Reintroducing Me

Reintroducing Me

Beauty is the opposite of perfection – it’s about confidence, charisma, and character.” Anonymous

2020 has opened so many doors and opportunities for me as a poet and as a writer.

I would like to thank my loyal readers and followers especially those who have been with me in WordPress since 2013.

I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you have given me and my poetry. You have inspired me to take my work to another level. WordPress was my virtual self for so long. For years I went by the name Michnavs- a name I gave my blog. I started writing with just one follower.

I was Michnavs for my followers. They weren’t even sure if that is my name or just an assigned pen name.

Just Michnavs.
No name.
No profile.
No contact details.
No photo at all.

But despite my anonymity, I was well received and well-loved by many.

It was in the year 2019 when I finally decided to come out in the open, so to say, after my first book “After Rain Skies: A Million Stars” was published in Malaysia.
And then the rest they say is history. In over a year I published two books with some of my poems published in different international literary journals and magazines.

I also produced instructional videos and visual poetry to reach a wider audience. It was a huge success too. I am very grateful to all who showed their love and support; not only to my written works but to all the other media platforms I engaged with.

In 2020 pandemic happened. People stayed at home. And I thought book sales and readership will drop. But I was wrong. Ebooks became an in-demand reading platform for book lovers and literary enthusiasts. And that was when it hit on me – “I am famous” (lol)

Sending you all love across the world – to all my beloved readers, followers, and fellow poets.


Special love to all my WP friends. I would have not made it all through this years without your support and love.


A Snowflakes of Thank You

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

– Ashley Smith

I believe in dreams, and I see the good in even the worst situation; I think these are the traits that put me to where I am today. I never stop dreaming, and I dream the biggest dreams, I also never stop believing that something good will ever happen out of even the messiest, most terrible situation. 

2020 started with a big bang for us as a family. I remembered we were in Bali for the holidays then. It was one of the most unforgettable travels we’ve ever made as a family. 

Then pandemic happens. 

There was already a rumor about a certain virus, even back in December 2019; but we just dismissed the idea (I am sure everybody did).

But, barely three months after, the inevitable happened. 

Pandemic happens.

The world stopped (literally). 

In the course of the first three months, our lives changed. Travelling became impossible (until it became restricted), work became difficult (until others lost their jobs), everyone became sick (until others died, may they rest in peace). Social distancing became the new norm and, online communications/transactions became the new trend to keep updated and be posted. 

While the world was/is in agony and while humanity was/is in a war over the deadliest and most contagious virus our generation ever had encountered, I kept my hope and my silence in the comfort of my room – writing. My poetry and blogger and writer friends have been my constant companion (aside of course from my loving family) all these months. 

Pandemic happens. And it gave birth to the “best of me”.  My first international poetry submission happened during the pandemic and so is my first ebook,  ” After Rain Skies” (a spin-off sort of, of my physical book “After Rain Skies: A Million Stars”). I did not allow the pandemic to topple down my spirit, much more allow my muse to wander along.  ” After Rain Skies” was received so well by the online reading community, that I had to follow it up immediately with another ebook, “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”.  It was released via KOBO yesterday, and I am very proud and very happy to share with you all that on its first day it went on the “trending list’, in all three categories to which the book belongs: 1. Trending in ebook, 2. Trending in Fiction and Literature and 3.Trending in Romance. 

I’d like to thank you all for the love and support you have given me and my poetry since 2013. WordPress has been and will always be my writing family. I have made friends here and I have met a few too from WordPress and it’s really wonderful. You have been my constant writing companion. Your honest and kind words of encouragement helped me the poet that I am now. I will forever be grateful to you. For some of you who have purchased my ebooks, you would know that I dedicated a page for the list of WP friends there to thank. 

Thank you all so much for the LOVE and SUPPORT.

I Love You, At First

I Love You, At First

you walked past by me wearing a dashing smile
with the sun so hot and up, but the air was cool
could it be, because of your easy-breezy presence, I was beguiled?
or was it just me feeling the numbness of my senses I could drool?

your smile I can’t forget and your laughter I can’t resist
baby take me in your arms and hold me all the time
‘cos I don’t wanna live another day without you, I insist
please kiss me, undress me, make me yours
it’s not a crime

the next thing they knew you and I were inseparable,  profoundly connected
we were like two people beating in perfect harmony as one
the world was only ours to live and friends  said “it’s expected”
‘cos even without a word the universe will conspire to agree, “it’s done”

it feels like Christmas with you beside me all the time
the joys and laughter we share each day long
makes it always look like a holiday season perfect anytime
the sweet little nothings make our bond greater and strong

 now I keep thinking of you and what to do with our life as we kissed
for there is so much forever waiting for my dear, a forever in time
‘cos I don’t wanna live another day without you, I insist
please kiss me, undress me, make me yours
it’s not a crime

 it’s been many years and many Christmases, my dear
but time has not robbed my feelings for you, I still love you tight
it will forever be like that, oh so hot but cool morning, I swear

the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew I loved you

Read more of my love poems when you pre -order my latest ebook, “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?” on which is set to be released on December 8, 2020.


they come in many forms
for the little ones
it could be the famous
Casper, the friendly ghost
for the adults and the believers
of life after death
it could be their friends or loved ones
visiting them after deaths
and for the joyful and adventurous ones
it could be just another spooky Halloween tale
but little do we know, or little do we recognize
the ghost that truly haunts us down
for some, it could be a childhood experience
of losing a loved one early on in life
for others, it could be a terrible heartbreak
of losing “the love of your life” for the first time
but for the silent majority
it could be a one-time big-time trauma
haunting them down as they sleep at night
for years and years and years
and that no matter what they do
it keeps coming back
as what most ghostly appearances do
it appears anytime, anywhere
uninvited, unsolicited
more so, in the darkest hour of the night
even in the silence of their dreams
and in the comfort of their
wildest, most brilliant creative imagination
it appears




until it’s gone
for just a moment

Who Am I?



I am my mother’s daughter,
dignified and loved.

I am my siblings’ sister,
adored and emulated.

I am my friends’ confidant,
trusted and honored.

I am my nation’s obedient citizen,
responsible and loyal.

I am an empowered woman,
independent and reliable.

Above all, I am a proud mother,
I who lovingly nurtures a child.

Each deepened crease in my face
symbolizes every single waking night of my life
that I sing a lullaby,
that I watch a baby sleep,
that I ensure they wake up with a better tomorrow.


for Sadje’s



I Don’t Know Why

I don’t know why
And I really don’t care why
Some are quick to judge
And driven by
Wrong perceptions
And unrealistic expectations
When all that is needed is just
One good heart to see and
One good soul to feel
What our naked eye cannot perceive

When Beauty and Poetry Collide

your laughter can be contagious
your smile can be infectious
and when you speak of poetry
you light up the room
like no one else has
like nobody else has

when poetry and beauty collide
love resides, truly in your heart


my poet heart is so pleased to have met a beautiful young woman who loves poetry…

thank you @mgauxvenuscumd