My Summer Rain

Love goes, they say

When the pain of loving

Is too much to bear

When you

Can hope no more

Wish no more

When the heart

finally gets tired…

Of hoping…

Of dreaming…

Of waiting…

Then love goes…

My love, I say will never go.

Even when it has been very painful

Or too much to hold still

Because all I

Wanna do is

Wish for more.

My heart will never be tired

Of hoping…

Of dreaming…

Of waiting…

My love will never go

‘Cos I found the summer rain in you




I have been doing this summer rain theme for quite a while..and it has inspired me so much that I just can’t stop yet.

I wish you find your “Summer Rain” too


***A beautiful afternoon Summer Rain in Singapore***

O, Summer Rain Don’t Go


Loveless tide swept

In the seashore

Where I once stand

Alone and unsure

There, we’re together

Walking by the shore

Looking gently at the sea

Gazing through your smile

Our eyes met then

Our hearts touched

As deeply we felt

That loving feeling within

But now it’s gone

Carried by the tide

Back to the sea

Where once we’re together

Bring back my love oh thee

In the seashore where we shared

The afternoon summer rain drizzle

Over our kisses and sweet embrace.

Oh summer rain don’t go

No, not yet I can’t let go…





It seemed to me that summer rain isn’t over, as it still continues to inspire me with beautiful thoughts and endearing moments…that rain, once shared with the one you love is perfectly beautiful no matter what time of the year it may come.

Ahhhhh summer rain..look what have you done !!!

When Summer Rain Ends



Sing no sad song, not yet

Or I’ll behold in your lids,

Hang the sweet tears of agony

Rather paint me visions

Of thousand smiles in your lips…

And upon your lips…your lips…

The vision of night will fade away…

Kiss me not, not yet…

Least you’ll awaken a silent sea!

And it’s faint murmuring

Turn to turbulent despair!

But surely when you pass away

I’ll grasp the air

And kissed the same

That kissed you.

Dry your tears,

let not your tears

Warm my icy tomb

And when light fade

Softly from my eyes

Take my hands once more

And into the clouds, I’ll fly…

When summer rain ends.



It Still Rains

No, not yet, not yet…

Let your eyes speak

Of roses in bloom

Remind me once again

Of the chalice of love we shared

Where fiery choir

Sang our song

At the blazing sun.

Shed no tears, not yet…

The midnight air

Still whispers your name

And deep from the abyss,

Creature of the night

Echoes my grief

Make me remember the picture

We make out of the clouds,

Hold my hand

And let us fly to the sky.

It’s still raining my love…





The Sun is Up

The sun is up, finally in days

Of raining and wind blowing.

The sun has shown

After days of hiding.

The sun is scorching hot

After days of iced-cold breeze.

But the sun hasn’t been up yet

In my heart for days of longing.

The sun hasn’t shown still

In my being for days of weeping.

It still feels like raining without you

On a hot summer day.



The rain has finally stopped. But for some weird reasons i can’t get over with the “summer rain” thought. So here’s hoping that this is my final version of my summer rain installment.

Till Then (Summer Rain, still)

There isn’t time

‘Tis moment, you’re gone

Parting is such a sweet sorrow

It seems eternity

To savor the warmth of your hold

But time fleets, I realized

And here I am


Grieving the thought

I’ll be losing you in time

I feared there aren’t long rides to come

I dreaded there aren’t stories to share

There isn’t even a song to sing to

There aren’t remaining love notes to read

I only have my poems-

These silent, lifeless verses

That would make me remember you

Just the trails of lingering memories

My poems

My bleeding poems

As I watched over the rain

On a hot summer afternoon…




Summer Rain


You held my hand tight
As you bid goodbye
It was hard
It was insane…

You kissed me softly
with a whimpering cry
It froze my mind
It broke my heart…

You strained me in your embrace
clasped me in your arms
It pricked me
It stung me…

Then it rained on a summer afternoon.



I was driving home when it rained so hard..really??? raining on a summer day??? It freaked me out..ahh maybe this is what global warming is all about…or, maybe just maybe, this is how it feels to leave a beloved behind…feels like rain on a summer afternoon…

The Moon

I wondered many times
About the moon and the stars
And how they all shine so bright
I flustered at the sight
Of how stars filled up the sky
Over the moon oh so high.

Why can’t there be more moons
Than stars?
Maybe the sky would be brighter;
Would be lovelier
And I will be alright
I will sleep tight.

I wondered many times
At how you’ve counted the stars
Over the moon so big and wide
Glowing up side by side
The moon with its light beaming
Covering the sky and glowing.

Am I a moon or just one of the stars;
You keep on counting on the skies?





You were everything i wanted to be
You were all that i ever had to be
I would give you the world if i could
I would stay with you if i should

Baby, i know i love you, i must say
And i love you more everyday
I wish you all the luck in the world
And i will send you all the love to hold

But baby, you’re not mine
So i keep these and many others in time
Till then my love i will love you still
In the other life maybe, you will.

I love you, it hurts, i know


Another random thoughts in a coffee shop as i listened to the story told by a girl next to my table.


To tell you, i love you


Sometimes it seems we can read
Each other’s mind
Like when you call me
Just as I am thinking of you
Or when you know
What I am going to say
Before I say it.

I feel you understand me
In a way no one else has
And my love for you
Just grows stronger
The more I know about you.

We’ve been honest with each other,
Revealing those things
We haven’t been able to
Tell anyone else.
I’ve always wanted to be
Able to talk to someone
About my feelings

Yet, somehow I know
I don’t need any words at all
To tell you how much




Happy heart’s day everyone