I Miss You, It Hurts

“I gave up looking for someone who can make me laugh like you do”


i miss you because i miss myself when i am with you. i am my best self with you; i laughed the hardest, cried hopelessly, talked endlessly.


i miss our unending conversations. our silent moments. our pointless arguments.


the way you look at me. the way you make my heart melts. the way you make me smile. the way you make me realize that love is more than the poetry i write, more than where my thoughts could go and more than what “i love you” really means.


i miss you so much it hurts.

I am Yours

I Am Yours
I can go anywhere
and I can be lost
but all I ever wanna be
is where you are
and be lost in your arms
for can I see
and bursts of sunshine
and butterflies
all through your eyes
and it doesn’t
matter where you are
for I am yours
and you
are mine


This is a photo taken by my lovely daughter Allana, sunset along the highway of Perak. We called it “gloomy sunset”, contrary to the usual bold yellow, or bold red sunsets. Even the sunset is looking sad and gloomy, considering all of what’s happening lately. And even the sunset is missing the world that it used to be; vibrant, happy, jolly, and just full of energy and love.

It is in the same way when we miss somebody. Missing someone is the worst and best feeling one could ever have.  It is the worst feeling because you know you cannot do anything about it, but wait with butterflies in your stomach for the moment you will be together again. It is the best feeling because missing a person is a guarantee that you truly love and are in love with the person.  And as you miss your beloved you know that you too are being missed and remembered.

Amidst the COVID 19 crisis, when everyone else seems to panic and worry, let us all just pause for a while and be reminded of the many good things we have. And for as long as we keep in mind and practice all the necessary precautionary measures given and directed by our local health providers, we will be fine.

And as this crisis escalates we just need to feel our love for all of our loved ones who cannot be with us because of travel bans and travel restrictions.

Let us feel their love and our love in return in every single moment we remember and we miss them.

We pray and we believe and that in time, the world will again be a better place to live.

Keep the love burning. Keep missing your love ones  ❤❤❤

Keep the faith and believe that miracles do happen 😊😊😊

One December Night (etheree)

image-0-02-07-e532def67dd394e320aca2ce1ab584f1fd3fa8a0ac7cd28ba527c03b9af1b1f3-Vphoto credit: my own


One December Night (etheree)


don’t know

how deeply

I miss you ’till

one December night

when bright lights and carols

became pitch darkness and noise

December without you once more

how lonely my nights be over again.