And so I love you

As i woke up without you I did not know what to do i lost the smile far more cos i long for you so sure. when i remember you by  i wish i could fly so i could be where you are even we’re thousand miles apart. As i walk on the street iContinue reading “And so I love you”

I Miss YOU More

Oblivious of the time and around; I longed for your hold so tight. Your hold that keeps my steady gaze in place. Your hold that once made a better me. Incognizant of how i felt, wanting how much of you i can take. I never imagined it would be this dark without you. the darknessContinue reading “I Miss YOU More”

Potential Abuser

Born with a sweet tongue gifted with sagacity; pretending to be forthright and sinewy Man of eminence yet full of lunacy. Born full of wits expert to defraud have one’s name be mud; man of distinction yet full of furtive lies. Born with everything… …nothing but. ..a deceiver…   P.S. As my eldest daughter wentContinue reading “Potential Abuser”