where do i begin to tell you at least, that
i can’t make it here, while you are there
i can’t have breakfast in bed while you are on the phone
i can’t have coffee while you are driving through the highway
i can’t have sumptuous lunch while you are ordering fastfood
i can’t have dinner while watching you fix yours from a distance

where do i begin my dear, to that say i am sorry
ours could be so odd, so odd we don’t see eye to eye
i don’t wanna go to bed whispering goodnight while caught between crazy storms and poor connectivity
i don’t wanna dream of forever hopeful but alone
i don’t wanna wake up at the first blush of sunshine without you by my side

so, while you are there and i am here
trying to figure out the best way to share
our love, our hopes, our dreams
remember then,
life always ends where it begins
ours, just come in full circle

we are back to where our love started;

From An IG Prompt hosted by Rosema of Areadingwriter

Song – Portland, Maine (Donovan Woods)

#NovemberNotes2021 #NovemberNotes


HAPPY DIWALI to all my Indian friends and poets.

Diwali is a symbol of hope to humankind. May it bring universal compassion, inner joy, love and the awareness of unity to all.๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงกโค