A Love Story

A Love Story

i smile, remembering you over midnight sweet peanut butter sandwich snacks
i smile ‘cos it tastes just like your kiss the first time over in your place
you wrapped your arms around me, the world stopped in an instance
i was completely in a state of deep trance.

i smile, remembering you over morning coffee caffeine kick
i smile ‘cos it is just like you, bitter at first as it slips through my lipstick
you made me wander through life with your sweet, bitter swag flick
i was utterly, completely stunned by your effortless slick.

i smile, remembering you over late afternoon writing spree
i smile ‘cos i sure could write the most romantic imagery one could read to see
you will have a movie-worthy character development with glee
i am writing you a story for free.

you see i’m trying to write here a verse or two ’bout the day i met you
for i swear i’ll never be able to forgive myself if i don’t let you have a clue
of how my life changed the first time i laid my eyes on you
i was naive at seventeen but fell hopelessly in love with you.

fast forward to today, i’m still truly in love with you
gosh, how long has it been? a decade or two?
it doesn’t matter ‘cos i love you so.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

We have a video prompt this week:

I Bet You Were Right

remember how we used
to talk ’bout movies and love songs
and happily -ever- after?
you said romance is for the hopeless romantic, for the young,
the careless and the carefeee
I bet you were right,
you were right
‘cos at forty -five,
I’m the same; young,
careless, carefree,
hopeless romantic
still crazy in love with you

remember how we used
to talk ’bout our story
our love story,
you said it could be a beautiful plot
for an original movie storyline pitch
I bet you were right,
your were right
‘cos at forty – five
I still believe, ours is the best
love story ever

For kate