Mom n Dad


one of the DIY cards made by my eldest daughter on her high school graduation which I happened to recover as I was cleaning up my old table.

her dad (my husband) is an engineer and it amazes me a lot at how much she can relate her dad’s profession as to being a father to her.

In the same way that I am a Language and Literature teacher….

This is just one of the many reasons why I am grateful to be her mom..20151218_163814

My Santa Claus


giant sock hanging at our window pane the night before  Christmas you asked me “please my little princess Santa’s coming I need your socks hanging before Christmas eve”.

Christmas, the day I’d run underneath the tree, wanna see how many gifts you had for me, but you said “please my little princess check your socks I think Santa dropped by last night”.

Christmas gifts from you were mostly made up of toys and clothes and I would be disappointed somehow for I want something else, then you’d say “please my little princess check what Santa had for you”.

my giant sock hanging on windowpane was filled with books coloring materials, then you said and smiled “please my little princess go check carefully if these were exactly what you asked from Santa”.

on my 12th Christmas, I stopped hanging socks, you said: “please my little princess bear with Santa, he only drop gifts on the socks for little girls; he will have yours wrapped underneath the tree”.

on that same Christmas day, I run underneath the tree, the biggest and most beautiful box was for me; then you said “please my little princess read what the card has to say”.

on that Christmas day, Santa wrote, “this is the beginning of your gifts underneath the Christmas tree, you’re a big girl now my little princess, I will be your Santa forever”.

Christmas will never be the same without you dad….



When everything else fails


When everything else fails

I will run away and sail at the

ocean so wide;

but I can’t, for you can’t

run away with me.


When everything else fails

I wanted to cry, cry till my tears

run dry;

but I can’t, for you can’t

cry along with me.


When everything else fails

I wanna shout out loud

till my lungs find its highest pitch;

but I can’t, for you can’t

shout out along with me.


When everything else fails

I sure will laugh it off,

laugh like tomorrow may not come;

but I can’t, for you can’t

laugh with me.


When everything else fails

I want you to hold me,

hold me so tight;

but I can’t, for you can’t

hold me anymore.


it’s been five years dad;

and I still miss you.


It’s been a tough day…this is the moment when I wish I have my dad beside me saying ” everything will be fine”.

nothing beats my dad’s big hug….its comforting…



as the stars descent upon the dark sky

a lullaby can be heard

let the deliciously warmed milk

put you to sleep

and its scent put you to ease

with her gentle hand patting your soft hair

may you fall asleep with mother’s care.


a poem written by my 13 year old daughter. what do you guys think? let me know.

afternoon rain


afternoon rain….lovingly pouring.

afternoon rain….sensationaly exciting.

afternoon rain….sincerely moving.


afternoon rain….remembering you.

afternoon rain…seeing you.

afternoon rain…loving you.


afternoon rain…loving you till the end.




heart torn in secret sufferings,

lips strongly formed.




unhappy poet, hiding

(Lino Robles’ reply to the unhappy poet hiding…)

yet each darkened night

in hours becomes light

is what I see in her eyes


I see my future in het skyline

lesson learned redemption is mine

when the tears dry from her eyes


Thanks so much to Lino for this wonderful reply….check out his site….his one great poet…