Autumn in Manila

Autumn in Manila

beautifully slowly changing
leaves from vibrant green foliage
to bloody blood reds, oranges,
yellows and purples.

multi-colored tender leaves
falling gently upon the window pane
looks indeed like our love growing
bursting in a million more ways.

cooling temperatures, darkening nights
much like our kisses and embraces
framed by the door, a taste of love’s
first vibrant feast that afternoon.

it felt like autumn in Manila in February with you.



i’m missing you
like the Moon misses the Sun
when it’s out there somewhere
shedding light to the darkest of night.

why do you keep coming back
as the waves keep crashing back on the shore
after its adventurous stint in the farthest sea.

how much longer will you linger over
like a silent thief at night running away
after it has stolen precious gems and pieces of jewelry.

oh, Manila, what’s with you anyway
that someone like me is crazily
enchanted by you?

it’s the memory of you
and of a once beautiful story
unbounded, unscathed
by love’s wrongful ways.

*Manila- the capital city of the Philippines

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