Write a love poem with me

Write a love poem with me.❤️🖊

My most viewed/read/successful pieces are my love poems. My first book to have made it to #1newrelease and #amazonbestsellers is “I Will Love You Forever Too,” (which is a collection of love poems) not to mention three of my love poems (What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter, Kiss, and Holding Hands) were nominated as Spillwords Publication of the month – “Holding Hands” was voted Publication of the Month for November 2021, which eventually became a Publication of the Year Nominee. I realized I must be doing great with the love poem department.

So here I am sharing with you all how I do it.

1. Read and Learn from existing Love Poems

Love has long been a favorite theme for poets. Take, for example, the works like “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, “Sonnet 18” by Shakespeare, “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron, and “How Do I Love Thee” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

These classics shaped the language and style of love poetry. Modern poets, however, have come up with new and exciting ways of writing love poems.

Just keep reading, learning, and discovering.

2. Choose a Form

There are many forms of poetry. Popular choices for love poems are sonnets and concrete poetry.

But you could use free verse, which isn’t restricted by meter or rhyme, which gives you more freedom in writing and expressing how you feel.
Please feel free to work on an established form if you need clarification on where and how to start.

3. Think About A Specific Emotion (Just One)

Before you start writing your love poem, think about a specific emotion you are trying to express. Think about the person you are writing to and how you feel about them.

Don’t just write about the basic idea of love.
Talk about joy, hope, passion, or fun; pick just one. Set the tone of your poem by thinking about this one first.

4. Make It Your Own


A good love poem should come from the heart. But how can you make sure that your poem feels genuinely personal?

• Don’t use old-fashioned, overblown language to sound like Shakespeare or the classics. Use your own voice instead!

• Don’t use clichés, such as overused metaphors and similes about roses, apples, stars, candies, etc.

• Include references or specific details or things that make your emotion special, like dates, places, or foods. Details like these can help to make your poem unique.

Aim to write a poem that nobody else could have written! It should express your feelings for the person you love, not preconceived ideas about what “love” should be. Yes, NOT A PRECONCIEVED Idea. Meaning STOP being monotonous or stop using general feelings/concepts.

5. Review Your Poem

Finally, to show you care, review your love poem to ensure it is error-free. A poem full of mistakes will not convince anyone of your love, after all!

Many out there claim to be poets/writers; if you are one of them, be sure you do the right thing.

Others also claim to write in a specific form and simply murder the form. It is important to note that we know every detail of a particular form before writing.

Here is a recent love poem for you all…❤

Love Happens

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
boy, i did just as you wondered
without hesitation, without inhibitions
without second thoughts
no words, there was complete silence.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
now you left me wondering too
‘cos little do you know that i’m in love
and petrified for the first time
and probably the last time in my life.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was my best memory of you
for years and years even decades after
intentionally written or a poetic bait
it doesn’t matter for i too wondered.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was the beginning of the end
of you wondering and me hoping
that somewhere in the middle
of the busy streets in Manila
love will finally happen.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
it happened, you stopped wondering
i stopped hoping, ‘cos indeed no matter
what happens there is no denying
that in between our pretenses
love happens.

Ode to Love

Ode to Love

and though poets and writers alike
praise you like a golden strobbed light
magnificently beautiful, uncanny for most
i despise you now for you made me lost.

there was a time when you were roses and butterflies
when you turned the meadows into a magical realm in disguise
i trust you no more for all the giddy magical feelings you bestow
i like you no more for making my head spin for now.

and though artists and musicians alike
anchored their pieces upon you; from sweet naive
lyrics to passionate love songs; you are a blessing
but a terrible heartache at the same time
trust me, for no one is more inspired than
a wounded or love – drunk artist
but i’m just over you for now.

there was a time when you were rainbows and bursts of morning sunshine
when you turned a terrifying thunderstorm into a calm soothing melodious raindrop
i trust you no more for all the “weak of the knees” kind of feeling
i like you no more for making me cry all night long.


I know that an Ode is traditionally a form of lyric poetry that is written in celebration, dedication, appreciation, or reflection of something;  almost always written about a significant event, or someone or something that the poet admires. 

you might notice mine is here not a celebration of love on its glorious ways and forms; but its okay to be a rebel poet sometimes 🤭

For Eugi’s prompt : thunderstorm

For David’s prompt : Ode

Opalescent Love

Opalescent Love

so for the now
my love
let’s take away
all the poetry
all the storylines
all the novels
all the films
that we plan
to write and
to make
and indulge
with the poetry
of a daily
cup of coffee
made by you
with love
with glee.

let’s enjoy the
storylines we
make daily
in every bit
of your nostalgic kisses
every trace of your
warm embraces
every glimpse of your
stolen gazes.

let’s make fun
of all the novels
with our useless
out – of this – world
arguments and
stupid allegations
with every humbling
“i’m sorry”
“i love you”
“i miss you.”

let’s  witness
the beauty
of a film produced
as people see us
walk around town
holding each
other’s hands
with not once
not twice
stolen public kisses
and affectionate
warm hugs
and crazy

for now
let’s take advantage
of our unmanufactured
opalescent affection
reflecting love
after love
light after
every single
making us closer
even afar
with loyalty
with faithfulness.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

These Times

These Times

i would never forget the times
i am begging for you to stay
i am grateful for those times
you left me waiting; uncertain
i know how your heart breaks
more than mine
but that taught me
love’s greatest lesson
to look beyond what eyes can see
to feel loved beyond
hugs and kisses and warm embraces
especially at times when you are near me
yet a single glimpse is not possible
these times when love is love
regardless of and no matter what
these times when love is love
even if it felt like a glassful of water
splashed, suspended in the air
not knowing when to fall
not knowing how to land
these times.

For Sadje’s WDYS

New Poem in Spillwords

my poem “Together, In A Crowded Place” is up now in Spillwords. Click the link in my bio to read full poem and if you like it kindly leave a ❤  for me..

Thank you Dagnara K. and Spillwords team for publishing my poem again.

Here is an excerpt of the poem:

baby, hold my hand, in a crowded place
together, let’s flaunt each other, with
nothing but the undying love in our hearts
and the hope of true love forever

let’s do what they call crazy weird
a public display of affection
in a crowded place, damn!
who cares!

My Unpoetic Poem

My Unpoetic Poem

i could travel to faraway places
i could meet people with different faces
i may look like a teenage lass writing a piece
for trying to rhyme as i seriously cringe

truth is this may sound ridiculous maybe
but baby the world is in chaos and agony
a little something whimsical won’t be corny
to put a smile on your frowning face lately

pandemic has broken our hearts
it has toppled down our souls
as if it’s not enough, Russia has rage a war
or is it Russia really to be blamed by far?

the pains we imposed upon ourselves is even worst
it triggers emotions from beyond and outmost
self inflicted pain as you call it lately
when will it go anyway?

so tell me dear, how do i make you smile
and maybe, just maybe forget for a while
that the price of petroleum has skyrocted
your contemplating a lot and its not bad

you see i’m not really making sense at all
i wanna make you smile a bit please don’t fall
this is not a bait nor a trap or whatsoever
not even giving up my poetic soul for sure

here’s hoping my no nonsence whimsical poem
would make you happy even if you think we are doomed
so do i need to travel to far away places?
and meet people with different faces?

the answer is no ‘cos you to me is enough
to carry on and fight the battle so tough



we all want a love
that is gentle and kind and calm
but the world isn’t
and so are the circumstances
we can only hope love
will find its way to a better and safer place
after all no great love story has ever been told that has not gone through hell and beyond
even God’s love for humanity has made Him sacrificed His only begotten Son
that sure is one great LOVE.

we all want a love
that is gentle and kind and calm.

P. S.

This photo prompt reminds me of the incredible  calming effect being with the one person we love. It’s like being one with nature where we are removed from distractions and can reflect on our lives. It brings with it an awareness that we are part of something greater than ourselves, while at the same time this reminds me that like nature, love too will go through different stages of chaos, disorder and confusion. And as we always say, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”. That’s the wonder of nature. That’s the magic of love.

for Sadje’s WDYS


what does your “how are you?” really means
I could take on the basic route and say
“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”
or I could break it down to
how bad my day went
with work messing up
with my stress level
at the highest peak


I could maybe tell you I’m not really well
and that I probably needed some rest
oh, well I am not sure if that’s
what you want to hear
I really am not sure
but yeah, I’m fine
I always am

what does your “hey, just dropping by” means?
I could take it easy and say
“by all means come in”
or I could break it down to
details and say,
a visit with some lovely good food
would be much appreciated
or maybe you can stay a bit longer this time
watch some movies, or simply
join me as I scribble over sweet nothings


maybe I could say, nahh
I’m really not in the mood for
social interactions right now
I just needed to be alone, be alone
with my thoughts, with my heart, with my soul
oh, well I am not really sure if that’s
what you want to hear, but please
come in by all means

and hey,

have you ever wondered what my
“how are you?” means, or what
“just dropping by” for me is?

it means

a million over “I love you”
a million over “I miss you”

how long has it been? I can’t remember
I only have my memories of you,
of you and your “how are you?”
and “just dropping by”



quivering voice torn into pieces
jammed words dashingly sealed
tongue-tied feelings suppressed
a power uproars
whispered unto thyself
acclaimed thy heart
longing to blaze
conformed thy faith
declared thy attempt
to bestow equity
thy affectionate feeling
to love

  • Each day is an attempt to be better in loving you dear…

today’s poem is from my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are” available in Amazon for kindle file and paperback copy