Opalescent Love

Opalescent Love

so for the now
my love
let’s take away
all the poetry
all the storylines
all the novels
all the films
that we plan
to write and
to make
and indulge
with the poetry
of a daily
cup of coffee
made by you
with love
with glee.

let’s enjoy the
storylines we
make daily
in every bit
of your nostalgic kisses
every trace of your
warm embraces
every glimpse of your
stolen gazes.

let’s make fun
of all the novels
with our useless
out – of this – world
arguments and
stupid allegations
with every humbling
“i’m sorry”
“i love you”
“i miss you.”

let’s  witness
the beauty
of a film produced
as people see us
walk around town
holding each
other’s hands
with not once
not twice
stolen public kisses
and affectionate
warm hugs
and crazy

for now
let’s take advantage
of our unmanufactured
opalescent affection
reflecting love
after love
light after
every single
making us closer
even afar
with loyalty
with faithfulness.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

My Love and My Life

its day 10 of #NaPoWriMo, and today’s prompt is ….drum roll please.. pretty simple – a love poem!..yay…

Happy Sunday my dear friends and poets, tell me something ’bout the love of your life..💛

My Love and My Life

i never thought long days of longing and long days of sadness is a minute without you
i never thought emptiness and oblivion would feel like not holding you
i never thought eternity would mean missing your kisses.

for what is a minute if not spent with you?
for what is my hand if not held by you?
for what is a kiss if it’s not for you?

i never realized an empty shallow mind is like not engaging with you
i never realized a broken heart would be feel like desperately wanting you
i never realized a lost soul would be synonymous to not having you.

for what is the good in my thoughts if it ain’t ’bout you?
for what is the best of my heart if it doesn’t beat for you?
for what is the joy of my soul if it isn’t journeying with you?

baby, you are my love and my life.



i want an early morning cuddle
when the world is in complete halt
in silence in serenity in anticipation
of the breaking of dawn;
i want a snuggle.

i want a splashy afternoon high tea
in a place so magical so carefree
when the world is in perfect chaos
in time to meet deadlines
before the sun is down;
i want a tea cheers.

i want a love that is enchanting
when the world is doubting the power
of one great love one exceptional love
because of confusion and mayhem;
i want an incredible love.

i want all these with you
nothing else
no else

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maybe i wasn’t meant to soar higher yet then
maybe, it wasn’t my time.
for no matter what i do my feet were stuck on the ground.
grounded for long. not that i am complaining. i don’t. never did.
of course it felt better to be standing firm on a solid ground.
’twas my comfort zone. for the longest time.

’till you taught to spread my wings. slowly. gently.
“one flapping of wings at a time”, you said. you told me to move upward.
against the force of gravity. even forward. and like a newborn bird,
i learned how to fly. learned how to adapt. used special features.
for my advantage.

i have learned to appreciate my own weaknesses.
i have capitalized on my strengths to stay up. defy gravity.
and like what they always say, even against all odds.
keeping my feet on the solid ground sure felt better and safe.
and flying was daunting and intimidating and God knows what else.

but the world looks better up there. the fields are greener.
the city is stunning. the night lamposts are my stars.
the honking of the cars are my soothing lullaby. the croosroads and boulevards are easier to navigate this time.
and the people, oh! they are more appealing once you’ve seen them from afar.

and my world, oh! my world is much better up here.
with you beneath my wings. with you keeping me afloat.
with you making me soar higher. fly farther. defying gravity. against all odds.
solid ground sure is safe. but i am safer up here.
with you.
the world, our world is a much better place.



we all want a love
that is gentle and kind and calm
but the world isn’t
and so are the circumstances
we can only hope love
will find its way to a better and safer place
after all no great love story has ever been told that has not gone through hell and beyond
even God’s love for humanity has made Him sacrificed His only begotten Son
that sure is one great LOVE.

we all want a love
that is gentle and kind and calm.

P. S.

This photo prompt reminds me of the incredible  calming effect being with the one person we love. It’s like being one with nature where we are removed from distractions and can reflect on our lives. It brings with it an awareness that we are part of something greater than ourselves, while at the same time this reminds me that like nature, love too will go through different stages of chaos, disorder and confusion. And as we always say, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”. That’s the wonder of nature. That’s the magic of love.

for Sadje’s WDYS


poetrybymich💛💫💥happy and blessed Sunday dear friends and poets


your twitching hands quiver
in a slight rapid motion
struggling to put on tight
the necklace you gave me last night
to signify your love, to signify the fact
that ‘though money can’t buy love
a little something would make
me giddy in a heart beat

then you let it hang
on my neck like
glistening suspended
white crystal chandelier

i am in awe at what love
truly can do.

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A Perfect Streak Of Love And Destiny

it’s true then what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but i’ll say it the best way my poet heart
can anyway

i love you, for many wonderful reasons
like when you just look at me with so much admiration
how can i not notice the smile in your eyes
and the joy on your face, and for that you made
me the happiest as always

i love you, for the many times you make me giggle like a little child getting a hand-made doll
or the way you charm me with your classic
boy-next-door wink
oh, how you make me blush,
my heart skipping a beat

let me pause by saying, of course i don’t forget, we’ve come a long way, my dear
and i swear, the rocky roads and crazy road bumps, we’ve been through
were testaments of true love,
worthy of one great love tale

above all, my love, its true what they say
love knows no boundaries, doesn’t even have an age limit or expiry date, ‘cos trust me when i say, at forty – five, i love you
like i used to love you back in the days
when we were crazy and young and careless

ours, my dear, is a love written in the stars
where the universe conspires
and the Gods and Goddesses unite
to create a perfect story line, a perfect match, a perfect tale
for two imperfect individuals, to love and to hold, ’till death do they part

and so it’s true what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but maybe not, for a poet like me
‘cos i have a hundred million ways to tell you how much i love you

a perfect streak of love and destiny

for Kates Friday Fun

Through All The Times

through all the things i’ve done
and in all the many places i’ve gone
for the many times i’ve changed my ways
and for the countless moments and days
you’ve been in my heart, in my thoughts I swear

through the many faces and friends i’ve met
and the enormous challenges i’ve bet
for the hours i’ve consumed, i’ve depleted
and for the battles I tried winning but lost
you’ve been in my heart, in my thoughts I swear

throughall the memories i’ve kept, some lost, some forgotten
and the many times i tried to recreate
and the magnitude of experiences i’ve written
you’ve been in my heart, in my thoughts I swear

through all the times i was grateful, i was thankful
’twas because our paths have crossed
forever you will be in my heart, in my thoughts
grateful, thankful, blessed always and forever

For Kate’s Friday Fun

Not You, My Love

the gentle tide
may turn into
a raging wave

but not you my love,

may turn
into nightmares

but not you my love,

wounds may hurt
and become
lasting scars

but not you my love,

love may fade away
but i believe
yours won’t

no, not yours my love,

some may lose
a battle, go home

but not you my love,
never really you
for you champion
and perfected
the art of winning

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt


I’m Not Skinny

I’m not skinny, I’m not thin
I’m just fit and lean
I can do rounds of planks and squats
as you watch and admire with loving thoughts
I can have a fully loaded vegetable salad meal
as you enjoy steaks and your cheeseburger meal

I’m not skinny, I’m not thin
I’m just fit and lean
I can fit into anything, skinny jeans and fitted tops
while you struggle to keep track of your blue faded jeans
I can live without carbs, and I don’t even miss it a bit
as you feast over a fries, a pasta and a big chunk of meat

I’m not skinny, I’m not thin
I’m just fit and lean
and the best part of it, is I can wear your oversized shirt
as you tuck me into bed, my face burrowed feeling your heartbeat
that’s not even yet, ‘cos I’d wake up in the middle of my sleep
with you tracing every bit of my curve and shape

I’m not skinny, I’m not thin
I’m just fit and lean

For Kate’s Friday Fun – Diet