politely
To what you always have to say
I hear you, I understand you, I get you

Not I single day
That I don’t miss your sensible rants

I can be hysterically intolerable, I know
But your cheerfulness warms my heart
And calms my weary soul
I feel it, I perceive it, I recognize it

Not a single day
That I don’t miss your mysterious smile

Not  a single day that I don’t miss you
Even when you are around


I have been MIA for a little while, and now I am back with this love poem in celebration of Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day and I ‘ve missed you all!!!

Tonight (Mirror Cinquian)


You’re beside me
With thoughts of tomorrow
And forgetting yesterday just

Let me
Be the one to hold your dreams and
Make them come true for you
I  love you, so
Let me.


A Cinquain is a 5-line poem (quintet) with a set line length of 2-4-6-8-2 syllables. It does not rhyme, although I suppose it could rhyme if you wanted it to.

A Mirror Cinquain, then, is a 10-line poem (decastich) made up of two Cinquains, where the second is reversed, forming a mirror image of the first.

So in summary, the Mirror Cinquain is

A decastitch (10-line stanza) with an emphasis on the syllabic count of each line.Syllabic count: 2-4-6-8-2-2-8-6-4-2It should express a complete thought and maybe on any theme and express any mood. Rhyme is optional.
It’s Your Turn!

Now it’s time for you to write a Mirror Cinquain. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Choose a topic. It can be anything. If you’re struggling for an idea, you might consider the Daily Prompts from The Daily PostDON’T worry about rhyme, as it’s not necessary here.DO keep a handle on the syllable count for each line. Try to avoid filler words. Instead, use a thesaurus to find precise words that give you the right syllable count for each line. Don’t be afraid to break a word if need be, but avoid it if possible. Or perhaps you may want to go crazy with word breaks, to enhance a humorous mood. It just so happens that I made lines 1 and 10 the same in both sample poems, but this is not a rule. They only have to be 2 syllables, not necessarily identical, so don’t feel as though you must also do that. And of course, when you are finished, share your poem with the rest of us.

Don’t know how? Follow these simple steps…

Write your blog post. Include the tag Decastich Challenge or 10LPCInclude a pingback/link to this post in your post so I can find you. Publish your post.

Over a Cup of Coffee


I wonder many times
how you have become so much
part of me I can’t let go.

A trip to the cafe would
simply make it go, all my doubts
my worries fade away.

It might be the coffee with
its soothing aroma that calms
down my wary heart.

Or it could the romantic
vibe in the cafe that makes
me fall in love again.

I guess it would always be
like this, you and me
over a cup of coffee.

I love you, once more and always.


If you have been following me for a while now, I guess you would know that this is again a poetic product of me eavesdropping for the nth times lol.

It just feels so good seeing people happy and in love.

All through my life

All my life I will be singing

All through rays of sunshine and rains

All through hurts and pains

My love will keep burning

Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth when I’m with you

Like a little heaven on earth when I believe in you

So baby these chords I will be playing all through my life.

Till Then




Parting is such a sweet sorrow
So do now I know.

Adieu, goodbye
Now I can’t stay.

Gone, mislaid
Till then I said.

Affectionate, adoring
Forever falling.

Remember me with a smile
So you are glad for a while.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow
Surely now I know.




This one is for Robin a wonderful follower who requested a poem. For you, Robin may love to be with you..forever