what does your “how are you?” really means
I could take on the basic route and say
“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”
or I could break it down to
how bad my day went
with work messing up
with my stress level
at the highest peak


I could maybe tell you I’m not really well
and that I probably needed some rest
oh, well I am not sure if that’s
what you want to hear
I really am not sure
but yeah, I’m fine
I always am

what does your “hey, just dropping by” means?
I could take it easy and say
“by all means come in”
or I could break it down to
details and say,
a visit with some lovely good food
would be much appreciated
or maybe you can stay a bit longer this time
watch some movies, or simply
join me as I scribble over sweet nothings


maybe I could say, nahh
I’m really not in the mood for
social interactions right now
I just needed to be alone, be alone
with my thoughts, with my heart, with my soul
oh, well I am not really sure if that’s
what you want to hear, but please
come in by all means

and hey,

have you ever wondered what my
“how are you?” means, or what
“just dropping by” for me is?

it means

a million over “I love you”
a million over “I miss you”

how long has it been? I can’t remember
I only have my memories of you,
of you and your “how are you?”
and “just dropping by”



quivering voice torn into pieces
jammed words dashingly sealed
tongue-tied feelings suppressed
a power uproars
whispered unto thyself
acclaimed thy heart
longing to blaze
conformed thy faith
declared thy attempt
to bestow equity
thy affectionate feeling
to love

  • Each day is an attempt to be better in loving you dear…

today’s poem is from my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are” available in Amazon for kindle file and paperback copy

In Between Madness and Magic

over a cup of tea
and in between madness and magic
there lies you, you who makes my tea grow cold, as I couldn’t possibly take,
take a single sip, without
drowning my thoughts,
flooding my heart
for every sip I take
is every memory of your kiss
your lingering kiss

and so,

over a cup of tea
and in between madness and magic
there lies the thought of you, you who makes my tea grow cold, as I couldn’t possibly take a single sip, without
soaking my eyes
suffocating my breathe
with your love, your undying love
for every sip I take
is every memory of your love
your love so true

and so,

over a cup of tea
in between madness and magic
I have you
only you, my love


“I Would Fly To Where You Are” available via KOBO.COM and AMAZON (ebook/kindle file/ paperback)

Poetry – like a mathematical equation – can go from simple to complex.

But it can only get appreciated once understood. However, what sets poetry and equations apart is the fact that poetry talks about experiences and emotions.

I had known the author, Ms. Michelle Navajas, back when I was still in college. She was an instructor in our school before, and when I was still a freshman, I had already dreamt of having her as my English teacher. Though, time did not grant that dream. When her daughter enrolled in our college, there I got the chance to meet her again. Every time we would have literary competitions, I would always consult her to check our pieces. She never fails to keep me in awe with her talent and eloquence in writing and speaking.

In this book of Ms. Michelle Navajas, she will take us to greater heights to remind us of that euphoric feeling of being in love. Being in love sets us on cloud nine – ecstatic, delighted, and thrilled.

Love gives us a certain amount of strength and boost that is both unexplainable and unfathomable. It gets us through whatever obstacle to be with the one to whom our hearts belong. But love is not always about joy; it also includes pain – especially when love fades or becomes one-sided. If the feeling is real and deep, moving on would be the hardest thing to do. Time may heal all the wounds, but the pain will leave a scar. Nevertheless, love, despite the pain it may bring, will always keep us going.

Jhonel S. Española

Chemical Engineer/College Instructor

Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod


waveringly, unsteadily, wobblingly
we flutter, on the ground as we hover around
and circle, and dance, a dance we call love
but you know why I love to flutter,
and hover and dance around with you?
I love the sweet fluttering smiles
I see on your face, an indication that
we flutter on a happy ground,
together let’s flutter,


When Love Is True

when love is true, it endures time passing by
even years won’t make you forget
it only grows, better and grander
but it never dies

yes, even after all the twists and turns
the crazy crossroads and junctions
the days, and weeks, and months and even years apart
we keep coming back to the day, the very same day
we held hands for the first time and kissed our first kiss

so, I guess it’s really you and me
for why else would the universe conspire
for our stars to collide, hitting the same spot
side by side, all this time? with a chance to whisper
to each other love, in a language, many would not understand,
only hearts like ours, hearts that love all this time

then, in the stillness of the night, we partake in the same love
a love that is quiet, serene, peaceful, and in perfect solitude
after all, that is the love we shared, embedded somewhere
in between our demanding, challenging, and perplexing lives
in which we find respite, as we lay in bed and close our eyes

for, our love is as quiet as the deep blue sea,
as resilient as the big, huge waves, that keep coming back
to the uncertainties and ambiguities of the ocean so wide
our love is patient and gentle and brings forth
kindness and joy to people around us

our love never ends, while everything else has faded out,
rusted away, been eaten up, our love sustained.

NaPoWriMo Day 30

National Poetry Month is over, and I wanna thank you all for reading, commenting, and leaving a heart to all of my poems for the past 30 days.
It was a wonderful month-long daily poetry writing and I had a blast.

Thank you all so much and until next year…

How Do You Love?

how do you love, love the fragrance of your morning coffee

comforting and calming your senses as you take the initial sip

your lips drown, drown in its goodness

deliciously bitter, sensationally sweet

how do you love your coffee?

do you love it as much as I love you?



or do you remember me, drowning myself

in the heavens of your love?



how do you love, love the caress of the morning breeze

soothing and pacifying your senses as you suck in the air

your lungs drenched, drenched on its graciousness

explicitly satiating, overtly satisfying

how do you love the breeze

do you love it as much as I love you?



or do you think of me, soaking myself

in the firmaments of your love?



how do you love, love the blazing morning sun

cheering and consoling your senses as you cuddle its warmth

your skin fondles, fondles its tender affection

palpably amusing, blatantly charming

how do you love the blazing sun?

do you love it as much as I love you?



or do you imagine me, passionately in love

in love, with no one but you?

Upon The Highway, On A Wednesday (A Magic 9 poem)

two souls, two hearts, one drive, one way

silence in between burst of laughter

loud singing over rock ‘n roll along the highway

with a splash of milk and a dash of brown sugar over a cup of americano

one cup, shared by two hearts on a beautiful Wednesday

no amount of technical malfunction; critical or literal

will stop their hearts to flutter, like a basketball at play

dribbling back and forth, in love always and forever

two souls, two hearts, love rooted in freedom, forever to stay

For Val’s NPM 2021 prompt 7 and 8 –

  • Write a poem incorporating your favorite beverage, an automotive malfunction, and basketball
  • Write a Magic 9 poem using a theme of slavery, freedom, or manumission. This 9-line poem doesn’t have any rules as far as meter or subject matter–just a rhyme scheme: abacadaba.