Scribbling in pain
Thoughts can’t explain
On this midnight blue
Trying to let go.

Scribbling with love
Simple desire to have
On this empty paper
Longing to decipher.

Scribbling with hope
Maybe to cope
With the pen in use
Wishing yet confuse.

Scribbling to fancy
Images to see
With mind exploring
Avenue of loving.


Looking thru the corner of my eyes;
A wonderful vision of a soul passing by.

Needing to catch a glimpse for it flies;
Indelible moments don’t know why.

Realizing this may be gone forever;
Hide not the desire meant.

Knowing this will end sooner;
You’re special though for a moment.


I am no angel; I am no saint.
But you made me wanna be one.
I am best at words; worst at logic.
But you made me wanna learn.

You are antithetical of me.
A rundown of what I loath.
You give me tough love.
Expressed sternly.

But as one we loved,

A love that cannot be broken,

Even when we part.




A little ray of light
In a dark gloomy night
As a hint of hope
Dazzles thru in scope.

“I shine through and smile”

A clouded day
Filled with stray
A cue of sunshine
May come in time.

” I look upon in glee”





How do I forget
The day we met?
You were sweetly staring;
I was patiently waiting.

How do I resist
The smile I get?
You were joyfully talking;
I was sincerely listening.

How do I walk away
From the gentle touch, you pay?
You were carefully caressing;
I was nervously holding.

How do I run away
From you all day?
You were awkwardly caring;
I was silently rejoicing.

Do I ever forget?

Do I ever resist?

Should I walk away?

Should I run away?

Or should I face you bravely;
And say “it’s okay, I love it anyway”?



I can’t remember; be true to myself
I get used to being kept on a shelf.
People could just admire and see,
The loveliness stored in me.
The last time my mind speak
I was muted…deaf.
I longed the sound…
Never found.
I ceased.
I blubber.
Lost soul ever.
The day I holler,
I cried in great despair.
Sorrow help me find my way
I wept in deepest agony
I anguish, wishing to be sober
I am silently dead, longer, deeper.


Another etheree for everyone…
Geetha, Shiva, Amit,….. thanks once again