Not You, My Love

the gentle tidemay turn intoa raging wave but not you my love, dreamsmay turninto nightmares but not you my love, wounds may hurtand becomelasting scars but not you my love, love may fade awaybut i believeyours won’t no, not yours my love, some may losea battle, go homewounded but not you my love,never really youforContinue reading “Not You, My Love”

I’m Not Skinny

I’m not skinny, I’m not thinI’m just fit and leanI can do rounds of planks and squatsas you watch and admire with loving thoughtsI can have a fully loaded vegetable salad mealas you enjoy steaks and your cheeseburger meal I’m not skinny, I’m not thinI’m just fit and leanI can fit into anything, skinny jeansContinue reading “I’m Not Skinny”

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?     for the many years and many times, and for all the moments and memories I pondered for a while did you ever think of me on those nights and days you were not with me? did you ever think of me on Valentine’s day?Continue reading “Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?”

Rock ‘N Roll Star

Rock ‘N Roll Star I’m sipping my cappucino,quietly enjoying the bitter after taste,with our favorite songplaying on the radiowhen I remember how I first met youyou were smiling, probably the sweetest smile I had ever seen, and I was terrifiedfor a minute or so hey man, there was something about youin your faded jeans andContinue reading “Rock ‘N Roll Star”

I Love You Like Winter

I Love You Like Winter   I love you with the grace, the charmand the magic winter brings as I wonder and ponder over “what ifs” and “maybes” I love you with all the strength of the cuddle, the hug and the passionate embrace I needon an exciting winter afternoon I love you with theContinue reading “I Love You Like Winter”

Have You Seen the Butterflies Dancing?

9th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem” Have You Seen the Butterflies Dancing? have you seen the butterflies dancing?how their brightly unique colored wings create a perfect hue to accompany the aromatic spring air?as colors blending, and swirling and the playful flower garden waits in great anticipation?IContinue reading “Have You Seen the Butterflies Dancing?”

An Ode to Love

An Ode To Love fifth in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”   it’s been quite a while and I wish to know why, why you left me unaannouncedunnoticed, oh dear love, why?“I’ve often wondered, if love’s an illusion”glorified by romantic poetsand creative writers a breeding and birthing spaceContinue reading “An Ode to Love”

Shape Of My Heart

Shape of My Heart in your arms,in your loving armslie the shape of my heartmy heart, my heart, my loveis all that I ever have that says of how muchhow much I love you, the core of my emotion, of my affection in your touchin your tender endearing touchrests the shape of my heartmy heart,Continue reading “Shape Of My Heart”

Little Heaven On Earth

fourth in the series of “tell me your song and i’ll write you a poem” Little Heaven On Earth it used to be just a dream,a dream of me finding someone to lovelove as told by many, love like no else,love that will make me see sunshine in the mornings, butterflies in the garden andContinue reading “Little Heaven On Earth”

Just Like This

third in the series of “tell me your song and i’ll write you a poem” Just Like This I love Greecewith its glorious beachesand mountain rangesI love Greecewith its historyand its mythology,as a child I learnedthat Apollo is the God ofmusic, poetry and artbut I adore Zeuswith his power to ruleall the Gods and menhisContinue reading “Just Like This”